20 Most Followed Female Streamers In 2023

Mr. Beast started the streaming culture, and ever since, everybody has been hooked on it! Not only is it easy money, but it also helps people to explore their hobbies more. That being said, nowadays, females are into streaming too: While some prefer streaming games, there are plenty of others who stream different things. Therefore, in today’s article, I will discuss the most followed female streamers!

Top 10 Most Followed Female Streamers (2023)

In the table below, I have mentioned the top most followed female streamers, their channel names, number of followers, and of course, streaming category. 

RankChannel NameFollowersStreaming Category
1pokimane9.3 MillionGaming
2AMOURANTH6.3 MillionAdult
3AriGameplays6.1 MillionGaming
4rivers_gg3.8 MillionGaming
5IamCristinini3.3 MillionJust Chatting, Gaming, & Random
6Biyin_3.1 MillionGaming & Just Chatting
7Staryuuki3.1 MillionASMRR, Talk Shows, & Podcast
8Loserfruit2.8 MillionGaming & Vlogs
9Nihachu2.7 MillionGaming & Vlogs
10NimuVT2.6 MillionJust Chatting & Gaming

20 Female Streamers With The Most Fan Following In 2023

In the list below, I have mentioned 20 female streamers with the most fan following. So let’s get started:-

1. Pokimane

Imane Anys currently holds the record of the most followed female streamers!


She rose to popularity by streaming games like League of Legends and Fortnite. As of June 2023, pokimane has a Twitch strength of 9.3 Million followers. 


Multistar Kaitlyn Siragusa has dabbled her feet in several online niches, including OnlyFans modeling. 


And lately, AMOURANTH keeps her 6.3 Million followers happy with her ASMR live streams. 

3. AriGamePlays

Mexican descendant Abril Abdamari Garza Alonso has quite a bit to her name. 


This internet celebrity has done it all, YouTube, TikTok, Cosplay, Twitch, etc. With 6.1 Million followers, AriGamePlays is the world’s 27th most followed Twitch star.

4. Rivers_gg

Samantha Rivera is a 24-year-old Mexican streamer who’s popular for several niches, including Just Chatting, Call of Duty, Sports, Minecraft, etc. Currently, her followers range up to 3.8 Million. 


5. IamCristinini

Spanish esports and television host Cristina López Pérez was declared as one of the most influential streamers by Forbes in 2021. 


Currently, she has 3.3 Million followers on Twitch and 1.3 subscribers on YouTube. 

6. Biyin_

Sara created her Twitch channel in September 2020 and mostly streamed Minecraft. 


Apart from that, Biyin_’s 3.1 Million followers also enjoyed her other streams like Valorant, The Outlast Trials, and Just Chatting. 

7. Staryuuki

Miami origin Elizabeth has a Twitch streaming platform under the name Staryuuki. She streams all kinds of content, including ASMR, Just Dance, Food & Drink, Talk Shows and Podcast, Just Chatting, etc. 


As of 2023, the number of followers on her channel is 3.1 Million. 

8. Loserfruit

Kathleen Veronica Belsten is a professional gamer from Australia, and she has two gaming accounts on Twitch and YouTube. Her main YouTube channel has about 3.1 Million subscribers, whereas her Twitch has about 2.8 Million followers. 


9. Nihachu

Nikita Nihachu is a German streamer who’s mostly popular for her gaming and vlogging content. Moreover, 21-year-old Nihachu has 2.7 Twitch followers.


10. NimuVT

NimuVT streams about different niches, which include Drawy, Just Chatting, Minecraft, Pineapple on the Pizza, etc. 


And by doing so, she has garnered a fandom of about 2.6 Million. 

11. Lilypichu

Former Twitch star Lilypichu used to be one of the most subscribed users on the platform, with 2.5 Million followers. However, she discontinued her contract with Twitch and further signed another one with YouTube. 


And currently, she gives voice to quite a few Anime characters. 

12. Kyedae

Canadian streamer Kyedae Shymko joined Twitch sometime in July 2019. Since then, she’s been playing Valorant and further gained 2.4 Million followers. 


13. Chica


25-year-old streamer Monica Lopez has grown an immense following by playing Fortnite. 

And right now, the total strength of her followers is 2.3 Million. That being said, Maria has also participated in competitions like TSM Esports Team. 

14. Pqueen


30 years old Turkish streamer Büşra Pelin Baynazoğlu mostly streams just chatting content. And despite it, she has 2.2 Million followers. 

15. Aroyitt


Spain origin Aroia Garcia mostly streams gaming content which is predominantly Minecraft. Other than that, aroyitt’s 2 Million followers also enjoy her just chatting, Raft, and inout content.

16. JustaMinx

Irish streamer, actress, and comedian JustaMinx first garnered attention by appearing in The Austin’s Show Love. Later on, she created her own Twitch channel, which reached 2 Million followers, and further collaborated with several in-demand streamers. 


17. Sweet_Anita

Anita started her Twitch account in 2018 and further focused on creating gaming content. As per Variety, she is one of the most influential people in the gaming industry and even received the Streamer of the Year award. 


Right now, Sweet_Anita has 1.9 Million followers on Twitch. 

18. Taylor_Jevaux

Taylor_Anita created her Twitch channel sometime in October 2019. And ever since, Taylor has been streaming content like Pools, Hot Tubs, Beaches, and even Just Chatting. 


Currently, Taylor_Javaux has about 1.8 Million followers. 

19. Mayichi

Spanish tongue Mayichi rose to popularity by streaming games like Valorant, DayZ, and ARK: Survival Evolved. As of 2023, Mayichi has 1.7 Million Twitch followers. 


20. Tinakitten

Christina Kenyon is a South Korean content creator and Twitch streamer. She generally streams art and gaming content under the name Tinakitten.


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Conclusion: Who Is The Most Followed Female Streamer?

As of 2023, the most followed female streamer is Imane Anys. Moreover, she streams under the gaming channel Pokimane and further rose to popularity by playing League of Legends and Fortnite. 

However, note that I have gathered this information from the current data (June 2023). So, in case of changed data, I will update the page! Having said that, the following are the top 10 most followed female streamers:-

  1. pokimane
  3. AriGameplays
  4. rivers_gg
  5. IamCristinini
  6. Biyin_
  7. Staryuuki
  8. Loserfruit
  9. Nihachu
  10. NimuVT


Who is the number one female YouTube streamer?

Usada Pekora is the number one YouTube female streamer who’s most watched all across the world!

Who is the most-watched female Twitch streamer?

Pokemani is the most-watched female Twitch streamer. 

Who are the top 5 female Streamers?

The top 5 female streamers are as mentioned below:-
1. Pokimane
3. AriGamePlays
4. Rivers_gg
5. IamCristinini

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