How To Do Long Exposure On iPhone (Easy Guide)

How to do long exposure on iPhone

The long exposure technique on iPhone has been long popular among professional photographers. Users can take stunning landscape shots and light trails using iPhone’s long exposure features. 

If you are wondering how to do long exposure on iPhone, you’re reading the right article. 

We’ll be honest: the process of long exposure photography on iPhone is not very straightforward, resulting in many people’s confusion. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to take long-exposure photos on your iPhone and turn your regular pictures into incredible works of art. Read till the end to find out about a shortcut method as well! 

Let’s get started. 

Steps To Take Long-Exposure Photos On An iPhone 

If you want to utilize iPhone camera features without having to download another third-party app, then this method is for you. However, whether you’ll be able to use this depends on your iPhone model. 

Basically, all iPhone 6 and later models with iOS 11 and above can use this method to take long-exposure photos. This is because older models and versions don’t have the Live Photos feature. You can skip to the next subsection if you have an older model. 

If you have iPhone 6 or later models, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Launch the camera app on your iPhone. 

Step 2: Turn on the Live Photos feature. You can simply tap on the little icon of concentric circles in the top right corner of the screen. 

Live Photos feature

Step 3: Aim your camera at the scenery or object you want to capture and keep your phone still. 

Step 4: Tap on the Shutter button as you usually would while taking a photo. Make sure you hold your phone still for three seconds after clicking on the button. 

Tap on the Shutter button

Step 5: Your live photo is now generated. To view it, head to the Photos app of your iPhone. 

Step 6: Find and open the live photo you’ve just taken. 

Step 7: On the top left corner, click on the Live button. 

click on the Live button

Step 8: Select Long Exposure from the set of options. 

Select Long Exposure

Voilà! You’ve successfully taken a long-exposure photo on your iPhone! The final picture looks like this. 

Final Picture

You can share this with your friends or post it on any social media platform.

Other Methods To Take Long-Exposure Photos 

If your iPhone is older than the 6 or you simply want to experiment with other apps and compare the quality, there are various options to play with. 

Even with the latest iPhone model, you’ll still need a tripod to get the best results. Therefore, you can try out a few other apps if you’re not satisfied with the results of Live Photos. 

Best iOS Apps For Long-Exposure Photography 

Here are the best iOS apps for long-exposure photography that offer enhanced features and creative control. 

1. Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam is the best iOS app to capture long-exposure photos without having to buy an expensive DSLR. It has a great Low Light setting that lets you capture clear and sharp photos and reduce digital noise even in low light conditions. 

Price: $3

2. ProCamera


ProCamera was specifically designed to take long-exposure photos on an iPhone. It helps amateur photographers capture mesmerizing light trails and dreamy motion effects. It provides less noise and more details in photos. 

Price: $12.99

3. Camera+


Camera+ integrates with your photo library, allowing you to do all the work in one place without importing and exporting. The app makes editing looks easy by giving you complete control over your photos. It also lets you upscale images using AI. 

Price: Free 

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Conclusion- How To Do Long Exposure On iPhone

If you’re new to long-exposure photography, these two methods will help you unleash your inner creativity. You don’t have to be a professional to take stunning photos of beautiful sceneries, nor do you need to spend thousands of dollars on buying a DSLR. 

If you plan on using your iPhone, we recommend investing in a tripod first. A tripod lets you hold your phone while capturing the Live Photo, which is important for long-exposure photos. 

This is because long exposure photos are essentially multiple shots of the same scenery overlapped to create lines, patterns, and color effects. 

We hope our article was successfully able to help you learn how to do long exposure on iPhone. Please drop your comments and suggestions below in the feedback section. 


What should I capture using long exposure on my iPhone?

To try out the long exposure feature on your iPhone, you can capture several sceneries. Some good options include waterfalls, moving clouds, light trails, and starry skies. 

Do I need additional equipment to click long-exposure photos with my iPhone?

No. You don’t need additional equipment to click long exposure photos on your iPhone. You can simply follow the methods mentioned in our article. Although, buying a tripod may enhance your photos. 

Do I need to further edit my photos after doing long-exposure on iPhone?

It is completely a personal choice. Long-exposure photos on an iPhone come out just fine, but you can use additional editing tools and apps to enhance the details. 

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