iOS 17 Battery Drain Issue: 11 Easy Ways To Fix It (2023)

iOS may be a dream for a lot of people, but what you cannot argue with is how terrible the beta version’s battery life is. So, if you, too, are facing iOS 17 battery drain issue, then keep reading. 

This article will offer eleven solutions (and step-by-step guides for some) to fix the battery issue instantly. Therefore, without wasting any more time, let’s check them out!

11 Solutions To Fix Your iOS 17 Battery Drain Issue

As much as people are excited about Apple’s upcoming update (iOS 17), many people have expressed their disappointment after downloading the beta versions. 

What this iOS 17 beta version is doing is draining the battery. 

So, if you are frustrated with the iOS 17 battery issue, the following are eleven solutions for you to implement and further resolve it:-

Solution 1: Restart Your iPhone

No matter what issue your device is struggling with, the best solution is always to restart it. Let’s face it, we are constantly on our phones, so it directly affects our device’s battery when we don’t give it enough time to cool down. 

That being said, the following are steps to restart your iPhone device:-

Step 1: Hold the power button and volume up button on your iPhone.  

Step 2: Now, slide the power off button to turn off your device. 

Step 3: Again, hold your power off button and volume up button to turn on your iPhone device.

Solution 2: Check Battery Draining Apps

If you use any app obsessively, then it’s natural for it to drain your battery. However, sometimes, there are apps that you don’t necessarily use that much, and yet, it drains your battery a lot. 

In that case, discarding these apps from your device is the best thing to do. But before that, you must figure out which apps are draining your battery. And to do so, follow the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Open the settings app on your iPhone device.

click On setting

Step 2: Then tap on the battery.

tap on the battery

Step 3: Further, tap on the battery usage tool, which will take you to the battery-draining apps.

battery-draining apps

Now that you know which apps are draining your battery, you can simply uninstall them. (If you don’t use that app that much.) However, if the app is indeed important for you, then just update it. And hopefully, that will resolve your battery drainage issue. 

Solution 3: Reset the Settings

Resetting your iPhone settings is another way to cure your battery-draining issue. But know that when you start the resetting process, your device will forget the Bluetooth and wifi connections. So, make sure you note down the passwords prior to that. 

That being said, the following are the steps to reset your iPhone settings:-

Step 1: Open the settings app on your device.

Reset the Settings

Step 2: Scroll down till you locate General.

you locate General setting

Step 3: Further, tap on reset/ transfer Phone.

tap on reset or  transfer Phone

Step 4: Then tap on reset.

tap on reset.

Step 5: Finally, tap on reset all settings. 

(Note:- You can further enter the password if the prompt asks you to.)

Solution 4: Upgrade To the Latest Beta Version Of iOS 17

If you have not upgraded to the latest iOS 17 update yet, then go for it: As the new update will definitely resolve your battery drainage issue, at least temporarily. 

Solution 5: Turn Off Autoplaying Videos On Safari

Safari has this annoying (to some people) habit of autoplay videos while you are scrolling through it. What if you are not interested in watching the video? What if you have just browsed the page to read some information simply?

Not only does it distract your browsing experience, but it also drains your battery life. 

Therefore, follow the steps mentioned below to turn off the auto-playing videos on Safari:-

Step 1: Open the settings app on your iPhone device.

settings app on your iPhone device

Step 2: Scroll till you locate the Accessibility menu.

you locate the Accessibility menu

Step 3: Now, tap on Motion.

tap on Motion

Step 4: Finally, disable the autoplay video preview button.

video preview button.

Solution 6: Dim The Brightness

It’s always better to have your device set to auto-brightness. Especially because when you are in a place where you are exposed to sun or too much light for that matter, your device will have its brightness all the way up:

Which, in return, drains the life out of your battery in a short time span. Therefore, having your brightness on a moderate level will save you unnecessary battery draining. 

Solution 7: WiFi In, Cellular Out

The primary reason why most people prefer wifi over cellular data is due to its battery-saving ability. Especially when the cellular data has a weak signal; in that case, your device consumes more battery to help the signal perform better. 

So, to avoid this, simply opt for a wifi network. And yes, constantly switching between the cellular network and the wifi network impacts your battery life too. 

Hence, if you’re in a place where you don’t have access to wifi, then rather turn off your mobile data. And it will indeed save you the life of your battery. 

Solution 8: Enable Auto-lock

Enabling auto-lock helps in preserving your device’s battery life, as it turns off automatically when it gauges the inactivity. 

You can further customize the time of auto lock, which ranges from 15 seconds to never. 

I don’t recommend never because if your phone remains unlocked for, let’s say, the entire night, then in the morning, you will need to charge it again. So, to save yourself some hassle, follow the steps mentioned below to enable Autolock:-

Step 1: Open the settings app on your iPhone device.

Open the settings app on your iPhone device.

Step 2: Scroll till you locate the display and brightness.

locate the display and brightness

Step 3: Now, tap on auto lock.

tap on auto lock.

Step 4: Finally, adjust the auto-lock timer to the lowest out of the available options.

adjust the auto-lock timer

Solution 9: Always Face Your iPhone Screen Downward

As you know, whenever you receive a notification, your iPhone lights up your display to notify you. However, this little process (in case you receive plenty of notifications) drains the battery unnecessarily. 

So, to avoid that, simply place your device upside down. Apple tech is smart enough to understand this and hence, will not light up your screen anymore.

Solution 10: Downgrade To iOS 16 

If none of the above-mentioned solutions have worked, then simply downgrade to iOS 16 version. It would definitely resolve your battery issue. 

However, you can only go back to the 16.5 version, as Apple had stopped users from signing in to older versions. 

Solution 11: Get a Powerbank

The final solution to your battery drainage problem is simply carrying a power bank with you. When your device is completely charged, you can put the power back on charge. 

This way, your iPhone will never run out of battery. 

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Wrapping Up: Instant Fixes To Resolve iOS 17 Battery Drain Issue

Have you updated your iPhone device to iOS 17 beta version? If so, then, like many users, you might be struggling with its battery issue too. 

Well, in that case, the following are some instant fixes that you can opt for to resolve it. 

  1. Restart your phone device
  2. Reset your phone settings
  3. Uninstall the battery-consuming apps
  4. Turn off the auto-playing videos on Safari
  5. Upgrade to iOS 17 latest beta version
  6. Use WIFI instead of mobile data
  7. Enable auto lock
  8. Dim the brightness
  9. Face your iPhone upside down
  10. Downgrade to iOS 16
  11. Use power bank

I have provided detailed step-by-step guides for each solution in the article above. 

So, go through that and let me know whether it was helpful! You can share your views in the comments section below. 


Why is my iPhone suddenly losing so much battery?

Have you recently updated your iPhone version? Whenever you install the latest update, chances are there might be features that require more battery than your regular ones. 
So, maybe that could be a reason behind your iPhone losing so much battery.

Why is my battery draining so fast with the new iOS?

The new iOS update drains your battery so fast because of the adaption your device needs to do while performing new features. 

How much shall an iPhone battery drain in one hour?

iPhone battery draining actually varies from model to model. What you need to keep in mind is how much is your daily usage. 
So, if you don’t use your device that much then your Phone won’t drain that much battery.

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