How to Take Sparkler Pictures With iPhone(Easy Guide 2023)

In the holiday season, capturing pictures with fireworks is always a must. However, not many people are aware of the camera settings. Therefore, in this article, I will cover “How to take pictures with iPhone?”

Here, I will mention a few things you should keep in mind before you capture Sparkler pictures. Additionally, I will also give a step-by-step guide to do so, and of course, camera settings. 

Things To Keep In Mind Before Taking Sparkler Pictures With iPhone

Since auto settings don’t do much justice, opting for manual settings with high exposure is the key. Additionally, you will need to stabilize the image, and for that, you need a Tripod. 

However, if you have a stable surface, you can put your iPhone there and capture steady pictures. And lastly, capturing Sparkler pictures in the dark gives you the best result. So, if you are around any kind of light, this is your cue to move away. 

Steps To Capture Sparkler Pictures On iPhone

Follow the steps mentioned below to capture Sparkler pictures on iPhone:-

Step 1: On the top-left corner, tap on the dark mode. 

(Make sure you have set it between 3 to 5 seconds.)

tap on the dark mode
Source: YouTube

Step 2: Ask your subject to move around with the fireworks. They can get as creative as they want. 

Ask your subject to move around with the fireworks
Source: YouTube

Step 3: Keep your camera stable, and finally capture the Photo.

keep your camera stable, and finally capture the Photo.
Source: YouTube

Camera Settings For ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed

If you want to capture a picture where you manually want to scribble with Sparkles, you would need to adjust the settings accordingly. Now, let’s modify the settings of the Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. 

However, these camera settings will only work if you are in a dark environment. So, ensure you are following the guideline and not letting any kind of light ruin your Sparkler picture. That being said, let’s go through the camera settings:-

Shutter Speed

Keep the Shutter Speed up to 5 seconds for now. So, it will stay open whenever you press the shutter for the next five seconds. Hence, make sure you are scribbling, drawing, etc., within these five seconds. 

You can, of course, practice with a few shots to understand which Shutter Speed works best for you. 


You can start by keeping the ISO at 400. Again, you don’t need to stress how much ISO you are setting since most of the light you let in depends on your Shutter Speed. 


Using F/4 gives you the right amount of depth which further keeps the Sparklers in focus. And as you adjust these f-stops to lower or higher, your Sparklers will change. For instance, if you adjust the f-stop to higher, your Sparklers will be thick. 

However, if you adjust your f-stop to lower, then your Sparklers will be more thin and refined. 

Camera Settings For Capturing Still Photos

Again, manual settings are mandatory for capturing still photos with Sparkler. However, this time you won’t need long exposure. That being said, the following are the adjustments for Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed:-


You can adjust the Aperture settings lower or higher at your convenience.

If you want to focus more on the Sparkler and hence, blur the subject, then adjust the Aperture to F/2.8. However, in case you do not want your subject to be too blurry, then firmly increase the Aperture. 


For now, keep your ISO adjustment to 400. 

Shutter Speed

I suggest having Shutter Speed between 1 to 2. That way, the firework will light up just enough to get a sparkler picture but not too much to burn the subject. 

Tips To Write On Sparkly Photos

In case you are inside the picture, then to get accurate wording, you will need to write backward. Moreover, the direction should be right to left. I understand it’s a little difficult. However, once you practice a few times, it will be do-able.

Additional Tips For Overall Better Quality Pictures

You can go through the following tips for enhancing the quality of your pictures:-

  1. Setting a two-second timer will keep your camera steady. In fact, it will remain stable before you even capture the picture. And, of course, it’s a good heads-up for the person standing before you. 
  1. Halfway press the shutter to bring focus to the Sparkler. However, when you fully press the Shutter, the timer ends, and your shoot begins.

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The Final Verdict

“How to take Sparkler pictures with iPhone?” is always the top requested query. 

Therefore, in today’s article, I have given you a series of tips, camera settings, and a few things to remember before capturing these pictures. All you need to do is follow the abovementioned guideline and click the picture. 

That being said, I hope my article was helpful. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated. 


What are the best settings for sparkler photography?

Some of the best settings for Sparkler photography are keeping your camera on manual mode; the shutter speed should be up to 5 seconds, ISO should be 400, and finally, the Aperture should be around F/4. 
However, you can set the Aperture around F/2.8 to make the subject just enough blurry. 

What should I set my phone camera to for sparklers?

Your phone camera must be set in manual mode. Moreso because the auto mode won’t be able to do much justice to the Sparkler pictures. 

How do you take Long Exposure Photos on an iPhone?

To take a long exposure on iPhone, follow the instructions below:-
Camera > Live Photo> Shutter > Capture > Tap on the Live option > Exposure. 

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