Snapchat Planets In Order 2023: Who Is Your Closest Friend?

Snapchat and its new updates! When I first heard about Snapchat Planets, I genuinely thought it was a typo for plans. And it confused me why people are curious about Snapchat plans. However, after a little digging, I realized it’s actually Snapchat Planets In Order. 

So, if you’re confused, too, just hang in there. In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about Snapchat Planets, its order, and so much more. 

What Are Snapchat Planets? (2023)

As the name suggests, Snapchat Planets is Snapchat’s personal Solar System. 

Here, you are the Sun, and the rest of the Planets (depending on their order) are Snapchatters that are close to you. 

Snapchat Planets In Order

Now, consider one of your Snap friends is assigned as the Planet Mercury, and since Mercury is a Planet that is closest to the Sun, then it makes that Snapchatter closest to you as well. (At least in the Snapchat realm.)

Likewise, if someone is assigned as Neptune, then that makes them one of your close friends but not close enough. 

On that note, let’s check out the Planetal orders in the next section. 

Snap Solar System: Which Friends Are Closer To You?

Depending on the proximity of Planets from the Sun, your Bitmoji (or, shall I say, Friendmoji) varies too. 

Meaning the Bitmoji with your Mercury-coded friend would be much closer and friendlier with tons of hearts around. Whereas the one with Neptune would be quite far. Moreover, the body language would be off, too, and there won’t be any genuine smiles as well. (It’s giving fake friends for real.)

Regardless, the following are the Snapchat Planets in order:-

1. Mercury: Closest Friend

As discussed earlier, Mercury is a Planet that is closest to the Sun. 


So, depending on your activity with your friend, be it through regular snap streaks or the number of snaps you send each other, Snapchat’s algorithm ranks them your Mercury. 

Mercury is a rose pink Planet with red hearts surrounding it. And the friendmoji seems the happiest with the open body language and hand over the heart gesture suggesting the two of you are each other’s best friends. 

2. Venus: Second Closest Friend

In the Venus friendmoji, there is a slight change in the eyebrows of the girl sitting on the Planet. Sure, the body language is nearly the same, but the facial expressions give off slight uncertainty. Therefore, making each other second-most close friends. 


Venus is a Beige Planet with purple and blue hearts surrounding it. 

3. Earth: Third Closest Friend

Now as the Planetal order starts reducing, you can notice the friendmoji getting less friendly and a bit distant from the Sun person. 


In Earth’s case, the friendmoji looks genuinely happy and relaxed, yet, the hand-over-heart gesture is no longer there. Moreover, the color scheme resonates with that of Earth, which is green and blue. Plus, it has red hearts and a moon surrounding it. 

4. Mars:  Fourth Closest Friend

The Planet of aggression, Mars, is a lovely red-colored Planet with blue and purple hearts around it. And if you consider the friendmoji, it looks a bit hesitant with a head-scratching gesture, which implies nervousness. 


It’s just one of those situations when you feel close to someone, but the intimacy level is undefined if that makes sense. And you’re subconsciously gauging the proximity.

5. Jupiter: Fifth Closest Friend

Jupiter is an Orange Planet and has no hearts around. You know when you’re comfortable with someone enough to make greeting gestures and a basic exchange of information. 


Overall the friendmoji looks content with the distance between them. Hence, it’s giving acquaintance-ship.

6. Saturn: Sixth Closest Friend

Saturn is a yellow Planet with a ring around it. Again, there are no hearts, and yet, the friendmoji looks quite inviting. Meaning if you notice both the Sun and Friendmoji’s expressions, they seem happy. 


The proximity is not too close to be inducing discomfort, and yet, not too far as well. Just perfect!

7. Uranus: Seventh Closest Friend

Now, Uranus is tricky! If you carefully observe the situation of this green Planet, it’s off. 


Both the friendmoji and the Sun are slightly tuned out from their oh-so-happy and welcoming energy. Smiles are cordial, and yet, the friendmoji’s face deviates just a bit. 

8. Neptune: Eighth closest friend

Neptune, the Planet of imagination, is completely doing justice to its rep! 


The blue-colored Planet generally gives off the energy of people lost in their own world. 

And if you observe the body language of both the friendmoji and the Sun, the former is completely turned away from the latter, whereas the latter has a straight face on. 

Overall, you can see that they are facing each other, but the friendmoji’s body language is completely checked out from the setting. 

In simple words, it’s almost like a teenager’s relationship with their family. Bittersweet. 

Snapchat+ Premium Benefits (Subscription Plan)

Snapchat+ provides three subscription plans that vary from a month, six months, and a year! And the same cost is $3.99, $21.99, and $39.99, respectively. 

Along with that, Snapchat+ also provides you with a seven-day free trial. 

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to your desired subscription plan as soon as possible. And if I were to bribe you with a speedy subscription, then the following are some of the Snapchat+ benefits:-

  • Ghost Trails
  • Story Rewatch Indicator
  • BFF (Pin as #1 Best Friend)
  • Themes Or Custom App Icons
  • Snapchat+ Badge
  • Friend Solar System
  • Snapchat for Web
  • Chat Wallpaper
  • Bitmoji Background
  • Custom Notification Sound
  • Story Boost
  • Generative Profile Backgrounds

How To Access Snapchat Solar System? (Step-By-Step Guide)

In the following step-by-step guide, I have given procedure on how to subscribe to Snapchat+ to access the Friend’s Solar System:-

1: Open your Snapchat app, then tap on your profile icon at the top-left corner.

tap on your profile icon

2: Now, at the top-left corner, you will see your profile icon. Click on it.

see your profile icon

3: Scroll down till you locate Snapchat+

you locate Snapchat+

4: Now, tap on Subscribe. 

(Note):- It will show you what you can access in the Premium Plan, so you can go through it. 

5: Choose your desirable subscription plan and further start with your seven days free trial. 

seven days free trial

(Note):- Once your free trial starts, you can head to any of the Snapchatters (preferably, your close friend) and check at what order you stand in their Solar System. 

Follow the additional steps to do so:-

6: Scroll through your chats on Snapchat, and tap on any contact you’re curious about. 

7: On the left side of your Snap score, you will see a friendship badge; tap on it. 

8: And viola! Now, you can see Snapchat Planet. 

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The Final Verdict: Snapchat Planets In Order (2023 Explained)

Snapchat Planets are basically a Solar System in the friendship world. 

So, Snapchat would track your regular snaps and chats and how many times a day you interact with an account. And as per the algorithm, it assigns you different planets that define your proximity. 

In simple words, if the assigned Planet between you and your friend is Mercury, then you are each other’s best friend. And that is derived since Mercury is closest to the Sun. 

That being said, you can check out your Friend Solar System by subscribing to either one of the following mentioned plans:-

  • Monthly Subscription: $3.99
  • Six Months Subscription: $21.99
  • Yearly Subscription: $39.99

Additionally, you will also get a seven-day free trial on your Snapchat Premium. 

So that is all that I could gather on Snachat Planets; in case of any latest information, I will keep the page updated!

FAQs: Snapchat Planets In Order

What does each Planet on Snapchat mean?

Each Planet on Snapchat defines the closeness that you and your friend share. So, where Mercury represents best friends, Neptune is distantly close. 

What Planet is #1 on Snapchat?

Mercury is the #1 Planet on Snapchat. And that’s because, in the Solar System, Mercury is the closest to the Sun.

What are Snapchat premium features?

Following are some of Snapchat’s premium features:-
1. BFF (Pin as #1 Best Friend)
2. Themes Or Custom App Icons
3. Snapchat+ Badge
4. Bitmoji Background
5. Ghost Trails
6. Story Rewatch Indicator
7. Custom Notification Sound
6. Story Boost
7. Generative Profile Backgrounds
8. Friend Solar System
9. Snapchat for Web
10. Chat Wallpaper

What Planet is blue?

The Planet Neptune is blue in color. 

Can people tell if you have Snapchat Plus?

People can indeed tell whether you have Snapchat Plus. Moreso because besides your name (or any saved contact), it displays a star icon. And that’s a tell-tell sign of Snapchat+ users. 

What is the Snapchat planet order?

Snapchat planet order is the planets that Snapchat orders on the basis of your friend interaction. Your friends will get closer to the center of your solar system as you interact with them.
Here is the Snap Planet Order:
1. Mercury: Closest friend
2. Venus: Second closest friend
3. Earth: Third closest friend
4. Mars: Fourth closest friend
5. Jupiter: Fifth closest friend
6. Saturn: Sixth closest friend
7. Uranus: Seventh closest friend
8. Neptune: Eighth closest friend

What is the bright red planet on Snapchat?

Your fourth closest friend mars is the bright red planet on Snapchat.

What is the best friend ranking on Snapchat?

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