11 Games To Play With ChatGPT Chatbot (Updated Prompts)

Let’s face it: It’s no longer the 80s with lesser competition (/ technology) and plenty of time. Because of this, most humans find it difficult to socialize, let alone build intimate connections. 

In that case, most have turned to AI chatbots or unhealthy coping mechanisms. One such escape is lonely escape is Games to play with Chat GPT. Additionally, if you look at the games I have listed in this article, you will instantly feel nostalgic:

As if not all, most of us have played it with our friends at least once in our lives. 

Regardless, these eleven Chat GPT Games are more entertaining than sitting in your bedroom and staring at the wall for four straight hours. On that note, let’s check them out!

Top 11 Chat GPT Games To Play (2023)

In the table below, I have briefly discussed 11 Chat GPT Games. As you would move ahead into the article, I have also explained how to play with Chat GPT for each game. 

1Tic Tac ToeGet three symbols in one line
2The Guessing GameGuess the word through missing letters
3Word LadderGive start and end (similar sounding) words
4AkinatorThink about a real/ fictional person, and Chat GPT would guess with a series of yes/no questions
5TriviaTest your knowledge in your suggested topic
6Dungeons & DragonsBuild a D&D universe by creating characters, Campaign settings, number of players, etc
7Would You RatherPick one option from two
8Read My MindThink of something, and the other party would guess with yes/no questions
921 Questions21 yes/no questions till you guess what’s on the other person’s mind
10ChessPick a white or black color where the white makes the first move.
11Emogi TranslationDecode the word/ phrase disguised in the emojis

Now that I have skimped through the table of Chat GPT Games, let’s check out these ELEVEN Games’ basic overview and additional details in the list below! 

1. Tic Tac Toe

As kids, we all played tic tac toe on paper, and many may know the game by X-Os. 

Tic Tac Toe

The classic game is returned with the GPT version, where you simply need to give the platform a prompt where you ask it to play the game with you. 

GPT will further revert with 1 to 6 in three rows and columns each. Afterward, you will take turns with X and O on the given digits. Further, whoever successfully makes the three symbols diagonally, horizontally, or vertically would win. 

NOTE: Chat GPT would most likely cheat as you tend to forget what was your last move. Therefore, be extra mindful of that little cheat!

2. The Guessing Game / Hang Man

While playing Hangman or the Guessing game, GPT will tell you the number of letters the word contains. You further need to guess the letter; if your guess is right, that letter will be placed in one of the blank spaces. 

The Guessing Game / Hang Man

Now, each right guess will fill the blank spaces, and that’s how it will be easier to guess the given word. To play this game, you can give the platform either one of the following prompts:

3. Word Ladder

Word Ladder is fairly simple as you need to provide starting and ending words. 

For instance, if your starting word is cat and your ending word is Catharsis, GPT would start building a few words until it reaches your final word, as shown in the screenshot below.

Word Ladder

However, remember that you must provide similar-sounding words for the AI tool to have some base. You cannot give your first word as rose and the end word as blueberry, as that’s not possible to build. 

However, if you did prompt it, then you will get an equally nonsense reply:

Word ladder

4. Akinator

You must have played this game before, where you need to think about a real or fictional character. By doing so, you will answer a few yes/no questions and get the other person to read your mind pretty much. 


Likewise, in the GPT version, the platform tries to guess who’s on your mind. (Plus, it does a terrible job.) If you consider yourself a patient, this is your cup of tea.

5. Trivia

Playing Trivia is fairly entertaining as Chat GPT gives you several topics that you can choose to answer. Once you have made up your mind on any topic, let’s say it’s pop culture, then the AI tool will give you a list of a few questions. 


You need to read it thoroughly and answer them. Additionally, this is the best way to test your knowledge of your favorite subjects!

6. Dungeons & Dragons

D&D is a famous 80s game, and today’s kids would recognize it through Netflix’s Stranger Things. Now, the platform would ask you to decide on a few things such as Edition, Campaign Settings, Characters, and Number of Players. 

 Dungeons & Dragons

Once you do that, you can further delve into the character creation and overall D&D universe. 

7. Would You Rather

Just like the name suggests, the AI tool would ask you two questions, and you have to decide what you would do instead. For example: 

 Would You Rather

Would you rather be invisible or get a superpower to move things with your mind?

8. Read My Mind

In Read My Mind, one person needs to think about something, and another needs to ask them yes/no questions to guess what’s on their mind. However, since ChatGPT cannot read your mind, it will take up the role of thing something. 

Read My Mind

You further need to ask the platform any yes/no questions to get what the hidden thing was!

9. 21 Questions

21 Questions is similar to a guessing game. However, the only difference is instead of filling the blank spaces with letters, you need to ask 21 yes/no questions to guess the word.

21 Questions

Since Chat GPt cannot guess what you’re thinking, it will automatically be the one who will be thinking of the word. Likewise, you will ask 21 yes/no questions to get the hidden answer.

10. Chess

Chess is another popular game that we all have played at least once in our lives. Now, coming to the GPT version, the platform will ask you to select either black or white color. 


Now, if you choose to play as white, then it’s your move first. However, if you choose black, then GPT will go ahead first. Moreover, you will need to move your pawns from e2 to e4 or e7 to e5. 

At any point you’re confused, then simply put a prompt for ChatGPT to simplify the rules for you.

11. Emoji Translation

Emoji Translation

Just like the name suggests, you and Chat GPT would send each other words/ phrases disguised in emojis. In addition, the other person would try to decode what the emojis mean. 

Likewise, you can take turns to guess the translation. 

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The Final Verdict: Games To Play With ChatGPT

I hope my list of eleven Chat GPT Games was entertaining! 

However, if you need my help choosing what game you should go for, Tic Tac Toe and The Guessing Game are my top picks! These games are both frustrating when you are unable to win/ guess the word or on the flip side when you do!

Other than that, you can also go for 21 Questions. It’s similar to a guessing game, but instead of guessing letters, you will need to ask 21 yes/no questions to the platform.

FAQs: Games To Play With ChatGPT

What games does ChatGPT play?

You can play plenty of ChatGPT Games, including Tic Tac Toe, Hang Man, The Guessing Game, Trivia, Dungeons and Dragons, and so on. If you don’t have any real-life friends, GPT Games can be your all-time BFF!

Are ChatGPT Games free of cost?

ChatGPT Games are indeed available on the platform’s free version. So, yes, they are, by default, free of cost.

How do you use ChatGPT for fun?

You can use ChatGPT for various reasons, which include learning a new language, writing a book, creating melodies, making artwork, etc. 

Are there any games that use ChatGPT?

There are quite a few games that you can play on ChatGPT, some of which include Would You Rather, 21 Questions, Trivia, Akinator, Chess, and so on. 

Is ChatGPT free?

ChatGPT indeed offers a free version. However, if you’re looking for better features, then you can upgrade to the platform’s paid plan, which starts from $20/ Month.

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