This Fool Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Cancelled?

Is This Fool Season 3 on its way? Since Disney announced season 2 to premiere on Hulu, viewers are anticipating another Season. So, is it in the cards? How long do we need to wait? And all that good stuff. 

Well, this article will put your queries at ease, so sit back and relax. Here, I will talk about whether This Fool is renewing its streaming platform, star cast, etc. So, let’s get started!

Is This Fool Season 3 On The Way?

Unfortunately, Hulu has not renewed This Fool Season 3 yet. The writer’s strike is not only prolonging the production but also restricting the renewal confirmation. (If at all.) 

This Fool Season
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Lately, plenty of shows have either gotten canceled or renewed. It all depends on the solid audience support that doesn’t require much production cost than the ones with the lower ratings. 

That being said, I will update the page whenever the platform does announce the show’s renewal. 

Where Can You Watch The Upcoming Season?

Both Season 1 and Season 2 are available on Hulu, as it’s their home platform. Therefore, if the platform renews This Fool Season 3, you can watch it on Hulu. Moreover, you can stream the show on Disney Plus as well.

This Fool Season 3

Fool Season 3: Cast & Crew

Since the show’s renewal is not confirmed, the star cast is out of the question too. However, I have curated a list below that can be expected in the upcoming Season. 

Sr. No. ActorCharacter 
1Chris EstradaJulio Lopez
2Frankie Quiñones Luis
3Michael ImperioliMinister Payne
4Laura PatalanoEsperanza
5Michelle Ortiz Maggie
6Julia VeraMaria
7Fabian AlomarFabian
8Sandra Marcela Hernandez Ana

What Happened In This Fool So Far? 

The entirety of Season 2 focused on the golden trio and their operation of “setting up the coffee shop.” Which, of course, experienced plenty of setbacks, including internal friction. 

And that, again, is understandable as mixing business and personal life is a bit tricky. 

What Happened In This Fool So Far
Source: Hulu

Regardless, you get to see each character’s individual growth and emphasize on much serious stuff. Now, if I talk about each character (from the very beginning), then Julio has barely kept himself from being homeless and yet unable to work well at a rehab either.

Hugs Not Thugs (rehab) is based in LA and owned by Minister Payne, who mostly rehabs goons, thugs, and gangsters. And then there is Luis (Julio’s cousin), who has just been released from prison and admitted to rehab. 

The whole Season was filled with challenges, with each character slowly warming to each other. And I have already spoken about Season 2. 

What Can You Expect From The Upcoming Season?

The upcoming Season will indeed pick up from the aftermath of the Season 2 climax. You can expect to see what goes down in Julio’s coffee shop. Maybe we will get to his struggles, or maybe you can expect a New York journey and what happens between Mr Payno and his son. 

Then there is another possibility of Ruby and Luis finally being on the same page with having kids. Additionally, everything can happen all at once… It’s just a matter of how they execute it. 

All I am hoping for is the upcoming Season to bring back the comedic element that Season 2 lacked.

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Conclusion: Is This Fool Season 3 Cancelled?

This Fool Season 3 is not officially canceled. Likewise, there is no renewal news either. In fact, all we are hoping for right now is for the writer’s strike to end soon. And that’s because that’s when we will get a verdict on whether This Fool is renewed or canceled. 

However, if the show does air, you can watch it on both Hulu and Disney Plus. 

So, that’s it for my article. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated. 


Will there be a season 3 of This Fool?

As of now, there is no confirmation on This Fool Season 3. However, whenever Hulu announces the Season, I will update you. 

How many seasons does This Fool have?

So far, This Fool has two seasons, with the audience anticipating another one. However, the writer’s strike has delayed the production from planning out the future of the show. 

How old is Julio from This Fool?

Julio from This Fool is somewhere in his thirties. Unfortunately, his exact age is not known. 

What date is season 3 of This Fool coming out?

Unfortunately, the official release date of This Fool Season 3 is not out yet. And that’s because Hulu has not yet confirmed the show’s renewal. 
Having said that, I will update the information whenever it’s announced. 

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