Jungkook Net Worth 2023: Bio, Career, Salary, Investment & More

Be it Calvin Klien Campaign or Seven (heaven), BTS Jungkook has wrapped the whole world with his charm. Additionally, Football fans couldn’t escape the Jungkook effect either when he performed in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. All of this raised the question, “What is Jungkook Net Worth?” 

Well, your modern prodigy has a $40 Million Net Worth. Additionally, most of this Net Worth comes from his solo activities, such as record sales, Brand Deals, Investments, and so on. 

This article will discuss all your queries in much detail! Along with that, I will also discuss Jungkook’s personal life, Net Worth Hike, and Career Beginnings. 

Who Is Jungkook?

Jungkook is the youngest member of the richest and most influential South Korean boyband, BTS.

In fact, ever since his early years, ARMY’s 26-year-old “baby” is often recognized as a Golden Maknae. Additionally, Jungkook’s association with the term Gold was due to his innate ability to excel in every activity he indulges in. 

Jungkook Net Worth
Source: Calvin Klien

13-year-old Jungkook had auditioned for a Korean Talent show, Super K, for which he unfortunately did not pass. However, the dreams-filled-Bambi-eyes didn’t go unnoticed, and that’s how SEVEN talent agencies scouted Jungkook

(Yes, seven has always been a lucky number.)

Now, one may wonder why Jungkook would reject all the high-end companies but choose the one on the verge of bankruptcy. Well, the answer is the leader of the BTS group -Kim Namjoon, also known as, RM. 

Something about the leader was so charming and cool that Jungkook just knew he had to follow him, and rightfully so, RM did lead the little kid to a prosperous life. 

BTS’ Jeon Jungkook: In a Nutshell 

Now that I have spiked your curiosity, let’s delve into Jeon Jungkook’s financial activities. 

I have briefly mentioned Jungkook’s basic and financial information in the table below. 

Full NameJeon Jungkook
Net Worth$40 Million
NationalitySouth Korean
Monthly IncomeOver $20K
Yearly IncomeOver $2 Million
Hybe Shares Owned$68K
FIFA PerformanceNot available
Calvin Klien After Jungkook, the stocks went up 20%
SEVEN streaming Over 4.6 Million 
Height1.79 Meter
Place of BirthBusan, South Korea
EducationBroadcasting and Entertainment degree from- 
Global Cyber University, Korea

Jungkook Net Worth & Estimated Salaries

As of September 2023, Jeon Jungkook Net Worth is $40 Million. 

Jungkook Net Worth & Estimated Salaries
Source: Calvin Klien Instagram

The pop singer has also released several chart toppers alongside his 7-membered group. Moreover, they became the only group after Metallica to generate $170 Million while touring, and between 2019 and 2022, the South Korean group earned nearly $50 Million.

Of course, that inflated individual Jungkook’s Net Worth as well.

The following are Jungkook’s estimated monthly and yearly salaries:-

  • Monthly Salary: Over $20K
  • Annual Salary: Over $2 Million

Active Income Sources 

A large portion of BTS Jungkook Net Worth encompasses brand deals, record sales, and overall solo investments. Let’s check out some of these endeavors in detail:-

1. Brand Endorsements & Performances (Solo)

Authenticity is Jungkook’s middle name: Which is why, after years of wearing Calvin Klien’s products, when they approached him as as their global ambassador, he took it in a heartbeat.

The first campaign was massive, as CK had seen a 20% sales hike ever since Jungkook came into the picture. The Jungkook Effect is real, as the world went mad when the second campaign’s teaser dropped! You bet CK is utterly grateful for having JK!

Other than that, Jungkook has wrapped football stans around his finger performing in 2022’s World Cup Opening with his resonating track, Dreamers. The single was a massive hit that it got added to the global soundtrack of the Tournament’s official album. 

Also, Jungkook has promoted his latest summer single, SEVEN, on platforms like Good Morning America, BBC (Radio), and X Inkigayo. 

Moreover, Bangtan TV has also dropped the official choreography video, which is a chef’s kiss. 

2. Solo Record Sales & Streaming

As per Billboard, Jungkook’s latest (Seven) has generated over 150K record sales, both digitally and physically. Moreover, the single has surpassed over 21.9 Million streams. 

3. Group Earnings As BTS

The exact number of BTS group earnings is not available yet. 

However, the group wears a crown worth $3.6 Billion. Most of this income comes from brand endorsements, record sales, Hybe shares, and individual projects. You can read about the detailed article here. 

Real Estate, Car Collection, And Overall & Investments

Sometime in 2020, BTS’ lead vocalist purchased a $6 Million property in Itaewon. 

In fact, a while back, there were a lot of rumors that the youngest of the group was building a mansion (and possibly selling down with his future partner). 

Jung kook Investment
Source: Hybe 

The five-story building is around 1161 Sq. Feet with three ground levels and two underground levels. Apart from that, the Balenciaga enthusiast drives a Mercedes Benz GT63S worth $2 Million. G-class’s SUV is also one of the cars that he owns. 

Additionally, Jungkook is in love with fashion. Hence, you will often see him sporting luxurious items such as Nike footwear, Versace jackets, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and, of course, CK!

Jungkook Net Worth Hike Over The Years

Between 2019 and 2020, Jungkook showed steady growth. However, if you look at his graph in the last year, man has leaped for those coins. It makes sense as Jungkook has indulged in several solo activities post YET TO COME, BUSAN CONCERT. 

First, FIFA World Cup’s Dreamers happened, then Calvin Klien’s first campaign dropped, then Seven promos happened, and then CK’s second campaign dropped. 

Finally, Jungkook Net Worth is getting ready to embrace the success that the November set album is about to bring. 

That being said, you can check out Jungkook Net Worth hike in detail below:-

YearsNet Worth
2023$40 Million
2022$28 Million
2021$26 Million
2020$24 Million
2019$21 Million

BTS’ Golden Maknae: Conspiracy Theory 

There are plenty of theories in the Bora universe, but the most popular one is that Jungkook is Princess Diana’s reincarnation. 

All because of his mannerisms, humble nature, and hobbies, all point toward that. 

However, the two main things solidifying this conspiracy theory are that Jungkook is scared of microwaves and Princess Diana accidentally sets fire in the kitchen by blasting the microwave. 

On top of that, Princess Diana died on 31 August 1997, and Jungkook was born on 1 September 1997. (Talk about synchronicities.)

Jeon Jungkook: Early Life & Career Beginnings

Middle school Jungkook’s first aspiration was to become a badminton player. 

However, one fine day, G-Dragon’s heartbreaker performance was playing on the screen, which had a change of dream on Kook’s part. 

After being selected as Big Hit’s trainee, the passionate kid traveled all the way to Los Angeles. While getting his dance training, Jungkook again fell in love with dance and wanted to switch paths and pursue professional dancing. 

Regardless of the haywire journey, Jungkook debuted at the age of 15. 

Ever since, BTS has been unstoppable. Despite the constant setbacks, silver-spoon bullying, and almost disbanding in 2016, Bangtan Sonyeondan has shown the entire world how bulletproof they are! Additionally, that’s what shaped their Maknae. 

Jeon Jungkook
Source: Pinterest

Moreover, Jungkook always expresses how grateful he is for his six brothers and how they have literally raised him into the wonderful human that he is today. 

Apart from the success he has achieved with BTS, Jungkook has embarked on a solo journey!

It first started with Charlie Puth’s record-breaking collaboration on Left and Right. The single went on chart Gold in the US and Platinum in Canada.

After that, Jungkook released another single, Stay Alive, a few song covers, a gazillion amount of Weverse lives (in 2023 alone), and of course, FIFA World Cup, Dreamers performance, and his latest release, SEVEN ft. Lato. 

All these activities, alongside his Calvin Klein campaigns, brought Jungkook to a lot of locals’ attention. 

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Conclusion: Is Jungkook The Richest Member Of BTS?

Jungkook is not the richest BTS member. 

However, the Global Ambassador of CK is currently worth $40 Million. His monthly and annual income includes $20K and $2 Million, respectively. 

Although part of this income is from BTS’ group projects, the rest of it is solely because of Jungkook’s solo projects, be it ad campaigns or solo singles. In fact, 1/7 BTS member is all set to release his debut studio album in November 2023. 

So, you bet Jeon Jungkook Net Worth is going to skyrocket even more. 


Is Jungkook the richest member of BTS?

Jungkook is not the richest BTS member, as the title goes to the band’s dance leader, J-Hope.

How much is BTS’ Jungkook Net Worth?

BTS Jungkook Net Worth as of 2023 is $40 Million. His monthly and annual estimated salaries are $20K and $2 Million, respectively.

What are some of Jungkook’s active income sources?

BTS Jungkook Net Worth encompasses several income sources, which include record sales, music streams, royalties, brand deals, and overall investments. 

Did Jungkook release an album?

BTS Jungkook has not released his debut album yet. In fact, it will be out by November 2023. However, the lead single, SEVEN was released in mid-July.

When is Seven coming?

Jungkook Seven was released on 14 July 2023, which is also the group’s fandom birth anniversary. (Ain’t that so Jungkook?)

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