Post Malone Girlfriend 2023: Relationship & Dating Update

Post Malone Girlfriend has been a hot topic lately! Especially after his revelation about Jamie being the mother of his daughter and the woman he is engaged to.

Their relationship was so hidden from the rest of the world for good two years until last year when Malone himself revealed his excitement about being a father. 

In this article, we will cover every small detail of Malone’s beautiful chapter from all the information we could collect!

Post Malone Disclosing His Relationship Status

Austin Richard Post is currently in a serious relationship with Jamie. 

And as much as fans are curious about this whirlwind Romance that supposedly came out of nowhere, there is not much information out yet. The only thing we know about Jamie is that she is Korean and, indeed, close to Malone’s family. 

Post Malone Girlfriend
Source: Kathy Huchkin (Twitter)

Additionally, while talking to TMZ in May 2022, Post Malone disclosed this hidden relationship. And that too because he was excited about Jamie being one month Pregnant and couldn’t wait to welcome the baby. 

Not just that but Circles hitmaker also announced that Jamie is no longer his girlfriend but a fiance now. 

Post Malone & Jamie Publicly Snapped

You know what I say; if you want something to last, then keep it private. And that’s the key to Post Malone and his fiance’s solid relationship. 

There has been no active spotlight on them whatsoever. 

Post Malone & Jamie Publicly Snapped
Source: Daily Mail

The only way fans could tell something was going on was when the couple had been spotted together on several occasions. Of course, in most events and snapped pictures, Jamie was wearing a mask. 

So, there was little to no identity revealed about this mystery woman. In fact, her name was only revealed when Malone expressed his joy about being a Father. 

Post Malone’s Statements On Fatherhood 

Post’s daughter has come like an Angel in his life. Suddenly, he has changed for the better. Malone has expressed his desire to take care of his well-being and loved ones and further spread love and joy as much as possible. 

Post Malone's Statements On Fatherhood 
Source: Instagram

It’s truly difficult for him to balance fatherhood and pop star, as due to constant touring, the Sunflower hitmaker is not able to see his precious “LEGEND.” 

Yes, Malone has openly admitted that his daughter is so much cooler than him, and of course, he is the inspiration, but that’s beside the point. Malone kept emphasizing how this new chapter in his life is the happiest phase, and he no longer remembers being sad. 

The only heartbreaking part of this journey is his not being able to spend all the time with his daughter. Success does come with a price, after all!

Post Malone’s Kid Doesn’t Like His Music? (YET)

Post has opened up about how his family constantly plays his music around his daughter.

And he mentioned how she had not cried yet, so it was a good sign. She is still too young to decide what genre she is into, so I guess Post Malone would need to give her some more time. 

Other than that, the Better Now artist has revealed how kids, for some reason, love his music. So, he is indeed hopeful about his daughter feeling the same sentiments. 

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The Final Verdict: Is Post Malone A Father?

Post Malone is indeed the father of a precious little girl. In May 2022, while talking to TMZ Magazine, the Rockstar hitmaker disclosed his serious relationship with Korean ethnic woman Jamie. In fact, they are engaged now. 

And since Jamie has no social media presence, and whenever she was spotted with Malone, she had a mask on, it led fans to be all the more curious about their relationship. But at last, the cat is out of the bag. 

Many fans have congratulated the pair! Additionally, they have even suggested Jamie ignore haters and how Post Malonians have her back at all times. 

So, that’s it for my article on Post Malone Girlfriend. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated!


Who is Post Malone’s girlfriend?

Post Malone is currently in a happy relationship with Jamie, a Korean ethnic woman. 

Is Post Malone the Father of a child?

Post Malone is indeed a father of a precious little one-year-old girl. 

Is Jamie Post Malone’s new girlfriend?

Jamie is no longer Post Malone’s new girlfriend but a fiancé and mother of his daughter. 

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