Roblox PS4: Can You Play It On PlayStation? (Update)

There are plenty of headlines covering Roblox PS4. 

Many wonder: Is the Sony Console finally launching the Roblox for PS4? The answer is yes! The news was recently confirmed at one of their official conferences. 

But wait a second, what about frontlines Roblox PS4? Can you expect the first-person shooting game to be available, too? The answer is, again, yes. For more details, keep reading, as this article covers everything you need to know about Roblox for PS4. 

Additionally, I will discuss the official release date, how it was confirmed, a step-by-step guide to use the platform, and a few more things. 

Roblox PS4: In The Nutshell

Before I delve into Roblox for PS4 details, let’s quickly skimp through its basic overview.

PlatformRoblox PS4
Release DateOctober 2023
Price PlanFree
NSFW ContentProhibited
Meta Roblox Quest AppAvailable sometime in September
Roblox Open Meta AppAvailable to download
Roblox active users65.5 Million

Is Roblox Launching on Sony Devices?

Roblox is indeed launching on a Sony device (PS4): This long-floating rumor was confirmed at the Roblox Developers Conference, which was held in San Francisco. 

Roblox ps4
Source: Roblox

In fact, since it is already available on all the A-lister devices such as Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox, etc., developers wanted to expand and tackle the Sony market with PS4. 

Additionally, the company was happy, considering the 65.5 Million users spending nearly 2.5 hours on the platform daily.

What Can You Expect From Roblox Game PS4? (Release Details)

You can expect a wide range of cross-platform tools from Roblox Game PS4. Most of it will, of course, be available for free. Therefore, you will get direct access to your favorite creations without much hassle. 

Now, the real question is, when is Roblox Game PS4 launching? Well, the exact date has not been revealed yet, but you can expect it to be around sometime in October. 

I get it; it’s been too long, and itshould just release the PS4, but there is a reason behind the delay: Child safety. The team at Roblox is doing its best to keep the ban from inappropriate activities, be it profanities or any sexual graphics.

Roblox Game PS4
Source: Roblox 

Given how PS4 is nowadays heavily used by the young crowd, it’s crucial to maintain all precautions.

Another major announcement the company has made is that all the creators can keep the revenue generated from asset sales and tools. Moreover, the only money deduction will be for taxes. However, remember that this policy is solely applicable to the creator marketplace. 

This means if you’re trading with other creators for customized avatars by selling items, then you’re not qualified for the new policy. 

That being said, this policy will be applied sometime next year.

Is the PS4 Roblox Game Meta Version Launched Yet?

The PS4 Roblox Game (Meta Quest App) has not been released yet. 

However, the developers reassured us that it would be available (worldwide) sometime in September. At the same time, its open Meta app was launched in July 2023, and within five days, over a Million users installed the file.

What is Roblox? (+ Frontlines Roblox PS4)

Roblox is an online game creation platform that allows users to explore their creativity. 

In fact, the platform is best for socializing and making new friends while keeping the environment fun and creative. Other than that, users can create their own games and even play games created by others.

Frontlines Roblox PS4
Source: Roblox

While some of the most popular games on the platform are Puzzle games, shooting, role-playing, etc., the most awaited is Frontlines Roblox PS4. 

Frontline it is a first-person shooting game for those who don’t know. It is mainly recognized for its realistic graphics, multiplayer mode, and smooth gameplay. 

However, the game also received criticism for lack of originality.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Signing Up On Roblox PS4

  • You must sign up on Roblox by using their official website.
  • In the case of an existing Roblox account on other platforms, sign up to access the old information first.
  • Save your login information. 
  • Roblox will ask for personal details such as email address, date of birth, and so on if you’re a new user. 

How To Use Roblox PS4? (Step-By-Step Guide)

Since It was never officially available on PS4, there is still a mystery about how you will access it. However, if I consider the past (before blocked) workaround, then you can use Roblox PS4 by following the step-by-step guide mentioned below:-

1: First and foremost, turn on your PS4. 

2: Now, head to your home screen and select the content area.

3: You will see a list of menus to launch the games/ programs.

4: Head to the web browser and enter Roblox.

Roblox PS4
Source: Roblox

5: A signup page will open.

6: Now, create a new account or log into an existing one.

7: Finally, Roblox will seek your permission before downloading the game. 

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The Final Verdict!

All the rumors are true! It is indeed going to happen. In fact, you can expect the release to happen sometime around October 2023. Unfortunately, the set for the launch is not been announced yet. 

However, I will keep you updated whenever that happens.

Keep in mind that PS4 is a kids-friendly platform. Therefore, if you were expecting NSFW content, I have bad news. Additionally, this is the main reason why the developers took so long with the announcement: 

They were making sure Roblox PS4 was free from any kind of obscene content. 


Is Roblox available on PS4?

As of now, Roblox is not available on PS4. However, you can expect it to launch sometime in October 2023. 

Why was Roblox removed from PS4?

The main reason why Roblox was removed from PS4 was the platform’s deal with Microsoft. Because of this, Roblox was not allowed to be on other platforms. 
Turn on PS4 > Home screen > content area > web browser > Roblox > Sign up page > enter your sign up/ login details > download the game. 

Can you play Roblox on a PlayStation?

You can indeed play Roblox on PlayStation 4 starting from October. Now, if you are curious about how to do it, simply head to my article above. 

Is the Roblox Meta version out yet?

Roblox open Meta is indeed out and installed by Millions of users. However, if you’re curious about the Roblox Meta Quest Box, then no, it’s not available yet. (But you can expect it to be out later in September.)

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