11 Most Dangerous Cities In The World (Updated 2023)

The world is full of beautiful places, but there are some places for which the road is still less traveled. This article is for you if you are someone who has got an adventurous take on life. Also, if you are a Crime show director who is eyeing the most dangerous Cities in the world, we have got you covered. 

Here, we will be discussing the most dangerous Cities in the world, providing you with a little thrill along the journey.  

In this list, we have covered the cities with high rates of disasters, homicide, robbery, pollution, and much more. You can gear up your Armor and get started!

11 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Mexico and Brazil are the two countries with the maximum number of dangerous cities. This is because of Political instability, poverty, and lack of effective law enforcement. So, if you are planning a trip to such countries, first have a look at the list of the cities along with their respective ranks. 

3Cape TownSouth Africa
4Ciudad JuárezMexico
5St. LouisUSA
9Fiera de SantanaBrazil
10Vitória da ConquistaBrazil

With the major Pandemic in place and other significant shifts, the World also has changed. It has changed for good in some cases and worse for some. However, the crime rate has increased over the years. Presently, the crime rate in the world is 6.1 per 1 Lakh People. 

This crime rate varies with different countries and cities, and here we have compiled the top 11 most dangerous Cities in the world.

1. Tijuana

Tijuana is a city in Mexico with the tag of the most violent city in the world, with over 134 homicides per 1 Lakh people. If you talk about Normalcy, the bloodthirsty drug cartels, kidnappers, and rapists are something very normal for the people living there.

(Source: Miss Tourist)

Who would have thought that the former wedding capital of Mexico will someday be among the most dangerous Cities? In fact, The city doesn’t have a robust judicial system in place with only 2,60,000 police officers and 18,000 investigators.  

2. Caracas

The beautiful city of Caracas in Venezuela is also the world’s most dangerous capital. It has turned out to be complete chaos thanks to human rights violations and political corruption. 

(Source: Wikivoyage)

Caracas has a population of 2.1 million people and the crime rate is something very daunting. If we look at this in terms of the murder rate, the city encounters 100 murders for every 1 Lakh people

3. Cape Town

Cape Town is home to some of the richest people in the world but it too has a dark side. You would have known Cape Town for the shootings of some of the dangerous TV shows and the reason it fits into such show’s parameters is quite obvious.

Cape Town
(Source: Architectural Digest)

Annually, almost 3000 people are murdered in Cape Town. Additionally, locals are often seen carrying guns as recently the city witnessed about 18000 threats due to carjacking at gunpoint.

4. Ciudad Juárez

Ciudad Juárez is another Mexican city especially dangerous for women. It is the most populous city in Mexico with a high homicide rate of 103.61 homicides per 1 Lakh people

Ciudad Juárez
(Source: State Magazine)

The violence in the city is majorly fuelled by the dispute between the rival Juarez Cartels and Sinaloa. Consequently, the political turmoil also creates a major impact on the crime rate in the city.

5. St. Louis

St. Louis is the fifth most dangerous city in the world and the top most dangerous city in America. The City has seen a lot over the years starting from serial killings, mass shootings, and flash flooding to police assault allegations.

St. Louis
(Source: CTBUH)

However, the southern parts of the city are still safer for tourists while the northern areas contribute to over two-thirds of all the murders and one-half of all the assaults in the city.

6. Fortaleza

Fortaleza is a Brazilian city with a homicide rate of 62.28 per 1 Lakh people. Other than this, the city is the 12th richest City in Brazil. However, it often makes headlines for the increasing crime rate and homicides.

(Source: Musement)

Cais da Porto, Serviluz, and Praia do Futuro are some areas that you should avoid in order to be safe as these areas have the maximum violence in the city.

7. Baltimore

Baltimore is an American City with a population of 5 million and a crime rate of 6170 per 1 Lakh people. In particular, the city has a high rate of property disputes, drug encounters, and aggravated assaults.

(Source: Trip Savvy)

West Baltimore, Cherry Hill, Middle East, Grove Park, and Highland Town are some of the specific deadly areas in Baltimore.

8. Acapulco

Acapulco’s Guerrero region is known for being the most treacherous area in the City. This area is specifically possessed for Poppy production and thus the drug cartels are all after it for heroin. 

(Source: The Daily Beast)

This menacing environment has created a lot of havoc in the City with a murder rate of 111 per 1 Lakh people

9. Fiera de Santana

This attractive city sits on the ocean, but vandalism and drugs are the peculiar activities for which it is widely known. Fiera de Santana has the highest homicide rate in Brazil, which is about 67.46 homicides per 1 Lakh people

Fiera de Santana
(Source: ibahia)

Other criminal activities like pickpocketing, scams, and assaults are also quite common, and this has created a sense of fear among the citizens as well as for the tourists as well.

10. Vitória da Conquista

This Brazilian city is another precarious place to avoid if you are planning a trip. The City has a murder rate of about 60.01 per 1 Lakh people, which is one of the highest murder rates in the country.

Vitória da Conquista
(Source: PMVC)

Nevertheless, if you want to be safe from burglaries, murders, assaults, and pickpocketing, try not to travel alone or carry some safety with you.

11. Cali

Santiago de Cali or better known as Cali, is a Colombian city known for being the most violent urban center of the country. The murder rate in the City has been increasing over the years, with a present homicide rate of 51 per 1 Lakh people.

(Source: Hippie in heels)

This City is more prone to human trafficking, drug trafficking, and rape-related crimes as law enforcement is not in place here due to political bias, which has taken a toll over the years.

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Wrapping Up: Which is the number one dangerous city in the world?

If we go through the list of most dangerous cities in the world, Tijuana has topped the list as being the most dangerous city. It is the most violent city, with a homicide rate of 134 per 1 Lakh people.

So, looking for safe places there becomes very important if you ever plan to visit. Be aware! Playas de Tijuana and Zona Rio are some of the safer neighborhood places to consider. 


What are the top 10 deadliest cities in the world?

The top 10 deadliest cities in the world include Tijuana, Acapulco, Caracas, Ciudad Victoria, Ciudad Juárez, Irapuato, Ciudad Guayana, Natal, Fortaleza, and Ciudad Bolívar. Almost 5 cities in this list are in Mexico.

Which city has the highest crime rate in the world?

Tijuana in Mexico has the highest crime rate in the world. The crime rate in Tijuana is about 82.33, with over 134 homicides per 1 Lakh people.

What are the 20 most violent cities in America?

According to the World Population Review, the 20 most violent cities in America are St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, Little Rock, Milwaukee, Rockford, Cleveland, Stockton, and Albuquerque.

What areas should I avoid in St. Louis?

You should avoid the northern parts of the city as they have much higher assault rates in comparison to the south. These northern parts include Gravois Park, JeffVanderLou, and Dutchtown among others.

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