Snapchat Web: Access The World Of Snapchat On Your Desktop

Just like its popular competitors, Snapchat Web is finally at our disposal! 

Sure, the company had soft-launched the update initially in just UK countries; however, now, it is available everywhere! So you must be wondering about all the ins and outs of the feature. Well, no worries!

In this article, I will not only discuss Snapchat Web but also give you a step-by-step guide to accessing the same. On that note, let’s get started!

What Is the Snapchat Web?

Around mid to late 2022, It was experimenting with its web version. While it was available in UK countries, the rest of the world was still unable to access it. 

Regardless, now the web feature is available everywhere! 

Snapchat Web

And while you’re using the web version, your Bitmoji will show a small laptop, which further indicates to your friends that you’re using the platform through the Web. 

Along with that, the new update is completely privacy protected: As when accessing another window, your Snapchat screens hideaway. 

Moreover, just like your Phone version, the chats disappear after 24 hours on the Web too. 

On a concluding note, you won’t be able to take screenshots on the Web by any means. 

Yes, the phone version had a similar feature. However, most people had found a loop to take screenshots. Overall, rest assured; there is no loop in the Snapchat Web. 

Steps To Access Snapchat On the Web

To access Snapchat on the Web, follow my step-by-step guide mentioned below:-

Step 1: Go to your browser and type Snapchat Web.

Snapchat browser

Step 2: Either log in with your username or email ID. 

(You can also log in with the help of your phone number.)

snap chat Log in

Step 3: If you don’t remember your password, then click on forget. 

Step 4: Further, choose any mode of OTP medium.

Reset password

Step 5: Enter the six digits OTP.

Step 6: Type a new, much stronger password, and further click on save.

Step 7: Now login with the new password.

Step 8: Further, a screen with multiple menus will appear. Just click on the blue “chat now” button. 

multiple menus on snapchat

Step 9: Snapchat will send your mobile phone a verification notification.

Confirm in snapchat

Step 10: Now, grab your mobile device, and pull down the notification bar. Log in again with a new password (only if you changed it before).

user id

Step 11: Click on the Snapchat notification.

Step 12: Finally, click on yes or agree. 

User info

Step 13: Finally, click on the get started button. And you’re ready to access the Snapchat Web!

Snapchat web

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It’s difficult to give a verdict right away as it has many similar core features. However, the Web version has emphasized more on chat. 

So it would be easier to locate unread snaps or missed calls, etc. Moreover, if you are someone who prefers chatting on a desktop, then Snapchat Web is much more suitable for you. In fact, the Web version also lets you make audio calls/ video calls. 

And you can also send daily snaps. 

Lastly, this new update comes with a reminder feature. So, instead of just a happy birthday cake beside your friend’s name, the Web version will send a notification regarding the approaching birthday. 


So overall, I can say each version is best at its own level. And it’s just a matter of preference. 


Can you do Snapchat on the Web?

You can indeed access Snapchat on the Web. All you need to do is, visit and further login into your account the same way you do on your mobile device. 
Further, it will send an access notification to your phone, and once you verify that it’s your own account, then you are free to use it. 

How do you use Snapchat on a computer?

Download the Snapchat for Web app on your computer and further log in with your personal information. Then pull down the notification bar on your phone and further confirm the access. 

How do I download Snapchat for the Web?

Once you have logged in your Snapchat on the Web, follow the steps mentioned below to download the app on your desktop:-
1. On the top-left corner, click on your Bitmoji avatar. 
2. From the list of menus, click on the option that says, Create Desktop Shortcut.
3. Finally, click on the install button. 

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