How To Cancel Peacock TV Subscription In 2023 (Easy Guide)

A wide selection of films, TV series, sports, and news can be found on the Peacock streaming platform, where three subscription options are available: Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. 

The Free plan has a small amount of content, whereas the Premium and Premium Plus plans include more features and content.

However, still, if you want to cancel your subscription or you no longer need it, you can proceed at any time with the help of the guides given below.

So, without taking any longer, let’s dive into the details.

How To Cancel Your Peacock Premium Subscription on Peacock Official Website?

You can simply just visit the official Peacock website and cancel the subscription via the web browser you use on your computer or laptop. 

Here are the steps to cancel your Peacock Subscription from the official website:

#1:  Visit the website.

Visit the  website.
Source: YouTube

#2:  Log into the Peacock Account.

Log into the Peacock Account.
Source: YouTube
Peacock Sign in page
Source: YouTube

#3:   Select the Plans & Payments option.

Plans & Payments option.
Source: YouTube
Plans & Payments
Source: YouTube

#4:  Click on the Change Plan option.

 Change Plan option
Source: YouTube

#5:  Scroll down and select the Peacock Free plan and Confirm your action.

Free plan and Confirm your action.
Source: YouTube

How To Cancel Your Peacock Premium Subscription on iOS?

Canceling your peacock subscription in iOS is quite easy as you have to follow just a few simple steps to cancel your Peacock Subscription. Also, it can only be canceled via iOS if you subscribed via your iOS app only.

#1: Visit the Settings App on your iOS device.

Visit the Settings App
Source: YouTube

#2: Open the subscriptions section and tap the Manage option.

Open the subscriptions
Source: YouTube

#3: After that, you will see a list of subscriptions; find Peacock in that list.

find Peacock in that list.
Source: YouTube

#4:  Select the Edit option.

#5:  Tap on the Cancel Subscription button.

How To Cancel Your Peacock Premium Subscription on Android?

You have to cancel your Peacock subscription through Google Play if you purchased it there. For Android devices, follow the instructions below to figure out and cancel your membership. 

#1: Launch Google Play on your Android smartphone, launch the Google Play app and tap your profile symbol in the upper right corner.

#2: Select “Manage Your Google Account”

Click the “manage your Google account” link next to your email address.

#3: Go to “Payments and Subscriptions” by scrolling. You may find “payments and subscriptions” by navigating to the top options bar and scrolling down. 

#4: Peacock can be canceled in “Subscriptions.” Select “Subscriptions” and look for Peacock in the list. Simply select “Cancel Subscription.” 

A little Overview of all the Plans offered by Peacock

There are three subscription plans, including the pricing:

  • The free plan includes selected content.
  • The Premium Plan, worth $5 per month, includes unlimited content along with plans.
  • The Premium Plus plan, worth $10 per month, includes unlimited content without any ads.

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Wrapping Up!

To cancel a Peacock subscription is a very straightforward process on any device you have logged in to, such as iOS, Android, or your computer.

Additionally, the best part is that you can still stream through the free plan offered by Peacock after canceling the premium subscription.

If you plan to cancel your peacock subscription, you can refer to the steps given above, which will help you to do the process hassle-free.


How to remove the credit card which is registered on your Peacock?

 Head to the Plans & Payment option and click on the Update Payment Method. 

Does Peacock charge you if you cancel the subscription?

Peacock allows you to cancel your subscription for free, without any charges, and hassle-free. 

Can I resubscribe with the same old account credentials after canceling the subscription?

Luckily, Yes, you can easily resubscribe with the same old account credentials after canceling the subscription.

Is a Peacock Subscription free with Amazon Prime Video?

Peacock Subscription is not directly free with an Amazon Prime Video subscription. You will have to buy an additional plan with discounts and offers given by Amazon Prime Video.

What is the duration of the Peacock Free Trial?

 The duration of the Peacock Free trial is seven days.

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