Starz Free Trial 2023: How To Claim a 30-Day Free Trial

Free trials are always welcomed by users worldwide. However, users are especially impressed with the Starz Free Trial provided by Starz and many other streaming service platforms.

It provides a standard seven-day free trial. The majority of streaming services that offer a trial typically choose seven days. 

Thus, Starz’s trial is still successful. Seven days are plenty for a trial period, during which you can browse Starz apps or channels to watch exclusive movies and TV episodes.

So, let’s take a look at how many ways you can get yourself a Starz Free Trial.

Is There A Starz Free Trial?

A huge variety of original hit programs, other shows, and movies are available on Starz. This makes Starz a fantastic choice for TV and movie lovers. Plus, the service moreover typically provides a seven-day free trial.

As a result, you must give it a try without making any commitments. On the other hand, in addition to Hulu’s 30-day free trial, it also provides a free trial of seven days on Starz’s streaming service.

How To Get Starz Free Trial From Official Website?

#1: Click here to open the Starz Official Website.

#2: Click On the start your free trial option given in the Fluorescent green colored box.

Starz Free Trial

#3: Fill in your credential to Sign Up.

Starz Free Trial sign in

#4: Fill up your payment information after signing up and subscribe to the 7-Day Free Trial.

payment Details

How To Get A Starz Free Trial On Prime Video?

Members of Amazon Prime may use Prime Video Channels to add over one hundred channels to their existing lineup, including Starz. In order to begin the Starz free trial on Prime Video, complete the instructions below:

#1: Click here to land on the Prime Video + Starz Free Trial Page.

#2: Click on the Start Your Free Trials options.

Starz Free Trial Page.

#3: Sign in with your existing Amazon account or create a new account.

Starz Free Sign in

#4: After that, fill in your payment information and start your free trial on Amazon Prime Video with Starz for seven days.

Amazon Prime Video with Starz for seven days.

How To Get A Free Trial of Starz On Hulu?

Along with the 30-day free trial, Hulu provides a seven-day free trial of Starz’s streaming service. 

#1: Visit Hulu’s Official Website or simply click here to land on their Official Website.

#2:  Click on the Start Your Free Trial option given in the White box.

Hulu Start free trail

#3: Select the plan you desire to use as a Free Trial.

Hulu pricing plan

#4: Create your account on Hulu and Sign Up.

Hulu account sign in

#5: Fill in your Payment information in the Add your billing info window.

Add your billing info window

#6: You will be subscribed to Starz Free Trial with Hulu.

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Wrapping Up!

As a result, you must benefit from Starz’s seven-day free trial. This may be useful before you sign up for the basic $9/month plan. 

There are a lot of films and shows to choose from, including several blockbuster successes and Starz Originals.

Customers who enjoy watching movies can test out Starz for a week before subscribing, which other users claim is a good offer.


Is Starz available with Netflix?

Luckily, if you want a Starz subscription on Netflix, Netflix allows you to get a subscription on Netflix.

What is the cost of a Starz Subscription on Netflix?

Approximately about $8.99 USD a month is charged by Starz and Netflix to get a Starz subscription added on Netflix.

Which streaming service has Starz?

You can easily watch Starz Live on streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu TV, Philo, FuboTV, DirecTV Stream, and Youtube TV. Amazon Prime Video, AND Netflix.

Is there any streaming service that is offering Starz for free for as long as you want?

Unfortunately, no streaming service currently offers a Starz Subscription for free for as long as you want it to prolong.

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