Paramount Network Vs. Paramount Plus (Complete Overview)

Paramount Network or Paramount Plus? Which one suits your lifestyle best? Worry no more, as we have all the answers regarding what you seek. 

To be precise, Paramount Network, which is a satellite channel, will be your best choice if you are more of a live TV and original programming content person.

In contrast, Paramount Plus will work best for you if you like OTT platforms and streaming content flexibly at your convenience.

Nonetheless, there’s more to these services than just their offerings. Their costings, collection, and device compatibility also matter significantly. 

Hence, let’slet’s look at all the aspects surrounding Paramount Network and Paramount Plus.

Paramount Network and Paramount Plus: Overview

Paramount Network is a regular television channel operated by a cable-based network that is owned by Paramount Network’sNetwork’s Unit, MTV Entertainment Group.

To get this service on your television, you must contact your cable operator and get this channel subscribed.

Paramount Network And paraamount Plus
Source – New Vision Theatres

You can find genres like lifestyle, movies, and sports content on this channel in a wide range, including audiences of all age groups.

Plus, their original content, like the Yellowstone series, has dramatically impacted their audience and has many people hooked on this channel. 

On the other side, Paramount Plus is an Online streaming service platform that has proved to be as good as its competitors, Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

Similarly to other paid streaming service platforms, Paramount Plus also needs a subscription to access.

Paramount Global owns it and has multiple ventures like Nickelodeon, Paramount Media Network, and CBS Media Ventures. 

Moreover, the Paramount Network can be installed by contacting our Cable operator or by subscribing to streaming services like Philo, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu Live Tv, and Directv Stream.

In contrast, you need to sign up and buy a subscription to access the Paramount Plus service.

Paramount Network and Paramount Plus: Cost Comparison

If consumers opt to access certain on-demand content on their connected Paramount+ accounts, Paramount Network will cost them about $4.99 per month. 

However, if users choose to use this service’sservice’s live television and streaming elements or the standard cable TV package, the price may vary from $50 to $100.

On the contrary, Paramount+ is slightly less expensive than its competitors and starts at just $4.99 per month. 

If users choose to remove the advertisements by buying the premium plan, the cost will increase to $9.99. 

Additionally, users can combine their Paramount+ memberships with SHOWTIME, raising the monthly cost to $11.99 with advertisements or $14.99 without.

What is Paramount Network Offering?

This TV channel can be streamed with the help of any regular cable operator Paramount and can be accessed on your phone by installing the Paramount Network app on your phone. 

You can have access to all the clips and episodes of popular shows in the app.

This channel requires to be added to the subscription list to be accessed as a TV channel, and it cannot be counted as a replacement for a standard package of TV channels.

What is Paramount Plus offering?

Two plans are included in the Paramount Plus service: Paramount PLus Essential Plan and The Paramount Plus Premium Plan. 

What is Paramount Plus offering

The Essential plan offers all the original content by Paramount, including shows and movies, access to the entire collection, and ads. However, you cannot have access to the CBS shows. 

Whereas, in the Premium plan of Paramount Plus, everything is the same as the essential plan except, in the Premium plan, you get access to CBS shows and NFL Live with no ads.

Paramount Network & Paramount Plus: Popular TV Shows and Movies

Despite being two different types of services, both serve as a source of entertainment. Hence, I have a few recommendations to help you know what to watch on Paramount Network along with Paramount Plus.

The following table represents the popular show and movie list that is available on Paramount Network and Paramount Plus:

Paramount NetworkParamount Plus
YellowstoneThe Offer
Bar RescueFatal Attraction
1000 Ways to DieGrease: Rise of the Pink Ladies
Ink MasterSchool Spirits
MXCRabbit Hole
Deadliest WarriorTrue Lies
It was himWolf Pack
Battle of the fittest coupleCriminal Minds: Evolution

Paramount Network & Paramount Plus: Compatible Devices

Here is a table showcasing the list of all the compatible devices for Paramount Network and Paramount Plus:

Paramount NetworkParamount Plus
Paramount Network websiteApple TV
Paramount Network AppiPhone and iPad
TV Cable serviceAndroid TV
Android Phone and Tablet
Amazon Fire TV
Portal TV
Samsung TV
Sky Q
Sky Glass
Vizio TV
Xfinity Flex

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Wrapping Up!

While choosing between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus, you have to consider which source you can rely on the most.

To the users who like watching television and it is their most preferred source of entertainment, we recommend going for Paramount Network added to your TV channel package.

On the other hand, users who prefer OTT or streaming platforms like Netflix can get a Paramount Plus Subscription. You can stream your favorite movies and shows anytime, anywhere.


On which streaming services can you watch the Paramount Network channel?

You can watch the Paramount Network channel on the streaming services mentioned below:
1. Philo
2. Hulu Live TV 
3. Sling TV
4. Fubo TV
5. YouTube TV
6. Vidgo
7. Directv Stream.

Is it possible to get the Paramount Network subscription for cheaper?

By subscribing to Philo for $25 per month, you can access the Paramount Network subscription in the cheapest way possible.

Where can I get access to the Paramount Network?

You can watch all the free and paid content of Paramount Network on the website and from its mobile application called Paramount Network App on both Android and Apple.

Who else streams the Yellowstone series other than Paramount Plus?

You can watch all the episodes of the Yellowstone series on Peacock TV once it releases on Paramount Plus.

Which countries is Paramount Plus available to stream?

The only sad thing regarding Paramount Plus is that it is only available in selected countries, including the U.S.A., The UK, Australia, Canada, Nordics, Ireland, and Latin America.

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