Steve Will Do It Net Worth 2023: Active Incomes & Update

Stephen Deleonardis rose to popularity by performing insane challenges, but somehow, Instagram kept deleting. So, of course, Steve turned to YouTube, and that resulted in his stage name, Steve Will Do It: 

And that is because he has the will to keep doing things despite meeting challenges. Additionally, that’s what builds discipline (and Sure shot success), showing up on days you don’t want to show up. 

Therefore, if you look at Stephen as an inspiration and want to walk despite meeting obstacles, then this article is for you! Here, I have covered Steve Will Do It’s Net Worth and his overall financial journey!

Steve Will Do Net Worth & Biodata

Let’s quickly skim through Stephen Deleonardis BioData before moving forward with his financial depth and his active incomes:-

Full Name Stephen Deleonardis
Net Worth5 Million USD
Source of WealthYouTube, Investments, and Brand Deals
NationalityAmerican (Oviedo, Florida)
Date of Birth26th August 1998
Height175 cm

Steve Will Do It Net Worth & Estimated Salary

As of 2023, Steve Will Do It has a Net Worth of $5Million. 

Additionally, his monthly and yearly Estimated Salary is given below:

  • Monthly Salary:$20K
  • Yearly SalarySalary: $250K

Steve Will Do It Active Incomes

The primary source of income for Steve Will Do It is surely his YouTube Channel. 

However, apart from that, he actively earns by investing in StartUps, Real Estate, NFTs, and so on. So, let’s take a look at these incomes one by one:-

1. YouTube

Ever since High School, Steve has been interested in creating content. Therefore, he would randomly create funny, challenging videos and further post them on Instagram. But for whatever reason, Instagram kept removing them. 

It left Stephen Delenardis no choice but to turn to YouTube. And that’s what created his Brand: Steve Will Do It. The zeal to keep going despite meeting challenges and, of course, posting any challenges videos. 

Steve Will Do It Net Worth
Source: Steve Instagram

This gained him immense recognition, which further helped him get noticed by NELK Entertainment Channel’s head Kyle Foregard. Steve’s collaboration with NELK Entertainment then elevated his popularity even more. 

Additionally, one of their most popular YouTube videos to date is the group Buying 10 Million Yacht with Bitcoin. However, eventually, Steve didn’t resonate with the group anymore and chose to depart.

That being said, Steve is also known for interacting with his viewers on a regular basis and constantly throwing giveaways, which of course, solidifies his loyal fanbase. 

2. Real Estate and Investments

Steve Will Do It has invested in a clothing brand that earns him (and other NELF members) a profit of $70 Million every year. Other than that, he has also invested in an alcohol startup (Happy Daddy Yard Seltzer) which has sold millions of cans ever since its launch. 

Source: Steve Instagram

Again, Stephen is capable of more than this and hence, has a mad collection of luxurious cars, including:-

  • Lamborghini Huracan Happy Dad Edition (2021) – $300K
  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan (2021) – $500K
  • Rare One of Ten McLaren – Million Dollars nearly

After YouTube fired Steven, he turned to its biggest competitor, Rumble. There too, he shared similar content that he had previously on YouTube. 

3. NFTs

Stephen and his NELK members had released their NFT collection, and it received an insane response. Their fans were waiting for the NFT collection, and hence, within 12 hours, the discord link that was linked with the collection was accessed by over 121K people. 

Steve Income Source
Source: Steve Instagram

The collection was sold for $2.3 Unit approximately. Moreover, the limited edition was sold within the span of a few minutes, earning them a profit worth 23 Million USD.

Having said that, the current market value of the NELF NFT collection is 0.35 ETH (which is worth 600 USD at the very least.)

Life Lessons From Steve Will Do It

If I closely observe Stephen’s journey, then one common theme is perseverance. He kept going on despite meeting with rejections instead of wallowing in self-pity. So what if one door closed? He knocked on another. 

Another thing Stephen has taught us is to believe in oneself. The first ever video that he uploaded on YouTube was titled “I AM TAKING OVER YOUTUBE” – 

Some may have mocked him as delusional back then, but didn’t he manifest his present success? Of course, there is no denying he has worked hard for it. 

So, yes: A healthy inner voice is another lesson. Be your biggest fan and believe that you deserve all the luxurious things you dream about. 

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Wrapping Up: Steve Will Do It Net Worth

As of 2023, Steve Will Do It has a Net Worth of $5Million. Along with that, his monthly and yearly estimated salaries are $20K and $250K, respectively! 

And Steve Deleonardis primarily started earning from YouTube. In fact, the majority of his income still relies on YouTube revenues, but other than that, he has other income resources as well, which include: Investments, Estate, NFTs, StartUps, etc. 

So, that’s it for my article on Steve Will Do It Net Worth. 

Although, keep in mind this article is curated by considering the latest data. So in case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated!


Why is Steve Will Do It so rich?

NELK Boys’ collaboration was a turning point in Steve Will Do It’s career. Since he was expanded to an even larger audience, his popularity elevated. It further resulted in Steve charging more money for his collaborations or brand deals. 

How much is Steve from NELK worth?

As of 2023, Steve from NELK has a $5 Million Net Worth.

How much does Steve Will Do It make per year?

As of 2023, Steve Will Do It makes over $250K per year. 

Why did Steve leave NELK?

Since Steve no longer viewed NELK as a full-time job, he decided to quit it. 

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