Elton John Net Worth 2023: Early Life, Properties & Art Collection

Elton Legend John has been in the music business for the last six decades and has delivered numerous hits, including his all-time number-one single, Candle in the Wind!

So, fans are naturally curious about the revenue, real estate, and other financial resources of one of the Wealthiest musicians in the world. Hence, in this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about Elton John’s Net Worth!

Let’s check out John’s earnings in 2023 and how well he built his empire all these years!

Elton John: Biodata

Before I deep dive into Elton John’s other finances, let’s quickly go through his biodata:-

NameElton Hercules John
Net Worth550 Million USD
Date of Birth25th March 1947
Height1.72 Meter

Elton John Net Worth & Estimated Salary

As of 2023, Elton Hercules John’s Net Worth is $550 Million. 

Elton John Net Worth

However, on average, the following is his Monthly and Yearly Estimated Salary:-

  • Monthly Salary: Over 4 Million USD
  • Annual Salary: Over 50 Million USD

Between 2011 and 2018, John purchased a Residency in Las Vegas called The Million Dollar Piano. And every show played there would give him a door revenue of about 88%. 

So, that makes his earnings per show around $55,000.

Elton John’s Net Worth Hike Over The Last Few Years

Unlike most Artists who experience rapid highs and lows in their careers, Elton John has seen steady growth. And if I consider his Net Worth between 2018 and 2023, then you can tell that every passing year, he has experienced a hike of 20 to 50. 

With that in mind, let’s go through his Net Worth per year in the following table:-

YearNet Worth
2023570 Million USD
2022520 Million USD
2021480 Million USD
2020440 Million USD
2019410 Million USD
2018390 Million USD

Elton John Real Estate & Properties

After the vast success surrounding his hit album, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Elton John bought his first-ever house worth $5,05,260. The complex is located in Berkshire, England, and is known as Woodside. 

Moreover, the mansion encompasses a Library, Tennis court, about 8 Bedrooms, Gardens, 18th Century Orangery, etc. After eighteen years of residing in that complex, Elton John further bought a London-based Mansion. 

After that, Elton also purchased a 1920s Villa worth $19 Million. 

British singer Elton John

Then in 1993, John bought a USA-based property and further chose Atlanta, where he purchased a Condo on the 36th floor. 

Besides that, he also owns a two-bedroom home on Sussex Coast that is worth $8,20,046 and a 1-bedroom home in Giudecca, Venice. 

In addition to that, he owns two more properties, one in Beverly Hills and another in Los Angeles, which is worth $8.5 Million. 

Elton John Career Highlights

In the following bullet points, I have added Elton John’s high-end awards and popular albums as well:-

  • Won Grammy in 1995 for Best Male Pop Vocal Performer
  • Won Oscar in 1995 for Best Original Song
  • MCA Records gifted Elton a Ferrari Testarossa on his 40th birthday
  • 1969: Empty Sky
  • 1970: Elton John
  • 1971: Madman Across the Water
  • 1973: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  • 1975: Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
  • 1976: Blue Moves
  • 1992: The One
  • 1995: Made In England

Elton John Art Collection

We all know how much Elton John is a fan of Art pieces; hence, over the years, he has made quite a collection. In fact, in the right marketplace, Elton John’s Art pieces (which include Warhol, Haring, Mapplethorpe, Damien Hirst, etc.) are worth $200 Million. 

Elton John Art Collection

Back in 2004, he sold his collection’s 70 photographs and earned $900,000. 

Elton John Early Life & Career Beginnings

Born in Middlesex, England, as Reginald Dwight, Elton John has always had a calling towards music. And that’s because he started playing his Grandma’s piano at the age of 3 and further got professional lessons at the age of 7. 

Not only that, but he also received a scholarship at the age of 11 from the Royal Academy of Music (based in London). Although Elton comes from a broken family, his stepfather has always supported him and his passions. 

And that’s how 15 years old John got his first gig at a local Piano place. Around 1996, Elton and his friends created a band, and that’s how his stage name (Elton John) birthed. 

John’s stage name is actually his tribute to legends Elton Dean & Long John Baldry.

In fact, this was a time when he met another songwriter, Bernie Taupin, and they ended up collabbing on over 30 albums and selling 300+ Million copies.

Now let’s discuss Elton’s rise to success: His initial records were consecutive hits between 1972 & 1975. Further, he set up his own record label (The Rocket Record). However, he never released music under that label. 

Instead, he signed a contract with Neil Sadaka and released his albums. And for his own records, he signed MCA for 8 Million USD. But if I talk about his duo record deal with Taupin, then he had a twelve years contract with Warners Bros worth 39 Million USD.

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The Final Verdict: Elton John’s Net Worth

To sum it up, as of 2023, Elton Hercules John’s Net Worth is $550 Million. 

However, on average, his Monthly and Yearly Estimated Salaries are 4+ Million USD and 50+ Million USD, respectively. Plus, Elton actively earns from his Las Vegas Residency, and every gig played there earns him $55,000. 

John also has many properties, including houses, art collections, etc. And if I combine all of his earnings from estimated properties, then it quickly goes up to $228.8 Million. 

So, that’s about it for the article. In case of any new information, I will keep the page updated!


How much is Elton John’s estimated worth?

Elton John’s estimated worth is about $550 Million. 

How did Elton John get so rich?

Elton John primarily climbed the finance ladder through his music career. In fact, every year, he earns $25 Million worth of royalties. 

How old is Elton John today?

As of 2023, Elton John is 76 years old.

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