Dragon Ball Filler List: Which Episodes Should You Skip?

As one of the greatest animes in anime history, Dragon Ball has a huge fanbase. Plus, this legendary anime series also has its fair share of fillers. Hence, we have compiled a Dragon Ball Filler List. 

Dragon Ball Filler List

Yes, you read that right. This 1984 released anime had fillers which is a treat for some of us crazy Dragon Ball Fanatics and a bother to filler haters.

To be precise, Dragon Ball has a total of 153 aired episodes, of which 21 are entirely filler episodes, and 3 are a mixture of canon+filler.

Now it is up to the watchers how to use this information as per your preference.

So, here we go with an Easy-To-Follow Dragon Ball Filler List!

The Filler Episodes In Dragon Ball: In a Nutshell

The following table represents Dragon Ball Filler List in a Nutshell, including all the canon+filler mixed episodes and only filler episodes. 

The Filler Episodes In Dragon Ball

It will help you understand which episodes you must watch and which ones can be skipped or watched according to your choice.

Sr. No.Episode ArcsCanon+Filler Mixed or Only FillerWatch, Skip, OR Must Watch
1.Episode 29Canon+Filler Mixed EpisodeMust Watch
2.Episodes 30 to 33Only FillerSkip
3.Episode 42Canon+Filler Mixed EpisodeMust Watch
4.Episode 44Canon+Filler Mixed EpisodeMust Watch
5.Episode 45Only FillerSkip
6.Episodes 79 to 83Only FillerSkip- 79.Watch- 80, 81, 82, and 83.
7.Episodes 127 to 132Only FillerSkip
8.Episodes 149 to 153Only FillerWatch

The list of all Dragon Ball Fillers In Order

Now that you have gone through an overview of the Dragon Ball Filler episodes, I have explained these fillers along with their episode titles and their type below. 

The list of all Dragon Ball Fillers In Order

Hence, let’s take a look at each of the arcs individually.

Ep 29 (Canon+Filler Mixed Episode)

  • Ep 29: The Roaming Lake

Ep 30 To Ep 33 (Only Filler)

  • Ep 30: Pilaf and the Mystery Force
  • Ep 31: Wedding Plans?
  • Ep 32: The Flying Fortress – Vanished?
  • Ep 33: The Legend of a Dragon?

Ep 42 (Canon+Filler Mixed Episode)

  • Ep 42: The Secret Of Dr. Flappe

Ep 44 (Canon+Filler Mixed Episode)

Canon+Filler Mixed Episode
  • Ep 44: Master Thief, Hasky

Ep 45 (Only Filler)

  • Ep 45: Danger in the Air

Ep 79 To Ep 83 (Only Filler)

  • Ep 79: Terror and Plague
  • Ep 80: Goku vs. Sky Dragon
  • Ep 81: Goku Goes to Demon Land
  • Ep 82: The Rampage of InoShikaCho
  • Ep 83: Which Way To Papaya Island

Ep 127 To Ep 132 (Only Filler)

  • Ep 127: Quicker than Lightening
  • Ep 128: Secret of the Woods
  • Ep 129: The Time Room
  • Ep 130: Goku’s Doll
  • Ep 131: Walking their own ways
  • Ep 132: Hotter than Lava
Only Filler

Ep 149 To Ep 153 (Only Filler)

  • Ep 149: Dress in Flames
  • Ep 150: The Fire Eater
  • Ep 151: Outrageous Octagon
  • Ep 152: Mystery of the Dark World
  • Ep 153: The End, The Beginning

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Wrapping Up!

Well, this is it, folks! That’s all we have about the Dragon Ball Filler List we presented to you.

We’ll just say to all the Dragon Ball fanatics this filler list might come in handy if you are looking for additional Dragon Ball content. 

Whereas, to filler hater, you just skip the filler episodes listed above and move on with the canon manga episodes without getting distracted.


Do these Dragon Ball filler episodes have a different story to follow till the end?

Basically, the filler arcs in Dragon Ball have different stories in each arc that do not have any story to be followed.

Will skipping Dragon Ball fillers affect the flow of the original storyline?

Thanks to the filler genre, they don’t meddle with the original storyline; however, they are entertaining and can be watched solely for fun.

What should you watch first? Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z?

Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball have the same plot. It is essentially the same Story; it is not a sequel series. However, unless you want to jump in the middle of the story, start with Dragon Ball.

Which Dragon Ball series is the first in sequence?

The Secret of the Dragon Balls is the first Dragon Ball Series.

Can you skip Dragon Ball and start watching Dragon Ball Z?

You can enjoy watching Dragon Ball Z by skipping Dragon Ball as the first in the sequence. However, it is a show better enjoyed watching in the actual sequence.

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