How To Downgrade iOS 17 to iOS 16 (Easy Guide)

Ever since the iOS 17 announcement was made, users have been quick to upgrade to its beta version. Considering the new sets of features, who wouldn’t be excited to upgrade their operating system?

However, like the OG Apple users, they quickly discovered the iOS 17 battery drain issue as well. 

In that case, downgrading to iOS 16 was the only option left. And therefore, if you are frustratingly wondering, “How to downgrade iOS 17 to iOS 16,” then keep reading!

Things To Keep In Mind Before Downgrading to iOS 16

First thing first, downgrade your phone to iOS 16 and back up the achieved data (if you have any). Or else you can simply set your iPhone as new after you have downgraded. 

Having said that, the following are some key pointers to keep in mind before you downgrade your iOS 17 to iOS 16:-

  • You must own Macbook or PC
  • Stable internet is needed 
  • Manually back up your data to either iCloud, Google Photos, or iTunes.

Steps To Backup Your Data With iCloud

As mentioned earlier, before you downgrade your iOS 17 to any of the 16 versions, it’s better and recommended to manually Backup somewhere. 

So, that’s why, in the step-by-step guide, I have given iCloud backup instructions:-

1: Open settings on your iPhone device.

Open Setting

2: Scroll down till you locate iCloud.

Search icloud

3: Inside iCloud, turn on the Reminders toggle.

4: Now, tap on Backup.

select Backup Now.

5: Turn on the iCloud Backup toggle.

6: Finally, select Backup Now.

Steps to downgrade to iOS 16 (Through FINDER)

I understand how troublesome the iOS 17 Beta battery can be. So, downgrading your version to 16 is a smart move. But before that, make sure you have backed up your data to iCloud. 

Once that is done, follow the steps below to downgrade your iOS 17 to iOS 16 or 16.5:-

1: Connect your Macbook to your iPhone with a USB cable.

Macbook to your iPhone with a USB cable.

2: Once the prompt shows trust, further tap on it.

shows trust, further tap on it.

3: Depending on whether you are using Mac or Windows, launch Finder or iTunes, respectively.

launch Finder or iTunes

4: On the left side of your iPhone, you will see a volume button. 

5: Now, press and release the volume up button. 

6: Repeat the above step with the volume down button.

7: Now, press the power button (you will again locate it on the left side) for about ten seconds.

(Note:- Only release the power button once you see the lightning cable pointing an arrow toward the Mac.) Additional step in case you do not see the Step 7 pop-up, but you were able to see the pointing arrow towards Mac:-

Concet to mac
Source: Igeeks Club

7: On the bottom-left side of your Macbook, click on the Finder menu. 

8: From the list of connected devices, select iPhone.

9: Finally, press the power off button for a few seconds and release once you see both Macbook and iPhone screens turn off. (It will turn back on automatically.)

Your device has successfully recovered!

10: Now, you will observe a pop-up on Finder or iTunes.

11: Once you receive a message that says: There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored, click on Update or restore. 

Restore iphone

12: Wait for a while for the update or restore process to complete. 

Process Completed

13: Once the process is finished, your iOS will be downgraded to the 16.5 version.

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The Final Verdict

Downgrading to iOS 16 can be a hefty process. Therefore, in the article above, I have mentioned a detailed step-by-step guide to do so. Additionally, you have to keep the following pointers in mind before you implement my guide:-

  • You must own Macbook or PC
  • Stable internet is needed
  • Manually Backup your data to either iCloud, Google Photos, or iTunes.


Can I downgrade from iOS 17 to iOS 16?

You can downgrade from iOS 17 to iOS 16. But before you do that, make sure you have recovered your archival Backup. And if you do not have iOS 16 backup, then once you downgrade, go to the factory settings and further restore the data. 

How do I downgrade to iOS 16?

To downgrade your device to iOS 16, follow the instructions: Open Finder on your Mac > connect your iPhone to Mac > set up recovery mode > finally, click on restore.

How do I uninstall iOS 17?

To install iOS 17, follow the instructions: Settings > Profile or Device Management > iOS 17 beta > Remove Profile > Restart.

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