Tesla Phone: Rumors, Launch Date, Price And Features

Rumored Tesla Phone (Pi) is speculated to launch sometime around 2024. 

With so many rumors about Tesla Phone and the internet talking about it, it is obvious you might have a lot of questions. 

Is Tesla actually launching a phone? When can you expect it to be released? What’s the potential price? 

Well, you are not alone! To answer your questions and help you know everything about Tesla phones, I have gathered all the information I could find from reliable sources. 

So, as you read the article, you will get answers to your queries one by one!

With that, let’s unwrap all the buzz about Tesla Phones.

Is Tesla Launching a Phone?

While Tesla is known for launching unconventional products like electric scooters and stainless whistles, the talk around Tesla phones is believable. However, as of now, no reliable source backs up Tesla’s upcoming product. 

The Twitter CEO (or shall I say X?) has mentioned building his own phone. Additionally, the rumors of the Google Play Store and App (le) Store have instigated this statement. 

Tesla Phone Twitter

Thankfully, Twitter is still present in both app stores. Though whenever it gets removed, you can expect the Phone to launch shortly. 

Having said that, there is currently no evidence of a Tesla Phone. For instance, there is no sketch, no design, nada. So, it looks like this is all just a fever dream. 

What Is The Rumored Price Of Tesla Phone?

The first version of the Phone would likely range around $800 to $1200. 

However, as more people purchase the product and the latest technology is added, the price rates will indeed upscale. 

How To Pre-Order The Tesla Phone?

Unfortunately, there is no official pre-order information about the Tesla phone as of now. 

However, pre-order information will also be out whenever the official release announcement happens. In that case, I will update this section. 

What Features Does The Tesla Phone Rumor To Have?

As mentioned earlier, there is no truth to Tesla Phone’s existence. However, whenever it does launch (if at all that is a plan), then the following are some of the expected features:-

1. Satellite Internet

Since Musk is also the CEO of a space-based internet service (called Starlink), then, rumors have it Tesla Pi 5G would also support this internet service. Way to market your own products!

2. Vehicle Control

As you know, Tesla already has an application that offers the basic functioning of the car. For e.g.: (Un)locking the car doors, summoning the vehicle, media playback, etc. So, people are expecting a pre-installed application on the Phone.

3. Crypto Mining

Musk has openly talked about his love for cryptocurrency. Besides, given the popularity of Bitcoin, rumors are going around of Musk inventing his own virtual currency. 

Moreover, since the Tesla founder had already tweeted about MarsCoin, chances are the name legacy will prevail.

4. Astrophotography

Most phones already offer solid camera clarity to capture the night sky. So, extending this feature to capture the extraterrestrial focus would make the Phone stand out from its competitors. 

5. Neuralink Support

For quite some time, experts have been experimenting with merging computers and the human brain. All you need to do is think about, let’s say.. A Pizza topping? And immediately, the screen will show what Pizza topping you were thinking about. 

(This actually happened, by the way.) Therefore, what is the best opportunity or, shall I say, marketing strategy for Tesla to have this feature?

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Wrapping Up: Is Tesla Phone Really Launching?

The official launch of the Tesla Phone is still a mystery. 

While a few industry experts believe the Phone to launch by early 2024. However, I cannot give any verdict until Mr. CEO releases an official statement about the launch (let alone the device’s existence). 

This whole rumor began when one X user (then known as Twitter) suggested Musk launch his own phone since the X platform is rumored to be discarded from Android and Apple stores soon. 

So, whenever any official statement confirms the rumor, I will keep this article updated, so you can come back and check!


Is Tesla making a phone?

Unfortunately, no official statement confirms the Tesla Phone is in the making. However, ever since Musk’s interaction with an X user, Tesla Phone rumors began. 

How much will the Tesla phone cost?

The rumored initial price of the Phone is $800 to $1200. 
However, as more people purchase the product and the latest technology is added, the price rates will indeed upscale. 

What features can you expect from the Tesla Phone?

The features that are rumored to appear in the Tesla Phone are Crypto Mining, Satellite Internet, Astrophotography, Neuralink Support, Vehicle Control, and so on. 

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