Best 7 Threads Memes As of Now (Top Collection)

Threads Memes

Threads launch made several headlines like Twitter VS Threads, primarily because the latter’s interface is immensely similar to the former’s. Additionally, versus battle instigated tons of Threads memes which you can find on both platforms. 

So, if you are curious to know about memes, then keep reading! 

This article will cover the brief background on Threads memes. Along with that, I will also mention Top Seven Threads Memes that are really in demand as of now. 

Top 7 Threads Memes (As of 2023)

In the list below, I have added the top 10 most circulated Twitter memes. 

1. Mark Zuckerberg outside Twitter Office

One of the most popular and circulating memes is hand’s down Zuckerberg standing outside Twitter’s office. And that’s because it killed two birds with the same stone. 

First one being Meta’s long history of stealing information and second one being Zuckerberg copying Twitter’s interface (almost) and building Threads in the same format. 

2. Mark Zuckerberg is eyebrow Threading

The context behind this meme is Elon Musk (Twitter’s former CEO) Tweeting, as in curating a post on Twitter. And in response to that Zuckerberg is threading. Which before the platform invention was implied as“eyebrow” threading. 

3. People running back to Twitter after five minutes

As the Tweet suggests, people joined Threads on impulse and after scrolling for a few minutes realised that it’s not for them. Additionally, you see a video with a chunk of people running in one direction. 

4. Mark Zuckerberg getting sued by Jalebi lovers?

Indian dessert Jalebi is made with a circular batter in oil or ghee. And surprisingly that’s how Threads logo almost looks like. Which is why people are joking that jalebi lovers sue Zuckerberg for stealing the OG logo. 

5. Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg

Twitter VS Threads is actually trending for legal issues, and on the bird platform also. And looks like that’s what stimulated users’ creativity and originated this meme.

Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg
Source: Pinterest

6. Threads confirming all follow requests

When you log into Threads, you get an option where you can follow all your Instagram followings. However, the person who is getting teh follow request might feel like the person in the meme. 

7. Drake turning back on Twitter and acknowleging Threads

How can we forget Drake’s popular meme face? Strangely enough, user had put Twitter’s logo beside Drake’s disgusting face and happy face beside Threads.

Drake turning back on Twitter and acknowleging Threads
Source: Pinterest

What Are Threads Memes?

Ever since this micro-blogging platform was launched, people couldn’t stop mocking Threads for being Twitter’s rip-off. In fact, users were quick enough to install the app and then circulate memes on the platform itself.

Additionally, tons of memes are circulating on Twitter. Moreover, one of the popular memes includes Zuckerberg standing outside Elon Musk’s office window. 

In all honesty, the meme saga is truly entertaining, and hence, I have curated the top 10 most circulated memes in the section below. 

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Conclusion: What Is The Number One Threads’ Meme?

The most hilarious and shared Threads meme is Mark Zuckerberg standing outside Twitter office. It shoots two birds with one stone because a) Meta has a history of sneaking on people’s personal information and b) Threads is almost a Twitter replica. 

Hence, this meme is my personal favorite too. However, keeping in mind, this list is curated considering the latest data. So, in case the data changes, I will keep the list updated as well!


What are Threads Instagram?

Threads Instagram is a text-based social media site that lets you curate 500 character posts. These posts are essentially called Threads. Plus, you can even upload pictures (upto ten) and videos upto 2 minutes and 20 seconds. 
Additionally, you can even like, comment, and reshare the Threads. In short, the interface is almost similar to Twitter. 

Is Threads app safe?

Threads is under Meta, and if you know anything about Mark Zuckerberg, he loves collecting data. In fact, Meta has a history of stealing personal information and allegedly selling in the black market. So, to answer simply, no, Threads is not entirely safe. 

Can you use Threads on Desktop?

Unfortunately, Threads is not compatible with desktop or any other web version for that matter. However, consifdering Zuckerberg’s interest in people’s feedback, you can expect the platform to have a desktop version sometime in the future.

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