20 Fun Games To Play On Roblox With Your Friends In 2023

How long will you Netflix and chill when you’re bored? Don’t you feel like shifting gears and further going out or even playing video games? In that case, I have curated a list of the top 20 fun games to play on Roblox. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started:-

10 Best Roblox Fun Games (2023)

In the table below, I have mentioned the top 10 Roblox fun games and the genres that it comes under. So on that note, let’s begin:-

RankGame Mode
1Adopt MeMultiplayer
3Survive The KillerMultiplayer
4Blox FruitsBoth
5Murder Mystery 2Multiplayer
7Slap BattlesMultiplayer
8Work At A Pizza PlaceMultiplayer
10Build A Boat For TreasureMultiplayer

20 Fun Games To Play On Roblox In June 2023

I have mentioned the top 20 Roblox fun games in the list below. Moreover, I have also added a brief premise for each of those games. 

1. Adopt Me

Adopt Me is a game about adopting small animals. So, right from the egg hatching to further raising them up into well-fed animals is the motive of this game.

Adopt Me

You will have plenty of houses, cars, and even in-game trading in the game. So, overall, the game’s environment is quite friendly!

2. Jailbreak

Jailbreak is a fun game where you can switch up the roles. So, your character can either be a cop or a prisoner. In case you’re playing a prisoner, then your sole purpose is to break out of that jail. 


However, if you are a cop, then you must stop the prisoner from escaping the four walls. 

3. Survive The Killer

Survive the Killer is the perfect game to play with your friends! The game’s interface is similar to that of Friday the 13th, and the premise is your typical hiding from the killer, surviving with your teammates, and further performing a few tasks. 

Survive The Killer

On the other hand, the killer has to kill as many people as possible. And even if one player escapes, the crewmates would win the game. 

However, it’s always better to survive with the team and further defeat the killer. 

4. Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is Roblox’s all-in-one game that is created by combining all the best features. 

Blox Fruits

Moreover, your character will stumble into difficult obstacles at every level: sometimes, it will have to fight a single villain, whereas sometimes, there will be loads of villains. And fighting off and winning over these villains will earn you points. 

Further, these points will either give you immunity or even help you move ahead in the game. 

5. Murder Mystery 2

In lockdown, who hasn’t played Among Us? Well, the 9-year-old Murder Mystery served (somewhat) inspiration to it. 

Murder Mystery 2

This game has a killer, a tribe of innocents, and of course, a sheriff. Obviously, the killer’s job is to kill innocent people, whereas the innocents need to hide till the Sherrif catches the killer. 

6. Outlaster

Outlaster is pretty much a reality show in a game. Here, players arrive at an island, where they play tons of games, participate in different competitions, build bonds, and further eliminate each player at an upscaling level. It’s actually a fun and spicy game!


7. Slap Battles

Slap Battles is a chaotic game where it first begins with simple slapping and gradually transforms into explosives. Therefore, each slap will keep adding more and more chaos. 

Slap Battles

8. Work At A Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza place is another fun game to play with your friends! Each one of you can segregate roles: One can cut veggies, the other can prep the dough, then someone can tend to the customers, then the cashier, etc. 

Work At A Pizza Place

And running a Pizza place might seem like an easy job, but it’s not that easy. And you’ll get a taste of it by playing this game. 

9. Arsenal

Arsenal is THE game for you if you’re into shooting! 


You get a series of options, ranging from magic spells, blasters, etc. And with the help of it, you can mass shoot and kill as many people as you want. 

However, on the flip side, there are other players who are skilled players, and if you are not experienced with your shooting game, then your survival is off-limits. 

10. Build A Boat For Treasure

As the name suggests, you and your teammates need to build the boat from scratch. And further, sail in the ocean in search of treasure. 

Build A Boat For Treasure

However, there are other players out there too, who are competing for the same treasure, so if you don’t reach there soon, then you have to start the game again. 

11. Meep City

Meep City is a business-oriented game. Here, you have to purchase a stall; it can range from a Pizza place to a dance club. And while you’re running this small business, you can explore the game’s setting. 

Meep City

Moreover, the other players in the game would visit your small business and further purchase things with the in-game currencies. 


One of Roblox’s hidden gems, DOORS, is a horror puzzle game. While you’re finishing off the puzzles, you also need to keep an eye out for creepy creatures that would attack you. 


It’s quite the adrenaline rush, to be honest! Moreover, since the game is still in Alpha mode, there would be quite a few updates lined up.

13. Mining Simulator

Mining Simulator is pretty much a mining game where you need to collect diamonds and other rare gemstones. You can further trade these rocks for basic necessities like clothes, houses, pets, and so much more. 

Mining Simulator

That being said, you said you’ll have various mining resources to get your job done in as seamless way as possible. 

14. All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead is a thrilling Zombie game that is inspired by a K-Drama of the same name. The premise is set in a high school where a bunch of your classmates have transformed into zombies too. 

Fun Games To Play On Roblox

And your job is to reach the exit point and to reach there safe and sound, and you need to make weapons to protect yourself from the infected beings. 

15. Rainbow Friends

The game revolves around the children’s picnic trip and how the bus ends up crashing in an abandoned field. In that field, you meet rainbow friends who are supposed to have joyful personality. However, they don’t. 

Rainbow Friends

Therefore, your job is to hide from these friends: and each chapter will introduce a new rainbow friend. Additionally, most of them have different defects, that includes hearing disability, poor eyesight, and so on.

16. Super Bomb Survival

Super Bomb Survival is a survival game where you find yourself stranded in a random field with a bunch of your friends and explosive bombs raining all over. And your task is to escape this battleground and further gain the badge tycoon. 

Fun Games To Play On Roblox

17. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake

Just like the name suggests, Scuba Diving At Quill Lake revolves around the mysterious depth of the ocean. While you are scuba diving, you’ll stumble into quite a bit of treasure, and in some cases, you’ll stray away to dangerous areas. 

Fun Games To Play On Roblox

Regardless, it’s a fun game for water babies, as you get to explore the territory as much as you like! That being said, since the game development of Scuba Diving At Quill Lake has been discontinued, unfortunately, the game won’t receive any further updates. 

18. Edward The Man-Eating Train

Edward, the Man-Eating Train, is an evil train that is out to kill you and your friends. 

Fun Games To Play On Roblox

So, all you need to do is have fun with your friend, all the while defending the train you’re riding in, whereas the evil train is trying to attack you. 

19. Hide and Seek Extreme

We all have played hide and seek at some point in our lives. There is nothing so extreme about the game, right? 

Fun Games To Play On Roblox

However, in this virtual version, the character that is chosen to search for the other players has designated another profile named “it,” and through that, they have sought the hideaways. 

20. Crewmates

Crewmates is Roblox’s version of Among Us. 

Fun Games To Play On Roblox

Here, there is one killer and a bunch of crewmates. The killer has to kill the players secretly, and the crewmates need to vote out the imposter while simultaneously performing their tasks on the spaceship.

Overall, the game is really fun if you’re the imposter, as you end up lying in every elimination round.

Also you can explore the 3D games to play here

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Conclusion: Fun Games To Play On Roblox (2023)

The most fun game to play on Roblox is, hands down, Adopt Me! 

In that game, all you need to do is adopt pets: So right from the egg hatching to further raising them is the premise of the game. In fact, the overall environment of Adopt Me is really friendly and exciting! 

However, note that the data is scraped from the latest information. In fact, most games are only here for a particular season, and that might be the case for Adopt Me as well! 

And if so, then in case of new data, I will keep the page updated!

FAQs: Fun Games To Play On Roblox

What are some very fun games in Roblox?

Some of the very fun games in Roblox are as follows:-
1. Survive the Killer
2. Jailbreak
3. Adopt Me
4. Outlaster And so on

What to play in Roblox when you’re bored?

You can play tons of fun games on Roblox. Following are some of my top picks:-
1. Adopt Me
2. Rainbow Friends
3. Alone in the Dark House
4. Blox Fruits
5. Murder Mystery 2

What is the top 1 Roblox game?

As of 2023, Adopt Me is the number one Roblox game. 

What are the top 10 Roblox games to play?

Following is the list of the top 10 Roblox games to play:-
1. Adopt Me
2. Jailbreak
3. Survive The Killer
4. Blox Fruits
5. Murder Mystery 2
6. Outlaster
7. Slap Battles
8. Work at a Pizza Place
9. Arsenal
10. Build A Boat For Treasure

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