Top 9 MacOS Sonoma Features 2023: Everything We Know

MacOS Sonoma was announced a few days back during the Apple Event, and various new features that Apple introduced have left the fans stunned. 

The update will be released sometime in September 2023. 

And some of the devices that are compatible with the upgrade are Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc., and all of these are the 2018 version and above. 

This article will cover MacOS Sonama Features in detail, so you can understand what’s in the store for your Mac with the next update.

MacOS Sonoma Features

Before I deep dive into the MacOS Sonoma Features, let’s briefly skim through them:-

  • Screensavers and Widgets
  • Game Mode
  • Improved Private Browsing
  • Safari Web Apps and Profiles 
  • Enhanced Dictation
  • Passkey and Password Sharing
  • Video Conferencing
MacOS Sonoma Features
Source: Apple 

9 Best MacOS Sonoma (Elaborative) Features (2023)

MacOS Sonama has developed several new and promising features, which are much better than the previous version. So, I have mentioned some of the best (and elaborative) ones in the list below.

1. Updated Screensavers

The latest Screensaver feature of MacOS Sonama is similar to that of Apple TV.

I understand how screensaver is not that essential, given the fact that we no longer need modern screens. However, it’s no denying that the updated Screensavers make your desktop screen all more attractive with a range of slow-mo wallpapers. 

Updated Screensavers
Source: Apple 

All you need to do is log into your Macbook and set the display picture as either Landscape, Earthscapes, etc. 

2. Widgets For Desktop 

 Widgets For Desktop 
Source: Apple

You can view your Mac Desktop 24/7. And the latest update lets the Widgets morph into the background, so it doesn’t distract you from your Work. Moreover, unlike the previous version, you can place the widgets anywhere on your screen to make it more interactive. 

Other than that, every time you change the wallpaper, the colour of your Widgets changes, too, so that the overall background is much more cohesive. 

And lastly, you can control your MacOS Sonama’s Widgets with your iPhone. 

3. Safari Web Apps

Safari Web Apps
Source: Apple

If you use any website frequently, then wanting to dedicate a web browser to that site entirely might cross your mind. Let’s be honest; having multiple tabs open can sometimes be a hassle. 

Mac Sonoma’s Web Apps lets you save your website in docks. All you need to do is share the website you regularly use and save it to Dock. It will act like a mini-app. And when you open that mini app, then all you would see is that website. 

Moreover, there won’t be any address bar or tabs. 

4. Safari Profiles

A MacBook is essential irrespective of your Work or personal usage. In that case, having several favourites, extensions, and bookmarks can be confusing. Therefore, Safari lets you create multiple profiles for different purposes:

You can have one profile for Work and one for personal stuff, and if you work for different Clients, then creating each profile for different Clients can be helpful! Additionally, you can swap profiles by turning on the Focus Mode.

5. Passkey and Password Sharing

As you know, most passwords are individual. But there can be some websites that you might want to share with some people. 

In that case, the Password and Passkey feature lets you create a group to share those login credentials and alerts the group members whenever the password is updated. 

6. Video Conferencing

Presenters often get lost while presenting anything. Therefore, the overlay feature either lets you float at the top of your screen in a small circle or in front of your screen. 

Video Conferencing
Source: Apple

Moreover, FaceTime calls are a lot more enhanced than before, and so are the latest reactions: Including confetti, balloons, tons of hearts, etc. 

7. Game Mode

Game Mode
Source: Apple

In order to reduce the latency while you are playing the game, the GPU and CPU receive the highest priority. It not only makes your gaming experience a lot more immersive, but it also improves the responsiveness of your game. 

8. Improved Private Browsing

When you are private browsing in Safari, your history and cookies are not stored. In fact, the cache is immediately deleted post every session. 

Many people like private browsing because they don’t want a third-party website to store their data by any chance. Additionally, when you step away from your Mac while using a private window, the window is immediately locked. 

9. Predictive Texts, Dictation, and Better Autocorrect

The predictive texts suggest some words or phrases that generally go with what you are typing, and you can see them in grey colour. And if the suggested word was actually what you were supposed to write, then click on the spacebar, and it will autocomplete. 

Other than that, the better autocorrect feature automatically autocorrects all the words they think you have misspelled. All you need to do is verify the red underlined words and click on ok to give them a command. 

And lastly, the dictation feature lets you dictate your device and write simultaneously. In case they misheard and typed the wrong words, you can immediately correct them manually. 

You can also preview MacOS Sonoma in detail by visiting the official Apple website

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The Final Verdict!

MacOS is back with yet another upgrade! 

And although Apple users will need to wait until sometime around September 2023 to access Sonama, it doesn’t lessen the curiosity around it even a tad bit. Therefore, this article covers some of MacOS Sonoma’s top-notch features:

Undoubtedly, the latest update has a lot of new features, and following Apple’s preview, I’m excited to see how my Mac will upgrade!

We keep our page updated with the latest information. In case we get to know more about the new MacOS Sonoma, we will keep updating!


Is MacOS Sonoma Beta stable?

Unfortunately, MacOS Sonoma Beta is not that stable. In fact, time and time again, you will run into various glitches. However, comparatively, the first version is manageable.

What will MacOS support Sonoma?

Following are some of the Mac devices and their versions that will be compatible with MacOS Sonoma:-
1. iMac Pro: Version 2017 and later
2. Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro: Version 2018 and later
3. iMac and Mac Pro: Version 2019 and later
4Mac Studio: Version 2022 and later

What does macOS Big Sur include?

MacOS Big Sur includes several things, but the important ones are Apple Podcast Subscriptions, Bug Fixing, Safari Bookmarks, Channels, Hidden Folders, and so on.

What are the advantages of MacOS Catalina?

The latest version of MacOS (Catalina) offers several good features, including excellent performance, iPAD as a second screen, top-notch security, and so on. 

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