How to Enable Threads Dark Mode on iOS & Android (2023)

Threads have been the talk of the internet since the last few days. Ever since its launch, the entire internet has been talking about the same. Wondering How to Enable the Threads Dark Mode feature? You’re reading the right article!

Owing to its very recent launch, Threads doesn’t yet have an in-built dark mode. However, we’ve tried a few hacks for our readers who dislike the light mode, and we’ve succeeded. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the hacks using which you can use on your Android and iOS phones in dark mode. 

Without wasting time any further, let’s get started!

How to Enable Threads Dark Mode on iOS 

Enabling Threads dark mode on iOS is pretty straightforward, even for new social media users. Your iPhone has its own dark mode, and you can use it to your advantage to turn Threads into dark mode too!

There are two ways to activate dark mode: 

Method 1: Through the Notifications Tab

1: Scroll down from the top-right corner of the screen to access the Control Centre. 

2: Long press on the Brightness bar. 

Long press on the Brightness bar

3: Tap on “Dark Mode” to turn it on. Repeat the same steps to turn it off. 

Tap on Dark Mode

Method 2: Through Settings

If you can’t find the dark mode option in the notification center, you can do the same through settings. 

1: Go to the Settings app. 

2: Go to “Display & Brightness.” You can search for it using the search bar as well. 

Go to Display & Brightness

3: Tap on “Dark” to turn on dark mode. To switch it back, you can repeat the same steps and tap on “Light.” 

Tap on Dark

Congratulations! You now know two ways to turn on the dark mode feature on Threads. 

However, remember you’re turning on the dark mode through your phone’s settings. Therefore, all other apps and your phone’s colour scheme will become dark until you change it back. 

How to Enable Threads Dark Mode on Android 

Since Android devices may have different settings, the steps may vary. However, this is the basic method to turn on dark mode in most Android smartphones: 

1: Go to the Settings app of your phone. 

2: Click on “Display & Brightness.” 

Display & Brightness

3: Tap on the Dark Mode option. 

Tap on the Dark Mode option

Congratulations! You’ve successfully turned on Threads dark mode on your Android phone. The same rules apply here. Your phone’s color scheme will remain dark until you switch it back. 

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Reasons to love dark mode are several. Along with soothing your eyes and protecting them from the blue light, it also extends your phone’s battery. Using your phone in dark mode reduces its battery usage by 30%. 

With the steps mentioned in our article, you can easily enable dark mode on Threads at your convenience. 

Threads do not yet have a web app. As soon as it launches one, we’ll be the first to tell you about its dark mode and other features. Stick around! 

We hope our article helped solve your question. Drop any suggestions or feedback in the comment section below. 


Which apps typically have night mode?

Many trending apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have an in-build night mode feature. Since it was created by Instagram creators, a dark mode feature can be expected soon. 

Can you schedule your phone to turn on night mode automatically?

Yes. iOS and many Android smartphones have features that allow users to set the timings for night mode so that it can activate automatically. Your phone will automatically turn darker during the nighttime and switch back to light when you wake up. 

Does dark mode allow users to use Threads conveniently?

Yes. Users can easily view posts and read texts on Threads. The text appears white on a black background. This color contrast helps use the platform in dark mode conveniently. 

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