Gen V: Release Date, Cast & Crew, Official Trailer (Update)

If you are a fan of dark humor and superhero TV series, The Boys, you will be thrilled about its spin-off series, Gen V. 

With the announcement of the season, there are many speculations going around the internet about its release dates. 

To ease your curiosity, we have collected all the information we could gather from the internet about Gen V. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know about this college-based easter egged crossover! We will also look at the Gen V release date, official trailer, cast & crew, potential plot, and streaming platform. 

So, let’s unwind all the details below!

When Is Gen V Releasing?

During the San Diego comic con fest, the official release date of Gen V was announced by Amazon Prime. So, you can expect the first three episodes to premiere on September 29th, 2023.

Gen V
Source: Collider

Is The Trailer Out Yet?

The official trailer of Gen V is indeed out. Additionally, you are introduced to Marie Moreau, who aspires to be the Seven’s first black woman. Most of the trailer shows snippets of what typically goes down in a college setting. 

You can also check out the first look at the show here. Although the makers have not revealed many plot details, the video features dark and violent clips. It further set the scene for the upcoming season. 

Where Can You Watch The Upcoming Season?

You can watch the upcoming season of Gen V on its home platform, aka. Amazon Prime. 

Gen V Season
Source: JoBlo

When Did The Gen V Filming End?

The Gen V production began in May and ended sometime in September. However, after that, the spin-off show, unfortunately, went through many issues, such as recasting, etc. 

Gen V Filming End
Source: Bounce Nation

And that further delayed the release date of the show. 

Cast & Crew of Gen V

After watching the trailer, it’s clear that some of the faces from The Boys will appear. Craig Rosenberg creates the show alongside Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas. 

Cast & Crew of Gen V
Source: The Mirror

There is also a long list of executive producers, along with Eric Kripke (The Boy’s showrunner). Having said that, the following is a cast list of Gen V:-

Sr. No. ActorCharacter
1Jaz SinclairMarie Moreau
2Chance PerdomoAndre Anderson
3London ThorDerek Luh
4Asa GermannSam Riordan
5Patrick SchwarzeneggerJason
6Marco PigossiDoctor Edison
7Colby MinifieAshley Barrette
8Clancy BrownRichard Brinkerhoff
9Jason Ritter Not Available
10Lizze BroadwayEmma Shaw
11Maddie PhillipsCate Dunlap
12Shelley ConnNot Available
13Sean Patrick ThomasPolarity
14Jessie T. UsherReggie Franklin
15P.J. ByrneAdam Bourke
16Alexander CalvertNot Available

What Can You Expect From Gen V?

As per one of the showrunners, it contains plenty of easter eggs from The Boys. 

Gen V Expect
Source: Gamereactor UK

So, if you have watched the previous show, you will see a solid connection between both of them. That being said, the major plot lines of the show are still not disclosed. However, whenever I discover something, I will keep you updated. 

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The Final Verdict:

The Boys’ spin-off it will premiere on Amazon Prime on September 29th, 2023.

Therefore, mark your calendars as the spin-off will be packed with young adult dark superheroes facing crime-fighting battles at Godolkin University. And that institute is further run by Vought International. 

So, that was all about Gen V. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated. 


Is Gen V out yet?

Gen V is not out yet. However, the series will be released on September 29th, 2023, on Amazon Prime. 

What will Gen V be about?

The plot details of Gen V are not disclosed yet. The most we know about the show is it’s going to be dark and violent. 

Is Gen V before The Boys?

Gen V is not the prequel of The Boys but the spin-off. So, brace yourself for many easter eggs and uncanny connections between both shows. 

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