Netflix vs Disney Plus: Which One Is Better In 2023?

Netflix vs Disney Plus

As much as Netflix has maintained the number one streaming platform position for years and years, Disney Plus is not that far in the line. In fact, most people these days believe that Disney Plus will soon take over the title. 

Moreso because Netflix keeps deleting the good content. In fact, there is a running joke that says, don’t discuss your favorite show with Netflix! I know humor based on all of our pain!

Regardless, that brings attention to our article: Netflix vs Disney Plus! 

People cannot help but wonder which platform is much more suitable for them. Well, that’s when our article comes into the picture. 

Here, I have provided a detailed comparison of Netflix vs Disney Plus. 

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Netflix vs Disney Plus: Quick Comparision 

In the following table, we have briefly compared real time most popular streaming platforms: Netflix & Disney Plus. 

Netflix (With Ads)Netflix (Basic)Netflix (Standard)Netflix (Premium)Disney Plus (Basic)Disney Plus (Premium)
Subscription Price (Per Month)6.99 USD9.99 USD15.49 USD19.99 USD7.99 USD13 USD
Is Original Content Available?YesYesYesYesYesYes
Is live streaming available?NoNoNoNoYesYes
Is it ad supported?YesNoNoNoYes 
(However, you need to pay 10.99 USD to get an ad-free experience.)
What is the length of the free trial?Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available7 DaysNot Available
Simultaneous Streams112444
4K QualityNoNoNoYesYesYes

Netflix vs Disney Plus: Overview

In the following section, I have given a brief comparison between Netflix and Disney: By discussing the basics of both platforms. 

Netflix Overview

Netflix is one of the most used streaming platforms, with over 234 subscriptions in over 190 Countries. Moreover, it offers a wide range of genres, including Rom-Com, Action, K-Drama, Thrillers, Documentaries, and so much more. 

You can simultaneously watch multiple programs, and Netflix will keep each one paused till you resume it. Even if it’s been three years since you last stopped watching a show, Netflix will remember it and ask you whether you want to resume it. 

Disney Plus Overview 

Created by Walt Disney, Disney Plus is a streaming platform that offers thousands of original movies and TV shows created by Disney and other studios like Marvels, 20th Century, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, etc. 

Disney Plus Overview 

You can either stream the content on your Laptop, Phone, Tablet, or Gaming Console. Moreover, Disney Plus also offers 4K video streaming. 

Netflix vs Disney Plus: Content Library 

Comparatively, Netflix’s content library is much larger than Disney Plus!

The former has 2,458 TV series and 4,295 films, while the latter has 887 TV series and 1,966 films. 

So what to do with the quantity if the quality is blah?

Not at all dissing Disney Plus’ content quality. In fact, Disney Plus has given some spectacular shows. And so has Netflix! 

Actually, you can check it out for yourself in the following table:-

Disney PlusNetflix
Criminal MindsWednesday
Grey’s AnatonmyStranger Things
EncantoSquid Game
The SimpsonsBridgerton
Star WarsThe Witcher

Netflix vs Disney Plus: Streaming Options 

Both platforms offer offline streaming. 

However, in both cases, you need to download your favorite content then only you can view it in case your wifi is down. Other than that, the interface is easily accessible too. 

Netflix vs Disney Plus

In the following table, I have mentioned a list of devices that are compatible (or not) with Netflix and Disney Plus. Let’s go through them:-

DevicesDisney PlusNetflix
Mac or PCYesYes
Windows (Phone)YesYes
Windows (Tablet)YesYes
Amazon Fire StickYesYes
Apple TVYesYes
Telstra TVYesYes
Android TVYesYes
Chromecast YesYes
PS4, PS5YesYes
XBox One & S/XYesYes
XBox 360NoNo
Set Top Box (Fetch or Foxel)YesYes

Netflix vs Disney Plus: Which is Better for Kids?

Disney Plus is hands down better for kids! I mean, most of us have grown up watching shows like Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack & Cody, etc!

Disney has a long history with family branding as it has always catered towards children. 

The following are some of the popular kids’ content on both platforms:-

Disney PlusNetflix
The Lion KingTeen Titans Go!
The Toy StoryPeppa Pig
The Little MermaidShaun the Sheep
Phineas and FerbBeyblade
The Mickey Mouse ClubMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Netflix vs Disney Plus: Prices 

Depending on the subscription plan you are opting for, the price differs: For instance, both Netflix and Disney Plus offer multiple subscription plans that include, Ad-support, Basic Plan, Standard Plan, and Premium. 

That being said, let’s go through each subscription plan:-

NetflixDisney Plus
Ad Support6.99 USDNot Available
Basic9.99 USD7.99 USD
Standard15.49 USD10 USD
Premium19.99 USD13.99 USD
Yearly PlanNot Available79.99 USD

Now except for Netflix’s Ad-Supported Plan and Disney’s Basic one, the rest of the subscription plans provide an ad-free experience. 

However, if you are wondering which platform is best for you, then you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Simultaneous Streaming 
  • 4K Definition or HD
  • Free Trial 
  • Live Streaming
  • Reasonable rates

Now, unlike Netflix, all Disney Plus Plans offer Live streaming. 

Netflix makes up with users by providing a 4K experience on Standard and Premium plans, whereas Disney Plus only offers it on their Premium and Yearly Plan. 

Other than that, considering the live streaming, reasonable rates, free trial, and simultaneous streaming, Disney Plus is again up to par!

However, Netflix’s ad-free plan is still cheaper. And it can be useful for you if you are okay with just one streaming option that too on the phone. However, keep in mind that Netflix’s ad-support plan is 480p.

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Netflix vs Disney Plus: Final Verdict

Both Netflix and Disney Plus offer a vast range of content! 

In terms of quantity, Disney Plus dominates with 2,458 TV series and 4,295 films, whereas Netflix has 887 TV series and 1,966 films. But apart from the quantity, both platforms provide the best quality programs. 

Moreover, both platforms have ad-supported plans, where Netflix’s subscription price is 6.99 USD, and Disney Plus’ Basic plan is 7.99 USD. 

Unlike Netflix’s ad-supported plan, Disney Plus’ provides live streaming, 4K Quality, and up to 4 simultaneous streamings. 

Additionally, if you have kids at home, then in that department, too, Disney Plus wins! In short, Disney Plus is the definition of quality AND quantity! 

So, that was our unbiased comparison of what each platform offers, so you can pick and choose what works best for you! 


Which is better, Disney Plus or Netflix?

Disney Plus is better than Netflix when it comes to their seven days free trial on their basic plan of 7.99 USD that offers 2 to 4 simultaneous streams, live streaming, 4K definition, etc. 

Who is bigger, Disney Plus or Netflix?

Disney Plus is said to be much bigger than Netflix as of now. 

Is Netflix losing to Disney Plus?

Netflix is indeed losing its streaming dominance. 

Is Disney Plus worth getting?

Disney Plus is indeed worth getting! Especially if you are Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars fans. In fact, by looking at Disney Plus’ large content library for kids, it stands out amongst its competitors.

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