The Invasion Has Begun Password: What’s the Secret Code (2023)

We all are aware of Marvel’s intense fan base. And with the increasing addition in the franchise with an even better marketing strategy, Marvel heads are going all gaga over dissecting the latest easter egg. 

Now, if you’re living under a rock by any chance and aren’t aware of the current chaos… Or maybe you need some help understanding the Marvel secret invasion password, then this article is for you! 

Here, I will discuss the whole MCU easter egg, give you the password (yes, no more struggles for you), and finally, how to access this password. 

With that in mind, let’s unfold the mystery of the secret invasion password:-

What’s The Whole Fuss Behind Marvel Secret Invasion Password?

Marvel and its advanced promotions are not a secret from the world! Well, one of such discreet promotional pictures instigated this whole chaos. 

Marvel Secret Invasion Password

The official Twitter page of Marvel tweeted a simple question, “Fury, are you there?” 

Minutes after, they uploaded a discreet image, only to delete it after a few minutes. And this absurd behavior continued from Marvel’s end till fans caught the air of what was happening. 

Many fans quickly took screenshots and started assembling those images in a jigsaw puzzle. 

Antman fan on Twitter.
Source: Antman fan on Twitter

And the more they observed the images carefully, there was a pattern: Each image contained two characters (such as D3, PW, 7S, etc.)

In fact, one image even contained a website: 

And when you open the URL, you can see that it’s password encrypted. 

You need to enter ten characters to access the link. Now, if you remember, each image that Marvel has uploaded contains two characters each, so if you assemble these characters in the correct order, you get the Marvel Secret Invasion Password. 

I understand not everybody has enough time and patience to play with these characters and crack the password. So, to make your job simple, I have already cracked the password for you. (Okay, I have not cracked it. But you know, I have the password, and sharing is caring.)

That being said, you can check out the next section for the epic password reveal.

Do We Have The Password?

We indeed have the password: RSD3PX5N7S.

(All thanks to the dedicated Marvel fans who have cracked it on Twitter.) 

The Invasion Has Begun Password

How To Access The Marvel Secret Invasion Password?

To access the Marvel Secret Invasion Password, follow the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Go on your web browser and further enter the URL: 

Enter password

Step 2: In the blank space, enter the password: RSD3PX5N7S.

The Invasion Has Begun Password

Step 3: Click on the enter button. 

Step 4: Now, the file processing will begin. 

processing will begin

Step 5: Once the access is 100% done, you can play the video.

The Invasion Has Begun Password

What Does The New Secret Invasion Video Explores? (Spoiler)

The encrypted video begins with Martin Freeman’s character (Everett Ross) searching Moscow’s underground area. Now just that, but he’s speaking to someone on the phone, where he is mentioning for them not to move. 

Soon, he exits the place with the pistol in his hand and further enters the building filled with CCTVs. Then Agent Prescod enters the screen, and we further learn the reason behind several terrorist attacks: Skrulls. 

Then Agent Prescod asks Ross to pass this information to Nick Fury, who apparently is the only person that can get a hold of Skrulls. And after that, god knows what takes over Prescod as he tackles Ross. 

This scene is further followed by the already-released trailer. 

That being said, there is another official Secret Invasion trailer that’s been released by Marvel’s official YouTube page. So, you can check it out here.

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Wrapping Up: Marvel Secret Invasion Password

June 21! The only date on the tip of everyone’s tongues, as of lately. Especially after Marvel’s engaging marketing strategy with Secret Invasion Password. 

Those who are not aware of the latest easter egg, then let me enlighten you: Marvel’s official Twitter page started uploading a series of cryptic images, which they would delete after a few minutes. 

And this saga continued till some intelligent fans compiled all the images and created a huge picture that consisted of a few phrases, two characters each, and finally, a URL. 

And if you open that URL, it will ask for the 10-character password, which, too, was decoded by the said intelligent fans (RSD3PX5N7S). 

Further, the processing begins, and viola, now you can access the Secret Invasion video clip. So, that’s about it for my article on Marvel Secret Invasion Password. 

In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated!


What’s the Secret Invasion password?

The secret invasion password is RSD3PX5N7S.

What is Secret Invasion MCU?

The secret invasion in MCU is mostly about Nick Fury discovering the Earth’s clandestine invasion by the shapeshifting Skruls.

Who is going to be in Marvel’s Secret Invasion?

The confirmed cast of Marvel Secret Invasion consists of the following names:-
1. Nick Fury: Portrayed by Jackson
2. Ben Mendelsohn: Portrayed by Talos
3. Cobie Smulders: Portrayed by Maria Hills
4. Martin Freeman: Portrayed by Everett Ross
5. Don Cheadle: Portrayed by James Rhodes

What caused the Secret Invasion?

According to the show’s writer, the inspiration behind the secret invasion was from 2007’s Annihilation storyline. 

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