Top 20 Most Expensive Shoes In The World (2023 Edition)

Most Expensive Shoes

You must have heard of that old saying, “Good shoes take you to good places.” Well, what if you are wearing the most expensive shoes? Will they take you to expensive places? 

I don’t know about you, but it will certainly boost my confidence!

But jokes apart, if you are curious about people’s expensive taste in shoes, then keep reading! 

I am sure you will be stunned by some of the names and wonder, “Why will one purchase 20 Million Shoes? What is it made of, Diamond?” 

Let’s find out the most expensive shoes in the world. 

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World At Glance

In the table below, I have mentioned the top ten priciest shoes as of 2023. Additionally, I have added their price as well, so let’s quickly skim through them:-

1Moon Star Shoe19.9 Million USD
2Passion Diamond Shoe17 Million USD
3Debbie Wingham Heels15.1 Million USD
4Harry Winston Ruby Slippers3.1 Million USD
5Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heel3 Million USD
6Air Jordan 13s (1998 NBA Finals Game 2)2.2 Million USD
7Tom Ford Loafers (Jason of Beverly Hills)2 Million USD
8Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heel2 Million USD
9Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slipper2 Million USD
1oStuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stiletto1.9 Million USD

I have added the 20 most expensive pairs of shoes (and heels) to the list below. 

Moreover, I have briefly discussed their background and its speciality and, of course, the price if you are interested in purchasing it. 

1. Moon Star Shoes

Most Expensive Shoes- Moon Star Shoes
Source: AFP

Price Range: $19.9 Million

Original gold-plated Moon Star Shoes have 30 Carat Diamond and Meteriot from 1576 embedded in them. This statement piece was first modeled after Burj Khalifa in Dubai, where it debuted in the Fashion Week of MIDE. 

And if you place an order for this pair of glamorous shoes, then you bet you’ll get your delivery from a Helicopter!

2. Passion Diamond Shoe

Most Expensive Shoes- Passion Diamond Shoe
Source: NDTV

Price Range: $17 Million

Another pair of Golden heels were created by UAE’s brand Jada. And the best part about this original metal shoe is its two 15-Carat diamonds that are embedded at the top of the heels, and the rest of the Diamonds spread all over. Truly a Bejeweled piece if you ask me!

Again, the inauguration was done at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Seven-Star Hotel. Moreover, you need to place an order in advance, as these fancy pairs are only created upon request. 

3. Debbie Wingham Heels

Most Expensive Shoes- Debbie Wingham Heels
Source: CCPEA

Price Range: $15.1 Million

Debbie Wingham’s pair of expensive heels was specially crafted for an anonymous family in Dubai. And since it was a birthday present, it was meant to look like a cake. 

The Diamond studded pair of shoes consisted of one-carat blue Diamonds and 3-carat pink Diamonds. In fact, the sole cost of these Diamonds was $128K. Additionally, there were more Diamonds (four 3 Carats and 1K pointers) plated in the Platinum frame. 

And lastly, the zippers, sole, stitching, and even the paint on the leather was pure Gold!

(My birthday is approaching, too, can a rich family adopt me as well?)

4. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers
Source: Pinterest

Price Range: $3.1 Million

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers was inspired by The Wizard of OZ, as the designer Ron Winston wanted to give the classic tribute on its 50th Hollywood anniversary. The slippers are integrated with 1,350 carats of 4.6K rubies and 50 Carat Diamonds. 

5. Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heel

Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heel
Source: Pinterest

Price Range: $3 Million

Created by American Designer Rita Hayworth, Stuart Weitzman is owned by Princess Yazmin Aga Khan. 

Additionally, when Rita Hayworth wore a fancy pair of shoes with diamonds, sapphires, and rubies-embedded earrings, the look was just something else. 

6. Air Jordan 13s (1998 NBA Finals Game 2)

Air Jordan 13s (1998 NBA Finals Game 2)
Source: Rosaleneo

Price Range: $2.2 Million

Air Jordan 13s were a pair of only shoes from 1998 NBA Finals Game 2, which was worn by Michael Jordan. In fact, this pair of nostalgic shoes is also considered the most expensive shoes ever to be presented at an auction. 

7. Tom Ford Loafers (Jason of Beverly Hills)

Price Range: $2 Million

Custom-made Tom Ford Loafers were designed by Jason, Los Angeles-based Jeweller. And their TV host, Nick, wore it at the finale of America’s Got Talent. 

The pair of shoes is more than 340 Carats with over 14K round diamonds all over the shoes. 

Not just that, but you will also see the diamonds on the white Gold’s sole. The following year Canon gave away these fancy pairs of shoes to a charity.

8. Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heel

Most Expensive Shoes- Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heel
Source: Godly Soles

Price Range: $2 Million

The emergence of Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heel was due to the collaboration with Le Vian Jewellery’s Eddie Le Vian. 

And it consists of 28 Carats Diamonds, 185 Carat of Tanzanite, and the 4.5-inch heel is further covered with a hard layer of Kwiat diamonds which were set in Platinum. 

9. Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slipper

Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slipper
Source: Entertainment

Price Range: $2 Million

Alison Krauss was seen wearing the Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slipper at the 2004 Oscars. The heels consist of 565 Kwiat Diamonds, Italian leather, and five-carat Amaretto diamonds. 

Moreover, the best part of this pair of shoes is its four-inch heel which disappears underneath your dress, and just the diamonds are visible from the front. If you ask me, it’s perfect for the Cinderella moment. Hence, the name “Cinderella Slipper.”

10. Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stiletto

Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stiletto
Source: Dezayno

Price Range: $1.9 Million

The Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stiletto was worn by the actress and former Miss USA Laura Harring. And it is made of 464 Kwiat Diamonds. 

Additionally, the straps of the sandals come off, which further can be used as a double necklace. 

11. Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 1

Most Expensive Shoes- Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 1
Source: BBC

Price Range: $1.8 Million

We all know Kanye West, he is a famous Rapper who also invested in the Clothing and Shoe Brand Yeezy. And one of Yeezy’s products is Nike Air Yeezy 1. The Rapper wore this expensive pair during a performance at Grammys in 2008. 

12. 1984 Michael Jordan Nike Air Ships

1984 Michael Jordan Nike Air Ships
Source: Complex

Price Range: $19.5 Million

The Red and White Nike Air Ships high tops were designed by Bruce Kilgore and were worn by Michael Jordan in his early days of NBA matches. 

And once Jordan was set to success, the pair of shoes were auctioned. 

13. Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pump

Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pump
Source: Shutterstock

Price Range: $1 Million

As the name suggests, the Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose was inspired by Vintage fashion. Additionally, the shoe is packed with 100 Carats of 1.8K Diamonds + 400 more Kawiet Diamonds. 

Additionally, Diablo Cody, the screenwriter that Stuart Weitzman had selected, had been asked to wear the heels at 2008’s Oscars. However, the former had refused to do so since weaning the heels would be a publicity stunt. 

14. Stuart Weitzman Shoe (Marilyn Monroe)

Most Expensive Shoes- Stuart Weitzman Shoe (Marilyn Monroe)
Source: Her Zindagi

Price Range: $1 Million

As the name may have suggested, Stuart Weitzman Shoe was not worn by the late superstar Marilyn Monroe. Instead, the diamonds that were embedded in the heels were actually collected from all the earrings that she owned. 

And in the 2005 Oscars, Regina King sported those elegant pairs of Champagne shoes. But after that, the design replaced those real diamonds with replicas.

15. Original Ruby Red Slippers (The Wizard of Oz) 

Original Ruby Red Slippers (The Wizard of Oz)
Source: Film Magazine

Price Range: $660K

The original Ruby Slipper by Harry Winston was so well received that they created an updated version: Only this time, it’s a pair of Stilletoes. This pair of fancy shoes includes 123 Carat Rubies, which overall had 643 pieces in it and were set in Platinum. 

16. Shattered Backboard Nike Air 1s (Michael Jordan)

Most Expensive Shoes- Shattered Backboard Nike Air 1s (Michael Jordan)
Source: Nike

Price Range: $615K

In the 1985 Italy-based NBA show, Michael Jordan scored about 30 points. And then everybody saw him shattering the backboard, which further got stuck in one of his shoes’ soles. Later, the same shoes were put at the auction. 

17. Nike Air Jordan 1s (Michael Jordan’s Signature)

Nike Air Jordan 1s (Michael Jordan's Signature)
Source: eBay

Price Range: $560K

As per the Guinness World Records, the Nike Air Jordan 1s is the most expensive pair of Sneakers to be auctioned. And that’s solely possible since it was worn and signed by Michael Jordan. 

The Basketball Superstar first wore the pair in a 1985 game, and after that, the sneakers were exclusively created for him. 

18. Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stiletto

Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stiletto
Source: Peaklife

Price Range: $500K 

At the 2007 Academy Awards, actress Anika Noni Rose debuted the Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos. The shoes are embedded with 1,420 diamonds, where at the top of the Sandles, two circular motioned diamonds are encrusted.

And lastly, it is finished by a Silver band across the toes. 

19. Moon Shoe (1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat)

Moon Shoe (1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat)
Source: Lanvin

Price Range: $437K 

Bill Bowerman (Nike’s Co-Founder) had designed the Moon Shoe running shoes for the 1972 Olympic Trials. And the designer created the waffled-shaped sole by putting rubber into the waffle pan. 

And this Moon Stone pair is a limited edition with only 12 created pairs. 

20. Michael Jordarn Rookie Year 1984-85 (Jordan I s)

Michael Jordarn Rookie Year 1984-85 (Jordan I s)
Source: WWD

While Jordan had played the game while wearing these Red, Black, and White sneakers, he was declared Rookie of the Year. Not only that, but he also achieved 28.2 points per game between 1985 to 1986 season. 

Later, he gifted those sneakers to Robert Crawford, who’s a photographer who had captured Michael in those Jordarns. 

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Wrapping Up: What Is The Most Expensive Shoe?

As of 2023, the most expensive shoe is Antonio Vietri’s Moon Star Shoe. And just like its galactic name, one of the ingredients that’s been used while crafting this $19.9 Million shoe is found from space: aka, 1576 Meteriots. 

Other than that, the pair of heels is pure Gold plated with 30 Carat diamonds. 

However, keep in mind that the list I have created is based on the latest data. So, if the data changes tomorrow, the list will shuffle too. In that case, I will keep the page updated!


What is Nike’s most expensive shoe?

Nike Air Jordan 10 (OVO) is Nike’s most expensive shoe, which is worth $2 Million. 

Are there million-dollar shoes?

There are quite a few Million Dollar shoes out there, including Moon Star Shoes ($19.9 Million), Passion Diamond Shoes ($17 Million), etc.

What is the most expensive leather shoe?

Testoni Men Dress Shoes is the most expensive leather shoe worth $30K.

What are the most expensive slippers in the world in 2023?

As of 2023, the most expensive slippers in the world are Harry Winston Ruby Slippers. And although its original price was $660K, currently its market value is 3 Million USD. 

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