Metallica Band Members Net Worth 2023: Who Is The Richest?

Metallica fans have been going insane ever since their idols announced a new album after a six-year break! The quarto first released the single in November 2022, and then the album (72 Seasons) came out on 14th April 2023. No wonder the band is getting richer and richer day by day! So, if you are also curious about Metallica Band Members Net Worth, keep reading!

As per their official website, Lars, Kirk, Robert, and James (with the rest of their team) will be touring North America till September 2024. In fact, till now, the World wired tour (since 2016) has generated $430 Million in revenue. 

This article encompasses their collective and individual earnings as of 2023. 

Metallica Net Worth: In a Nutshell

Following is a quick overview of Metallica’s financial achievements. However, remember that this table is curated by considering the latest data. 

So, in case the data changes, I will keep the table updated. 

Metallica Net Worth 2023$900 Million
Metallica Earning Per Concert$50 Million+
Metallica Worldwired Tour $430 Million
Metallica Ticket Sales$1.4 Billion
Record SalesOver 150 Million
Merchandise (N. America)$125 Million
Metallica Net Worth 2022$1 Billion 
Income SourceRoyalties, Record Sales, Concerts, Merch, etc

Metallica Net Worth: $900 Million (As of 2023)

As of 2023, Metallica has $900 Million in their Net Worth. However, as reported by Forbes, the Nothing Else Matters hitmaker surpassed the $1 Billion mark in 2022. 

Additionally, you would notice a tremendous hike in their Net Worth as their 2019 earnings were just $68.5 Million. In fact, most of their Net Worth encompasses Record Sales (over 150 Million), Merch ($125 Million+), and Concerts ($2 Million per night). 

For those who don’t know, the Metalheads have performed in seven continents and 48 countries. Plus, their recent World wired Tour earned them $430 Million. 

Metallica Net Worth
Source: Chaospin

Besides that, the popular heavy Metal band has faced some lawsuit issues where their unreleased music was leaked. And that, unfortunately, allowed attackers to pirate their music. 

However, the group took immediate action against Napster. (the one leaked their music.)

So, you bet this whole 2001 suing case earned eight-time Grammy winners some hefty addition to their already power-packed Net Worth. 

Overall, you can tell after decades of career, the four-membered boyband is still winning hearts (and lots of cash, of course.)

Metallica Band Members Net Worth – Individual Earnings

Now that I have discussed Metallica’s collective Revenue, let’s review each member’s respective earnings. Additionally, I have added two former members (Jason Newsted and Clifford Burton) Net Worth as well. So, let’s look into that:-

1. Lars Ulrich Net Worth – $350 Million

The Danish musician is popularly known as the co-founder and drummer of the Metal Band. Ulrichs receives Royalty money for the band’s entire discography, which has sold 150 Million records all over the world. 

Lars Ulrich Net Worth
Source: Music Radar

The richest member of the group purchased a property in Tiburon in 1993. The $13K square feet residence earned 50% profit as Lars sold it for twice the original cost. And till this day, the estate remains one of the biggest estates in Marin County.

Besides that, Lars also owns 140 acres of land, $12 Million worth of paintings, and another Basquiat that he had recently sold for $13.5 Million. 

2. James Hetfield Net Worth – $300 Million

Metallica’s co-founder and Rhythm guitarist, James Hetfield, owns impressive acres of land. Additionally, he purchased land of 1150 acres in Lucas Valley, and over the next decade, he purchased 770 acres. And all of those went to different conservation trusts. 

James Hetfield Net Worth
Source: CEOWorld Magazine

However, before you think, “Wow, man is bagged left, right, and center,” that’s not always been the case. Sometime around 2008, Hetfield went through some estate issues when he had to build a fence to stop hikers from moving through his property. 

Apart from that, the animated series backup singer also has a thing for luxurious cars. And some of his collections include Black Jack (1932 Ford Roster), Aquarius (1934 Packard), Skyscraper (1952 Buick Skylark), and so on.

3. Kirk Hammet Net Worth – $210 Million

Kirk Hetfield replaced Dave Mustaine as the band’s lead guitarist. 

Moreover, Hetfield is one of the reasons behind the success of Nothing Else Matters, One, Master of Puppets, and so on … And that’s because man singlehandedly wrote those incredible guitar riffs. 

Kirk Hammet Net Worth
Source: SCPS Assam

Other than that, he owns real estate in San Francisco, a $2.6 Million mansion in Pacific Heights (that he sold for $7.6 Million), a $5.7 Million Sea Cliff house, and $8 Million on a neighboring property. However, he ended up selling the last two estates for $10 Million in combo.

4. Jason Newsted Net Worth – $60 Million

Between 1986 and 2001, Newsted served as Metallica’s lead bassist, replacing Burton. 

In fact, Jason has delivered plenty of popular hits, including Nothing Else Matter, Sand Man, Sad But True, The Unforgiven, etc. Overall, the Black Album received 16x Platinum for each Metal Injection. 

Jason Newsted Net Worth

Additionally, the sixty-year-old co-wrote Metallica’s a few popular songs: Where the Wilds Are, Blackened, My Friend of Misery, and so on. After that, he found solace in painting, as J could not play any instruments due to some injury. 

Little did he know, it was a blessing in disguise. And over the years, he did many exhibitions, earning him around $125K Million. 

5. Robert Trujillo Net Worth – $30 Million

Ever since Metallica’s original bassist (Clifford Burton) passed away, Rob Trujillo stepped up after the band’s new replacement (Jason Newsted) quit too. And when I tell you, man has done a fantastic job! 

Robert Trujillo Net Worth
Source: 107.7 The Bone

However, due to his late joining, there is a drastic Net Worth difference between Rob and his Metallica bandmates. But that doesn’t mean Trujillo hasn’t given his blood, sweat, and tears. 

Over the years, Rob was part of several royalties and tours that he did with Metallica, Infectious Grooves, Suicidal Tendencies, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, Jerry Cantrell, Infectious Grooves and Mass Metal, etc. 

Apart from his music career, Rob has also featured in small acting roles in Walter Matthau’s film House Calls, a 1982 episode of CHiPs, and Gary Coleman’s Scout’s Honor. Other than that, he has also produced a 2014 docu-film, Jaco. 

Unfortunately, none of Trujillio’s estates are known. 

6. Clifford Burton Net Worth – $1 Million

Burton has been a part of many iconic Metallica moments, especially the initial success. 

In fact, their debut album (Kill ‘Em All) and the lead Single (Master of Puppets) earned a Gold record as per the Loudwire. However, destiny had different plans for the 24-year-old as the bassist tragically passed away on the bus ride to one of their tours. 

Clifford Burton Net Worth
Source: Loudwire

And at the time of his death (27th September 1986), Clifford’s Net Worth was $1 Million.  

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The Final Verdict!

The American heavy metal band is composed of $900 Million as of 2023. 

Initially, the four-member group had two members change: At first, their original bassist (Clifford Burton) met a tragic bus accident in 1986, and the person who replaced him (Jason Newsted) quit the band in 2001. 

Regardless, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet, Robert Trujillo, and James Hetfield had given numerous chart-toppers. It includes ten studio, eight live, EPs, and stand-alone albums. 

Also, they are currently in the middle of a world tour, which has generated $430 Million in Revenue so far! Now, if you’re curious about each Metallica Band Members Net Worth, then it ranges from $350 Million to $1 Million. 

(You can check out the detailed guide in the article above.)

FAQs: Metallica Band Members Net Worth

How much money do the members of Metallica have?

As of 2023, the collective Net Worth of Metallica is $900 Million. 
However, their individual Nwt Worth breakdown includes $350 Million (Lars Ulrich), $300 Million (James Hetfield), $210 Million (Kirk Hammet), and $30 Million (Robert Trujillo).

How much is the lead singer of Metallica worth?

The lead singer and guitarist (James Hetfield) is worth $300 Million as of 2023. 

Who is the most famous member of Metallica?

The most popular Metallica member is their lead singer-songwriter and guitarist, James Hetfield. Most of their fans admire the lead vocalist for his artistic vision. 

How much does Metallica make in royalties?

It’s difficult to pinpoint how much the band earns in Royalties as the figure changes depending on the record sales, music streams, and negotiation with the royalty rate with the label. However, what we do know is the number over $3.7 Million (as of 2020).

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