MacOS Sonoma Release Date, Top Features & Update (2023)

With tons of new launches like Vision Headset, iOS 17, and now MacOS Sonoma, it’s truly a blessing month for Apple lovers. Now, if you are curious about when the latest Mac update is released and which devices are compatible with it, then keep reading. 

Additionally, this article will also cover a step-by-step guide to installing MacOS Beta. And finally, some of the best features of the official version. 

What Is The MacOS Sonoma Release Date?

MacOS Sonoma will be released around the Fall of 2023. And if you are curious about the Beta version, then the first beta version will be released sometime in July 2023. 

Moreover, till October, Apple will release several Beta versions, and finally, sometime between September and October 2023, MacOS 14 will be released. 

How To Install Mac Sonoma Beta and Official Version?

To install the Mac Sonoma Official Version, you need Apple to first release the update. And once that happens, you can head to System settings and further locate Software Update. Or, for a much simpler way, directly install it from the App Store. 

Additionally, if you are thinking about upgrading to MacOS 14 Beta, then note the following pointers:-

  • Not as stable as the official version
  • Features may not work that well 
  • The implemented features might get withdrawn
  • Compatibility with a third party is not guaranteed
  • Possibility of UI being changed

If you have gone through the above pointers and still want to install the macOS beta version, then the following is the step-by-step guide to do so:-

1: Open system preference on your Mac. 

Open system preference

2: Click on Software Updates.

Software Updates

3: Now, you will see two options Beta Updates and Automatic Updates:

So, click on Beside Beta Updates.

4: Turn on the Beta Updates. 

5: Further, select the Beta Update that you want to upgrade your Mac to.

6: Click on Done. 

7: Finally, your MacOS will start showing updates for Sonoma Beta. 

So, click on upgrade. 

Which Mac Devices Are Compatible With MacOS Sonoma?

The latest update, MacOS Sonoma, will mostly be compatible with versions that were released after 2017. For a detailed guide, the following is a list of devices that are compatible with MacOS Sonoma:-

  • iMac: Version 2019 and later
  • iMac Pro: Version 2017 and later
  • Mac Mini: Version 2018 and later
  • MacBook Air: Version 2018 and later
  • MacBook Pro: Version 2018 and later
  • Mac Pro: Version 2019 and later
  • Mac Studio: Version 2022 and later

Top 7 New Features of macOS Sonoma

MacOS has introduced plenty of new and attractive features, which are so much better than before. So, the following are some of my favorite features:-

1. Screensavers

Just like Apple TV, MacOS Sonoma has added new video screensavers that slow down enough to be your computer wallpaper. 

Not only that, but the new update has several slow-motioned location wallpapers from all over the world. So, as per your desire, you can choose from the series of themes. 

Source: Apple

Moreover, your login credentials will now be placed at the bottom of your screen and therefore, giving your wallpaper more space. 

2. Widgets

Widgets will be interactive and can be placed anywhere on your desktop screen. 

In fact, the color of Widgets will change every time you switch the wallpaper to get a more cohesive color scheme. 

In addition to that, with the help of continuity, you can interact with your MacOS Sonoma Widgets with the iPhone. Plus, to not disturb you while you are performing any important task, the Widgets blur in the background. 

3. Video Conferencing

Users had complained how while presenting your screen, the one giving the presentation gets lost. Therefore, the overlay video effect will set up your face on the screen, which also separates you from the background. 

Moreover, there is a new reaction feature as well. For instance, if you show two thumbs-ups to show your approval of something, then you will see fireworks animations on the screen. 

But keep in mind the reaction feature is not tied to video calls, so if you want to use it for other conferencing apps, then you can totally do that. 

4. Safari 

You can create multiple Safari profiles, including Work, personal, and so on. And because of this, the browser history, cookies, extensions, etc., are well segregated as well! 

Source: Apple

Plus, the Web App lets users add different sites to be added on Dock, which you can find in the file menu. And the motive of Web App was to offer an app-like experience to you with simple notifications and a toolbar. 

5. Passwords

When you are browsing privately, your web page gets locked when you aren’t using it. 

Moreover, the known trackers are fully blocked from loading the said page. And it further removes the URL tracking as well! Additionally, with the help of passwords, multiple people can access the same website, and the new update syncs all the enrolled devices. 

6. Messages

The new feature comes with a search filter in a direct message, which helps you to search for certain words in the chat history. Then they introduced new stickers in the iMessage with a picker interface. 

Source: Apple

And the final message feature is catch-up, which helps you avoid scrolling to the end unread message and quickly locate the first unread one. 

7. Game Mode

The Game Mode makes your gaming experience more immersive. 

In fact, on CPU and GPU, the game receives the highest priority, and it reduces the latency and it overall improves the game’s responsiveness. 

Additional Features: 

  • Highly accurate and enhanced autocorrect
  • Lockdown mode
  • Screen sharing 
  • Autofill for PDFs and notes
  • Video conferencing, etc. 

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Wrapping Up: MacOS Sonoma Release Date

MacOS is expected to be released in the Fall of 2023. (Between September to October). And the devices that would be compatible with the latest Mac update are mentioned below:-

  • iMac: Version 2019 and later
  • iMac Pro: Version 2017 and later
  • Mac Mini: Version 2018 and later
  • MacBook Air: Version 2018 and later
  • MacBook Pro: Version 2018 and later
  • Mac Pro: Version 2019 and later
  • Mac Studio: Version 2022 and later

And while you would be tempted to upgrade your device to the Beta version, I will not recommend that. All because there is always a battery issue, and the features don’t work as well as the official version. 

And therefore, users have no choice but to downgrade their version. 

FAQs: MacOS Sonoma Release Date

Is macOS Sonoma out yet?

MacOS is not out yet, but you can expect it to release around the Fall of 2023. 

When will the new macOS be released?

MacOS will be released between September to October 2023. 

Is macOS Sonoma stable?

The first version of Mac Soma is indeed stable.

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