FuboTV Black Friday 2023: Is The Deal Live Yet?

The American streaming platform FuboTV offers 138 to 242 channels, including sports, unlimited screens, and, depending on your premium subscriptions, a few additional benefits. People are now curious about FuboTV Black Friday deals: How many discounts will you get? 

In this article, we have gathered all the necessary data to provide you with FuboTV Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Here, we have covered Deal Live Status, the best available deal, FuboTV subscription plans, and finally, Cyber Monday Deal Live status.

FuboTV Black Friday Deal 2023 (Is It Live)

As of September 2023, deals are not out yet. However, these deals will be available by the third week of November 2023. 

So, we will update you as soon as the sale goes live. Meanwhile, you can check out my detailed breakdown of FubuTV Black Friday discounts (2022) available on different subscription plans:-

PlanBlack Friday Fubotv Discount 2022
FuboTV Pro24% OFF
$70/ Month$52/ Month

FuboTV also offers a seven-day free trial on all of its subscriptions. 

Additionally, Elite and Ultimate plans cost $79.99 and $99.99, respectively. Remember that the Black Friday Rates for both Elite and Ultimate plans have not dropped yet, but I will let you know whenever that happens. 

Overall, you’re getting a seven-day free trial + Discount in your FubuTV Black Friday deal.

Which is the best FuboTV Black Friday deal available? 

Since the 2023 sale is not live yet, it’s difficult for me to choose the best available deal. However, no worries, as we will update this section when we have the necessary data to draw the comparison. 

FuboTV Black Friday Pricing Breakdown

Fubotv Black Friday Pricing Breakdown
The Teal Mango

Now that I have discussed the discounts, let’s check out each subscription plan’s original price. In addition, we will also talk about each Plan’s delegated benefits. 

On that note, the following are the FuboTV original subscription plans:-

FuboTV PlansOriginal PriceBenefits
Pro $69.99/ Month138+ channels (including 100 Sports)Unlimited Screens (10 at Home)
Elite$79.99/ Month203+ Channels (including 4k Streaming of 130 events), 53 extra channels, 12 extra news channels, 1000 hours of space (Cloud DVR), and Unlimited Screens (10 at Home).
Ultimate$99.99/ Month242+ channels (including 4k Streaming of 130 events), 53 extra channels, 12 extra news channels, SHOWTIME, SPORTS PLUS, 1000 hours of space (Cloud DVR), and Unlimited Screens (10 at Home).

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FuboTV Cyber Monday 2023 (Is It Live?)

Along with Black Friday, another valid deal FubuTV offers is Cyber Monday! 

Unfortunately, we cannot talk much about the same since the deal is not live yet. However, you can expect FuboTV Cyber Monday to go live by 27th November 2023. 

We will keep you updated whenever it launches.


When will the Fubotv Black Friday Sale go live?

You can expect the Sale to go live around the third week of November 2023. 

How much can I save during Fubotv Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?

Considering last year’s discounts, this year you can save somewhere between 24% to 30% during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

When will the Black Friday sale for Fubotv end?

Black Friday deals generally end by the end of November each year. So, to give you an exact end date for your sale, be prepared around 30th to 31st November 2023.

Does Fubotv Black Friday offer any money-back guarantee?

It doesn’t provide any money-back guarantee/ refund. Moreover, since FuboTV would start charging you after the end of your free trial, you can cancel your subscription on the last date of your free trial expiry.

Is the Fubotv Black Friday offer available only for a limited time?

Since FuboTV’s Black Friday offer is available between the last two weeks of November, it’s only available for a limited time. 

Has Fubotv Black Friday announced a Black Friday deal?

It has not announced the Black Friday deal yet. However, considering the last few years’ data, you can expect the sale to go live by the third week of November 2023.

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