How To Cancel FuboTV Subscription? (All Method Listed)

You often regret buying a subscription if you feel it is not providing what you were looking for. In that case, worry no more; we will teach you how to cancel a FuboTV subscription according to different kinds of devices.

Moreover, you can cancel your membership at any time, regardless of whether you signed up for the five-day free trial for watching one live game. 

Here’s how to cancel your FuboTV free trial or premium membership using a web browser on a Roku, Apple TV, or iOS device.

How to Cancel a FuboTV Subscription on the Website?

Here is a step-by-step guide to cancelling your subscription of FuboTV.

Step #1: FuboTV can be accessed using any web browser.

Step #2: Click Sign In after that. This can be seen in the screen’s upper right corner.

sign in

Step #3: Click Sign In after entering your username and password. You will need to sign in again using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account if you already did so. Next, pick your profile.

Step #4:  Select My Account next. Your profile icon is located in the browser window’s upper right corner.

Fubo my account

Step #5: Following that, click Subscription & Billing. You may find this underneath Account on the left sidebar of the screen.

Step #6: Click Cancel Subscription after that. The Cancel Subscription option will either be located at the top or bottom of the page.

fubo cancel subscription

Step #7: Then click Yes to end the trial after selecting Cancel My Trial. Make sure to avoid choosing Redeem Offer or Continue Watching. You should get a confirmation page after successfully cancelling your free trial subscription.

redeem offer

Tip: When you’re done, you can choose a justification for leaving, though it’s not required. Once your subscription has been terminated, you ought to get a confirmation email.

Reactive now

How to cancel a FuboTV subscription on Roku TV?

Advice: If you don’t see FuboTV mentioned here, it’s possible that you didn’t get your subscription through a Roku device. To make sure, you might wish to give FuboTV’s customer service a call.

Step #1: Visit and login into your account as the first step. The Sign In option will be shown in the window’s upper right corner.

Cancel A FuboTV Subscription On Roku TV

Step #2: Next, click My Account while your mouse is over your avatar. When you successfully sign in, your Avatar icon will appear in the window’s upper right corner. When you move your mouse over the icon for your avatar, a drop-down menu will display. Go here and select My Account.

Step #3: The third step is to select Manage your subscriptions. The window’s lower left side is located in the Manage Account area.

Step #4: Next, locate FuboTV. You will be taken to the My Subscriptions page after clicking Manage your subscriptions. There ought to be a list of the streaming services and channels you have subscribed to.

Step #5: Click the Unsubscribe button on FuboTV’s right. Ensure that FuboTV is adjacent to the Unsubscribe button.

Step #6: The final step is to click Yes, Unsubscribe. You should see that the Renew button has replaced the FuboTV button next to it. Please get in touch with FuboTV customer care within 24 hours if you don’t notice this or just want to be sure.

How to Cancel a FuboTV Subscription on iOS Devices?

To cancel your FuboTV membership on iOS devices, follow the step-by-step instructions below. This approach, however, is only effective if you purchased FuboTV using your Apple ID.

Step #1: Using your remote and the Apple TV turned on, press the Home button.

Step #2: And then click Settings. On your remote, swipe down till you see this.

Step #3: Choose Users and Accounts next. 

Step #4: Next, pick your account. On your screen, this will be visible at the top.

Step #5: Select Subscriptions next.

Step #6: Next, pick FuboTV. Manage Subscriptions is located at the bottom of the Accounts page. If FuboTV doesn’t appear in your Active subscriptions, you might need to attempt another cancellation option.

Step #7: Choose Cancel Subscription next. At the bottom of the website, next to About Subscriptions and Privacy, is a link that says “Cancel Subscription.”

Step #8: Lastly, choose Confirm. You should get a confirmation window when you successfully cancel your FuboTV membership. To confirm your cancellation, get in touch with FuboTV within 24 hours if you don’t notice one or just want to be sure.

The FuboTV Policy for Cancellation

If you signed up for FuboTV using your Roku account, you will still have access to the service until your free trial period is through. 

However, if you registered using the FuboTV website, you can no longer access FuboTV.

You will continue to have access to FuboTV until your current billing cycle expires after successfully cancelling your paid membership. 

Fubo TV does not offer receipts for prepaid or partial months of service. Thus, keep that in mind. Make contact with your bank to prevent FuboTV from unintentionally billing you as an additional precaution.

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Now that you know how to cancel a FuboTV Subscription from various platforms, you can quickly cancel all of your FuboTV subscriptions, including iOS, RokuTV, and their official website.

Furthermore, it is not difficult to follow the methods listed above because they are not complicated. 

Before beginning the cancellation procedure, please make sure you have read the FuboTV Cancellation Policy.

You will avoid any problems arising after you end your FuboTV subscription.


Can I stop using fuboTV at any time?

Up to the time when you decide to cancel your subscription, it will renew automatically each month. After the current billing month, you can cancel at any moment so that it doesn’t renew. Consult our Terms of Service for additional information.

Is it actually possible to cancel FuboTV before the 14-day trial period expires?

You can simply cancel your membership prior to your free trial expiration if you decide that fuboTV is not the right fit for you to avoid being charged for the monthly subscription.

What occurs if I put my Fubo subscription on hold?

At the conclusion of the period you have chosen for your pause, your fuboTV subscription will automatically reactivate, and your credit card will be charged for the subsequent month’s subscription fee.

How many different plans are available with a FuboTV free trial?

Before purchasing, you can use a seven-day free trial to try out three of the four main options.

Is FuboTV free to use on Fire TV Sticks from Amazon?

The FuboTV streaming service is regrettably not free on Amazon Fire TV Stick devices.

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