Hightown Season 3: Release Date, Cast & Updates

Hightown Season 3

It’s been a while since Hightown fans have seen their favorite character from the show on their screens with something new in store for them. 

However, worry no more, as you will soon witness Hightown Season 3, which has been officially approved.

Still, the questions like the release date, casting, and plot twists rise into the fandom consistently. 

Nevertheless, we have put together all the information you need regarding Hightown Season 3 in this article. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at the details right away!

Will there be a Hightown Season 3?

The streaming service Starz has formally approved Hightown season 3, so all the fans who have been glued to their chairs eagerly awaiting Raymund to appear on their screens can let out a breath of relief. 

The release date Speculations of Hightown Season 3

As for the reveal of this news, the president of Starz’s original programming, Kathryn Busby, made the announcement about the renewal. 

She said that Hightown is one of the fantastic shows to bring back, and the cast is thrilled to do it with the recognizable faces that helped shape the show into what it is now. 

Hightown Season 3: release date

We expect the Hightown Season 3 is to be released at  the end of 2023.

Hightown Season 3

In May 2022, Starz renewed Hightown for a third season after Kathryn Busby, the network’s president of original programming, lavished the show with praise.

Since filming occurred in the second half of last year, we may assume that the series has already wrapped up and that the post-production process has begun. 

However, a recent TVLine article indicated there could still be some waiting that may occur, with “the latter half of 2023” being the most likely time frame for release.

Hightown Season 3: Core cast

Hightown’s principal cast members, including Monica Raymund, are anticipated to return for season 3, and  Kaya Rosenthal, Garret Dillahunt,  and Jeanine Serralles have all been officially added.

Casting Speculation of Hightown Season 3

Monia Raymund will certainly return to the Hightown season 3 cast as Jackie Quinones, whose investigations form the series’ main focus. 

Along with Amaury Nolasco’s portrayal of drug lord Frankie Cuevas Sr. and Atkins Estimond’s portrayal of Cuevas’ lieutenant Osito, James Badge Dale and Dohn Norwood are anticipated to return as drug enforcement officers.

Furthermore, Garret Dillahunt and Michael Drayer were added to the cast as additional drug traffickers, according to a June 2022 Deadline announcement. 

Ellie Barone plays a missing girl, with Jackie becoming fascinated, while Kaya Rosenthal plays a new cop working alongside Ray.

The possible cast list of Hightown Season 3 consists of the following names:

  • Monica Raymond – Jackie Quinones
  • James Badge Dale – Det. Ray Abruzzo
  • Dohn Norwood –  Alan Saintille
  • Riley Voelkel – Renee Segna
  • Atkins Estimond – Osito
  • Amaury Nolasco – Frankie Cuevas Sr.
  • Garret Dillahunt – Shane Frawley
  • Kaya Rosenthal – Sarah
  • Jeanine Serralles – Rachel
  • Michael Drayer – Owen Frawley
  • Taja V. Simpson – Janelle
  • Ellie Barone – Veronica

Hightown Season 3: Expected Plot

Jackie Quinones realizes her dream of becoming an actual police officer in the second season of “Hightown.” She is quickly sucked into the fatal Carfentanyl-related crime wave that has taken over the Cape.

Expected Plot in Hightown

She concentrates on bringing drug lord Frankie Cuevas to justice because he is responsible for her best buddy Junior’s passing.

Frankie’s arrest for the informant, pilot, and Jorge killings occurs at the end of Season 2. But Renee turned on Jorge and killed him. 

Frankie gets stabbed in prison under Osito’s command. Jackie and Leslie are entrusted with booking Charmaine into jail after she is found in possession of drugs.

Not wanting to jeopardize her profession, Leslie accuses Jackie after Charmaine manages to go. Jackie then resumes her drug and alcohol use after Leslie broke up with her previously.

So, whether Frankie survived the attack will be revealed in season 3. In addition, we will observe Charmaine’s future actions. 

It will also be made clear if Renee has to make up for killing Jorge. Last but not least, it remains to be seen if Jackie will be able to control her addiction once again and what might happen to her career.

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Conclusion: Hightown Season 5 (2023)

Hightown Season 3 is going to be a terrific one, just like the previous two.

That being said, the depth of the topic, which provides the characters a long-term worth and a sense of reality to the genre, is one of the highlights of this show.

Besides, we hope Hightown Season 3 will answer all our questions while providing the same level of drama and action. 


What town is the model for Hightown?

Provincetown, the area surrounding Cape Cod, and southeast Massachusetts are the settings for the crime drama.

How real is Hightown?

Despite not being based on actual events, the Cape Cod setting of the novel served as a major inspiration. “The opioid epidemic was severely impacting Cape Cod, yet that is possibly the least specific detail about the show.

Who has played the role of detective on Hightown?

Ray Abruzzo, who is playing the character James Badge Dale, is the detective on Hightown.

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