WhatsApp Channels 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Recently, WhatsApp has come with a Channel feature, and everybody is either comparing it with Twitter, Instagram and, in my case, Discord. Regardless, people keep wondering about this new update. Hence, this article will discuss WhatsApp Channels – Everything you need to know about it. 

So, you can expect me to tackle questions like: What is WhatsApp Channel? Can you create your own channel? Which region has made the update available? And so on. 

So without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Whatsapp Channel? (2023)

Whatsapp channel is a new Whatsapp feature (similar to Discord or even Slack, for that matter). And just like said platforms, to access this feature, having anybody’s number saved in your address book is not mandatory. 

All you need is an invite link, and through that, you can be added to any channel.

In fact, the Updates channel, which is located at the bottom of Whatsapp, further separates your normal DMs, Status, Calls, and Community. 

Moreover, on this channel, the admin can share videos, polls, texts, etc., with the audience that’s added in there. That being said, despite this channel not being end-to-end encrypted, it is still completely secure, as screenshots are strictly prohibited. 

Additionally, it’s only a one-way conversation (or announcement), as the audience won’t be able to reply to any of the messages. 

You can check out the promo video released by an official WhatsApp video below.

How To Create a WhatsApp Channel For Your Self?

Although there are no specifications on how to create the WhatsApp channel on your own, it’s said that you can create one. In fact, the World Health Organization, Manchester, and Barcelona Football teams have signed up for this new update. 

WhatsApp promotion
Source: WhatsApp.

Which Regions Have Launched The WhatsApp Channel?

Currently, the WhatsApp Channel is available in specific regions like Columbia and Singapore. However, whenever the update is available worldwide, I will keep the page updated!

Having said that, the following is a screenshot petition released by Whatsapp.

Regions Have Launched The WhatsApp Channel
Source: WhatsApp

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Conclusion: What Is WhatsApp Channel? (2023)

Whatsapp Channel is the latest Whatsapp feature that is similar to Discord or Slack, so with the help of the plus sign, you can create an Updates channel. 

However, note that, unlike the previous platforms, you cannot maintain a conversation on the channel: As admin can send an invitation link to multiple people but can be the only one to announce things. 

Moreover, the feature is completely safe, as just like Snapchat, nobody can click any screenshots. 

That being said, WhatsApp Channel is currently only available in regions like Singapore and Columbia. Moreover, World Health Organisation, Barcelona and Machester Football Teams have already signed up for the service. 

And that made a lot of heads turn with, “Can we create Whatsapp Channels too?” So, yes, (as far as I know), you can indeed create the Whatsapp Channels. However, the specifications of how to do it are still unclear. 

So, that’s it for my article on: Everything you need to know about WhatsApp Channels! In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated. 


What are the channels on WhatsApp?

Channels are almost like WhatsApp Groups for admin to send in texts, polls, and videos for them to interact. However, here, the group of people cannot converse with the admin, as the mode of communication is one-sided. 

Can you have channels on WhatsApp?

If you mean, can you create a channel on Whatsapp, then yes, you can. However, the process of how to do it, as of now, is a bit unclear. 
These channels are nothing but updates and announcements of various niches. And note that only the admin can send in videos, texts, polls, etc. 

How do I use the WhatsApp channel?

All you need to do is have an invitation link to either invite people to the channel or get invited yourself. 
After that, if you are an admin, you can share things like texts, videos, polls, etc. And if you’re an audience member, then you can only watch or read the content, as the communication mode is one-sided. 

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