Zeus Network Free Trial 2023: How to Claim 30 Days Trial?

After using popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, many people are switching gears towards something new. And to be precise, Zeus Network Free Trial. 

So if you are one of the users who are curious whether it provides any free trial, then hang on. 

In this article, I will not only answer your query but also discuss the platform’s free plan and how to avail of it. 

So, by the end of this post, you will be able to claim your Zeus Network free trial successfully!

On that note, let’s get started!

Does Zeus Network Offer a Free Trial?

You may have stumbled upon several articles which gave you all sorts of false hopes, be it through coupon codes or 30 day free trial. 

However, the official Zeus Network doesn’t offer any kind of free trial. (As of now!)

But what Zeus Network does offer is a free plan which offers limited content.

And if you too want to claim the Zeus Network Free Plan, then go through the next section.

Steps To Access Zeus Network Free Plan

You can access the Zeus Network Free Plan by following steps 1 and 2. Moreover, the rest of the steps (3 to 6) guides you to subscribe to Zeus Network.

Step 1: Go to your web browser and further type Zeus Network Free.

Step 2: And viola! You can now scroll through the free content.

Zeus Network Free Trial

Note:- The free content is quite limited, so if you want to access more content, then subscribe to the Network. 

You can follow the steps given below to subscribe to the Zeus Network:-

Step 3: You will locate the subscribe button at the top; click on it.

Step 4: As per your preference, select the monthly or annual subscription.

Zeus Network monthly or annual subscription

Step 5: Create an account by filling up your personal information.

Step 6: Finally, enter your payment details and click on the red button, aka. Start Subscription.

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The Final Verdict!

As discussed earlier, Zeus Network doesn’t provide any free trial. 

Yes, I am aware of several articles that state otherwise, but considering the official website, there is no such offer. However, Zeus Network does offer a free plan which gives you access to limited content. 

Additionally, if you are not interested in the limited content and seek more, then you can subscribe to the website by opting for either of the following plans:-

  • Monthly Subscription: 5.99 USD
  • Yearly Subscription: 59.99 USD

But keep in mind, don’t agree to the automatic payment renewing. And secondly, instead of your normal credit or debit card, opt for DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card. 

By doing so, when you sign up , thinking it offers a free trial, and when it doesn’t, your money is not deducted. God bless, Do Not Pay!

So that’s it for my article on Zeus Network Free Trial. In case of any latest information, I will keep the page updated!


How can I watch the Zeus Network for free?

You can watch the Zeus Network for free by visiting their official site. However, the content gallery is really limited. 

Do you need a subscription to the Zeus Network?

It’s not mandatory to have a Zeus Network subscription. However, if you do, then you will have access to the unrestricted content.

How do I get Zeus on Amazon Prime?

You can head to your Google Play Store or Apple Store and install Zeus Amazon from there. Further, sign up by entering your personal information. 

Does Zeus Network give a free trial?

Unfortunately, Zeus Network doesn’t offer any free trial. However, you can opt for their Free Plan, which provides limited content access. 

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