Is Kail Pregnant? Revealing The Rumors (Troth or Hoax)

Universally speaking, most people have SEVEN as their lucky number, and you can say Kail (yn) Lowry might be one of them.  Now, the reason behind saying this is the recent “Is Kail Pregnant?” new lets.  

If you have landed on this page concerning the same, then yes, the Teen Mom star is indeed pregnant with a set of Twins as of September 2023. After several hours of research, I have gathered all the information supporting the data: 

Here, I have covered Kail’s pregnancy, audience, and her views on the same, and lastly, Kailyn’s overall personal information. So, let’s dive into the article!

Is Kail Lowry Pregnant?

The 31-year-old Teen Mom star, Kail Lowry, is indeed pregnant. She was recently spotted outside Delaware’s Podium Stadium with an unusually big stomach. The mother of four was wearing a black tank top and shorts while busy on her phone. 

While swamped with all these rumors, Kailyn posted a video clip from her podcast (Coffee Convos). It featured her co-host (Lindsie Chrisley) and her discussion about young kids growing up in today’s educational standards. 

Is Kail Pregnant
Source: The US Sun

Despite this important discussion, there was something else happening in the Instagram comment section: 

One user wrote, “Why doesn’t your lower lip move?” To which Kail replied, “Bottox.”

The rest of the comments concerned Lowry’s swollen face, which surprisingly looked different in four-month-old pictures. 

Kail: In A Nutshell

Before I discuss Kail’s pregnancy in much detail, let’s go through her basic overview first:-

Birth NameKailyn Lowry
Nick NameKail
Pregnancy StatusFour Months (allegedly)
Date of Birth14th March, 1992
Age 31
Height171 cm
ProfessionReality TV Star, Podcast Host, Author, Businesswoman

Who is Kailyn Lowry? 

The Reality TV star, Podcast host, and Author Kaily Lowry is best known for the MTV show: Teen Mom Season 2. The show follows the lives of four high school mom and their journey post-graduation. 

In 2011, when she was about 11 years old, Kailyn gave birth to Issac. After that, she had a couple more children (and I will talk about them in a bit). But overall, Kail has discussed her struggles with motherhood and even her respective issues with her own mother. 

Who is Kailyn Lowry? 
Source: E! Online

Kail has also spoken about facing domestic violence and winning her child custody. 

Apart from that, Lowry is a New York Times best-selling author (Love is Bubblegum and Pride over Pity) and hosted the following three podcasts:

  • Barely Famous
  • Baby Mamas No Drama
  • Coffee Convos

Overall, you can say Kail is a complex figure who’s seen it all and yet uses her platform to encourage people to keep going!

Kail(yn) Lowry: Broke The Silence On Her Pregnancy

All this time, Kailyn Lowry has repeatedly denied pregnancy rumors. 

In fact, a few months back, she even posted a TikTok video that voiced, “Ever heard a rumor about yourself and wanted to know more about it?” It was a cheeky video that also featured Elijah Scotts, her ex-boyfriend. (Well, now current?)

Additionally, the comment section of this TikTok was filled with comments concerning her pregnancy: While one user mentioned Kailyn looking different, another straight up said, “She is definitely pregnant! Her nose gives it away.”

Kailyn Lowry Kids, Relationship, & Personal Life

According to the US Sun, Kailyn secretly gave birth to a child (speculated as Rio) in November 2022, whose baby daddy is her ex-boyfriend Elijah Scotts. 

However, coming back to her most recent pregnancy, many fans started speculating about Kail’s pregnancy sometime in May. At the time, the mother of five was promoting Hiya Health Vitamins. 

One of the fan accounts reposted a few screenshots, confirming that Kailyn Lowry was indeed pregnant with twins. (So that makes technically makes her a mother of SEVEN!)

Kailyn Lowry Kids, Relationship, & Personal Life
Source: Distractify

Now that I have discussed her recent pregnancies, let’s talk about her other children: 

Lowry’s firstborn, Issac, is a thirteen-year-old boy whom she shares with an ex-lover, Joe Rivera. 

Then, she has another nine-year-old (Lincoln) with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. Lastly, Kailyn has a set of 3-year-old twins (Lux and Creed) whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez. 

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The Final Verdict: Is Kail Lowry Pregnant?

Teen Mom breakout star Kailyn Lowry is recently amidst the heat of a pregnancy scandal. 

Many users have been pointing out her changes in appearance in the last couple of months, with a swollen face and visible baby bump. However, Kail refused to accept these rumors. In fact, she ended up making a silly TikTok video contradicting the same. 

Now, the real question is, is Kailyn Lowry Pregnant? Well, she is. 

The mother of five is about to welcome a set of Twins she shares with Elijah Scotts. 

Keep in mind that an external source confirms this information, as Kail is still tight-lipped on the subject. Regardless, I will keep this page updated whenever she confirms the pregnancy!


How many kids does big mom have?

The big mom, Kail Lowry, has five kids as of now: one set of twins (Lux and Creed), Issac, Lincoln, and a secret baby, RIO, who was born around November 2022. However, she is again pregnant, which is confirmed to be another set of twins. So, overall, Kail is a mother of 7 kids. 

Is Kail Pregnant?

The teen mom has been surrounded by plenty of news articles concerning: is Kail Pregnant?, Kail Lowry Kids, Kail Lowry Children, and a few more variations of Kail Lowry Pregnant. Well, the answer is, yes, Kail Lowry is indeed pregnant. 

What do we know about Kailyn Lowry children?

The most information available about Kailyn Lowry children is that they are a total of five in number (excluding the recent pregnancy). It includes Issac, Lincoln, one set of twins (Lux and Creed), and a secret baby, RIO, born around November 2022. 

Do Kailyn Lowry kids have the same baby daddy?

Kailyn Lowry Kids don’t have the same baby daddy. In fact, her recent partner Elijah Scotts is the only one with three kids, one secret baby (Rio), and the recent unborn twins. Rest of Kailyn Lowry kids belong to Joe Rivera (Issac), Javi Marroquin (Lincoln), and Chris Lopez (Lux and Creed).

Is Kailyn Lowry pregnant?

Kailyn Lowry is indeed pregnant with a set of twins that she shares with Elijah Scotts. Lately, New York’s best-selling author has been amidst plenty of spotlight, and most of these articles had only one question to ask, Is Kailyn Lowry Pregnant? 

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