IShowSpeed Net Worth 2023: Salary, Career & Update

As an 18-year-old, what is the biggest dream anyone would want to achieve? Well, iShowSpeed made a big impact by being a Millionaire at such a tender age. 

However, recently, he has been making plenty of headlines for his controversial videos and live streams. And all of these surely sparked iShowSpeed Net Worth curiosity amongst the netizens. 

Hence, this article will discuss everything you need to know about the Ohio-born Streamer, including his Music Career, Net Worth, Income Sources, etc. 

Having said that, let’s get into the specifics. 

IShowSpeed Net Worth At A Glance

If you are unfamiliar with iShowSpeed, this article will bring you up to Speed by showcasing the gaming prodigy’s portfolio. Have a look!

NameDarren Jason Watkins Jr.
Date of BirthJanuary 21, 2005
Place of BirthCincinnati, Ohio, U.S. 
Occupation YouTuber, Rapper, Live Streamer
Net Worth$12 Million 
Gender Male
Nationality American 
Height 1.72 m

iShowSpeed Net Worth & Estimated Salary 

iShowSpeed is an American steamer, YouTuber, Rapper, and one of the fastest-growing content creators. He is a household name in the gaming world for his live streams of several games, mostly Fortnite, Roblox, and FIFA. 

iShowSpeed Net Worth
(Source: Instagram)

And thanks to his love of gaming and rapping, iShowSpeed Net Worth is currently $12 Million. And his yearly and monthly estimated salaries are $1.11 Million and $16,000 respectively. 

iShowSpeed’s Music Career

iShowSpeed was not much into gaming during his early years. (However, he is still in his early years!) He started his musical journey in 2021 with his first single on YouTube, ‘Dooty Booty.’ 

Since then, he never looked back and went on to release various hits like Shake, Ronaldo, and World Cup. Additionally, his single, Shake Video, has got over 160 Million views on YouTube.

iShowSpeed's Music Career
(Source: Instagram)

iShowSpeed’s YouTube channel went from 10,000 to 1 Million subscribers in just one year. Certainly, his music videos took all the credit for it, and from then on, iShowSpeed has been venturing more into this career front. 

iShowSpeed’s Additional Sources of Income

Speed has earned a major share of his Net Worth through his YouTube and TikTok channels. 

However, many additional sources bring him a good amount of fortune. To mention some, his Instagram brand partnerships and official merchandise add a valuable amount to his Net Worth. 

He approximately makes $15K per TikTok post and $75 to $200 per YouTube upload

In addition, he bags a considerable amount from sponsorships and donations through his live-streams. 

iShowSpeed’s Luxury Cars and NFTs  

iShowSpeed is a prodigy for his age, as he has a sound knowledge of investments and assets. He often invests in Luxury cars and NFTS, be it for reputation or investment portfolio; it works in his favor.

Among his prized possessions are a Lamborghini Urus, valued at a staggering $240,000, and a Porsche worth $200,000.

iShowSpeed's Luxury Cars and NFTs  
(Source: Instagram)

Apart from luxury cars, Speed has also ventured into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). 

He was recently found to own a remarkable asset– a Midnight blue sparkle Time Fedora NFT, priced at a whopping $125,000. Although this was an accident, it is a testament to iShowSpeed’s Net Worth and the wealth he possesses.  

iShowSpeed’s Personal Life and its Impact on Net Worth 

Speed started his career in a modest setting in Ohio, U.S. 

However, his success drove him over as he got into many controversies (He still does!). This Content Maverick’s outrageous and arrogant reaction during his streams often fascinates fans. But this is something that has held him back as well. 

Quite recently, in August 2023, the outrageous rapper was again shamed for exposing his private parts during a livestream. However, that didn’t get him banned yet, but there are many instances where he has been barred from any platform.

Back in 2022, Speed got banned from Twitch, and after that, he invested more time on YouTube. Initially, he saw a decline in his Net Worth due to his permanent ban. 

However, now iShowSpeed has made progress with his YouTube channel and has reached a Net Worth of $10 Million.

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Conclusion: How did the iShowSpeed YouTube channel make him rich?

iShowSpeed’s journey to wealth feels like a gamer’s dream come true. His YouTube empire, fuelled by multiple channels, live content, and quality streams, earned him fame and fortune. This is how iShowSpeed has amassed a Net Worth of $10 Million.

By diving headfirst into the gaming world, this gaming fanatic earned Millions of subscribers, taking on everything from Fortnite to NBA showdowns and dropping fresh, thrilling videos like clockwork. 

Long story short, Speed’s 19.8 Million YouTube subscribers have brought him a Net Worth of $10 Million. And we are still counting!


How fast did iShowSpeed get $10 Million?

After being banned from Twitch, iShowSpeed’s career took off, eventually expanding into his YouTube Business. Speed’s YouTube channel garnered attention during the lockdown; since then, his fortune has reached the Million-dollar mark.

How long is Speed banned from YouTube?

Speed was frequently subject to temporary YouTube bans, but the obligation is no longer in place. He was banned from YouTube for about a week because of a video violating the adult content policy.

Why did Speed lose subs?

Speed’s subscribers decreased due to his reputation for extreme reactions throughout his streams. However, this tactic worked because Speed got furious and started yelling and ranting.

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