Ron Howard Net Worth 2023: Bio-Data, Career, Salary & Update

American director, screenwriter, and producer Ronald William Howard has a net worth of $205 Million. Most of his earnings come from diverse resources. And that’s how he has successfully transitioned from acting gigs to behind-the-scenes. 

That being said, in this article, I will talk about Ron Howard Net Worth for the most part. Additionally, I will also discuss his estimated Salary, Net Worth hike over the years, real estate, and so on. 

On that note, let’s unfold Howard’s financial depths.

Ron Howard Bio-Data

Before I dive deep into Ron Howard’s financial depths, let’s go through his bio-data first:-

NameRon Howard
Net Worth$205 Million
Date of Birth1st March 1954
ProfessionDirector/ Producer
Height1.75 Meter

Net Worth & Estimated Salary

Ron Howards Net Worth is $205 Million in 2023. Moreover, his monthly salary is $1.2 million, whereas the annual salary is over $16 Million.

Ron Howard Net Worth
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Most of Howard’s income comes from producing and writing background. Other than that, he invests thoroughly. In fact, the producing company that he set up in 2004 has been generating good numbers. 

According to Variety Magazine, Howard has garnered $100 Million through directing projects. In fact, he even compensated $50 Million. 

Real Estate & Investments

In 2004, Ron and his wife (Cheryl) purchased NYC’s Uber-exclusive building which is worth $5.6 Million. This 3K square foot apartment underwent several renovations and was listed for $12.5 Million in 2017. 

Ron Howard Real Estate & Investments
Source: CAknowledge

Additionally, he owns another NYC apartment that he purchased for $712K.

The couple further sold their Connecticut estate, which is 33 acres, for $27.5 Million. And finally, he purchased another apartment (with an ocean view) for $2.75 Million. This property is located in Santa Monica, California.

Early Life & Career Beginning

Born on 1st March 1954 in Duncan, Oklahoma, Ron Howard has quite a few ancestry lines, including Scottish, German, Irish, English, and Dutch. 

Additionally, Ron’s birth surname is Beckenholdt, however, since his father took Howard as his stage name, Ron continued with it. Other than that, Ron was cast as one of the lead characters in George Luca’s super hit film, American Grafitti. 

Ron Early Life
Source: The Things

After that, he did his last film as an actor and further moved to behind the scenes career. One of Howard’s best works is A Beautiful Mind which earned $313 Million. 

Once Howard gained significant success in his directorial career, he co-launched a production company (Imagine Entertainment) along with Brian Grazer. 

Net Worth Hike Over The Years

Over the years, Ron Howard has shown steady growth in his Net Worth. 

Between 2018 and 2022, he has a steady hike of $15 Million. However, in the last year, Howard’s Net Worth suddenly bounced a $25 Million hike. Having said that, you can check out his detailed Net Worth hike in the table below:-

YearsNet Worth
2023205 Million USD
2022180 Million USD
2021165 Million USD
2020150 MIllion USD
2019135 Million USD
2018120 Million USD

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The Final Verdict: What Is Ron Howard’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Ron Howard Net Worth is $205 Million. Most of his income comes from behind the scene works such as producing, directing, and overall investments. 

Additionally, Howard’s monthly and yearly estimated salaries are as follows:-

  • Monthly Salary: $1.2 Million
  • Yearly Salary: $16 Million

So, that’s it for my article on Ron Howard Net Worth. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated. 


How much is Ron Howard worth, and how old is he?

As of 2023, 69-year-old Ron Howard’s Net Worth is $205 Million.

Where does Ronnie Howard live now?

Ronnie Howard and his family currently reside in Conyers Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut. 

What are Ron Howard’s monthly and yearly estimated salaries?

Ron Howard’s monthly and yearly estimated salaries are over $1.2 Million and over $16 Million, respectively.

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