Mel Gibson Net Worth 2023: Biodata, Real Estate & Update

The 80s superstar, aka. Mel Gibson Net Worth is $425 Million. Man has garnered wealth from various sources like acting, screenwriting, directing, etc. 

3With his talent and dedication, Gibson established himself as a theatre actor and slowly branched out to major films. 

In this article, I will primarily discuss Mel Gibson’s Net Worth, Estimated Salary, Real Estate, Income Highlights, etc.

Mel Gibson Bio-Data

Before I dive deep into Mel Gibson’s financial depths, let’s go through his bio-data first:-

NameMel Gibson
Net Worth$425 Million
Date of Birth3rd January 1956
Place of BirthPeakskill
ProfessionActor, Producer, Director, Voice Actor, etc
Height1.77 Meter

Mel Gibson: Net Worth & Estimated Salary

As of 2023, Mel Gibson Net Worth is $425 Million. Additionally, The Passion of Christ hitmaker has a monthly and yearly estimated salary as below:-

  • Monthly Salary: Over 3 Million USD
  • Yearly Salary: Over 30 Million USD
Mel Gibson Net Worth
Source: CAKnowledge

Mel Gibson: Real Estate & Investments

Gib has owned several properties over the years, which are located in LA, Fiji, Costa Rica, and most parts of Australia. Sometime in 1994, Gibson purchased a property in Greenwich, Connecticut: It is an old mill farm worth $9 Million, which is an over 75 acres estate. 

Then in 2008, Gibson purchased another 5.5 acres of property in Malibu, which is worth $11.5 Million. Further, he listed this residence for $17.5 Million. However, since Mel couldn’t find suitable buyers, he quit the idea of giving it up. 

Mel Gibson
Source: The Irish Sun

The Malibu residence has six bedrooms and bathrooms each, with two offices, an open-air garden, a distant gym, barbeque, fireplace, staff quarters, oversized chess boards in the garden area, a tennis court, fruit orchards, swimming pools, etc. 

Further, Gibson owns a 400-acre ranch worth $26 Million. This property is based in Costa Rican. Again, he tried to sell this estate for $35 Million. However, the success rate is not available. 

Other than that, Gibson sold his Australian property for $6 Million. And after that, he purchased a private island in Fiji for $15 Million. 

Apart from his properties, Mel Gibson has a luxurious car collection as follows:-

  • Porsche
  • BMW
  • Lexus
  • Audi
  • Chevrolet
  • Bentley

Mel Gibson: Early Life & Career Beginning

Born on 3rd January 1956, Gibson grew up in Peekskill, New York. Despite that, he has a permanent residency in Australia. Also, during his school years, Gibson attended St. Leo’s Catholic College, where the Congregation of Cristian Brothers’ members educated him.

Further, Gibson began his film career in 1977 when he debuted with I Never Promised You A Rose Garden. Then he did a low-budget film and a TV show, both of which were released in the same year. 

Mel Gibson  Early Life
Source: World Wide

Gibson’s breakthrough performance was his portrayal of Max Rockatansky in Mad Max. 

After that, he starred in several films, including Mad Max 2. Right after that, Gibson received his first Million dollars paycheck with Mad Max 3, and that’s how his career elevated. 

Additionally, he went on to star in several films that grossed $100 Million. 

Mel Gibson: Income Highlights (As of 2023)

In the table below, I have mentioned 11 Mel Gibson projects and the salary he has received for each of them. 

Sr. No. ProjectIncome
1We Were Soldiers$25,000,000
3The Patriot$25,000,000
4Lethal Weapon 4$25,000,000
5Conspiracy Theory$20,000,000
6Chicken Run$1,550,000
8Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome$1,200,000
10The River$500,000
11Lethal Weapon 3$10,000,000

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The Final Verdict: What Is Mel Gibson’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Mel Gibson Net Worth is 425 Million USD. 

Most of his income comes from his acting gigs, screenwriting, producing, directing, and the list goes on. Additionally, his monthly and yearly estimated salaries are Over 3 Million USD and Over 30 Million USD, respectively. 

So, that’s it for my article on Mel Gibson’s Net Worth. In case of any additional information, I will keep you updated.


Is Mel Gibson one of the richest actors?

Unfortunately, Mel Gibson is not among the richest actors, as most have Net Worth more than $425 Million. 

Why is Mel Gibson so rich?

The reason Mel Gibson is so rich is because he has several income sources like acting, producing, directing, etc. Additionally, he invests in properties too. 

What cars does Mel Gibson own?

Mel Gibson has quite a few luxurious cars, including Porsche, BMW, Lexus, Audi, Chevrolet, Bentley, etc. 

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