Dance Moms Season 9: Is It Happening Any Time Soon?

New Cast New and Attitude filled Abigale Lee Miller is back with Dance Moms Season 9! However, a lot has gone down to be at this level, and many fans argue the show has somehow lost all its magic post Season 7. 

And that’s because the Season 8 cast not only lacked the same zeal for dancing as the OG cast, but it looks like most were only there for fame. And might I mention the controversy that spiraled out of control mid-Season 8 and almost got Abby canceled?

Well, this article will cover every scoop regarding the upcoming season of Dance Moms, so keep reading!

Racist Controversies Surrounding Abigale Lee Miler

The reason was abruptly cut off was due to Abby Miller’s racist controversy. Lifetime ended their contract with Miller after Season 8 contestant Kamryn’s mother (Adriana Smith) accused Miller of her racist comments. 

Apparently, Kamryn had overheard Miller discussing how Kamryn was on the show because they needed someone “of color.” This infuriated fans and everybody attached, and hence, it almost got the show canceled. (And so did Abby!)

But soon enough, Abby realized the repercussions of her actions. And she ended up publicly apologizing for her wrong choice of words and how it affected the Black community. 

Is Dance Mom Season 9 On Its Way?

Since the show’s rating was dropping tremendously, many fans were not surprised when Dance Mom Season 8 suddenly wrapped up. 

However, the show’s executive producer (Stinson) posted a picture on Instagram where he was at the office of A&E Network. And the caption said, “What a meeting! Whew!”

So, it only means one thing: Dance Mom Season 9 is indeed on its way!

When Is The Upcoming Season Released?

As of now, there is no official release date out yet! 

However, by reflecting on previous Seasons’ release patterns: Season 7 was inculcated with two parts (a total of 29 episodes), each released in early January, Whereas, Season 8 had 18 episodes with two additional special episodes, which were released around June. 

Dance Moms Season 9
Source: Abby Miller Instagram

So, it leaves us with two potential dates. Therefore, Dance Moms Season 9 will likely release sometime in January 2024 or June 2024. (This is just a speculation.)

Has The Production For Dance Moms Season 9 Begun?

According to Miller’s Instagram post in August 2022, which she had shot at her dance company, it looks like the filming for Season 9 had already started. Especially her cryptic comments here and there about a “new project!”

Moms Season 9 Begun
Source: Instagram

But then again, I am not sure whether the production of the show has wrapped up or is still ongoing. Guess only time will tell!

Dance Moms Season 9: Potential Cast

As of now, the confirmed cast of Dance Moms Season 9 is not disclosed yet. In fact, Abigale Lee Miller has mentioned that she is still hunting for fresh talent. Additionally, Abby even went to Dallas to scout for the potential cast. 

Source: Dance Mom Official

So, only time will tell who will be part of the upcoming Season. You can keep up with my page too. I will update the information as soon as I discover anything!

Where Can You Watch Dance Moms Season 9?

Considering all the controversies around the show and Lifetime discontinuing their contract with Abby Miller… It’s safe to say Lifetime will not be airing Dance Moms Season 9.

Therefore, as per the new Network or Streaming Platform, the shoot will differ too. Anyhow, the airing platform for the upcoming Season of Dance Moms is not announced yet. (Though people are expecting Hotstar.)

But regardless, whenever that happens, I will keep the page updated!

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The Final Verdict

It is like that patient who had a tortuous death and yet came back to live somehow. Well, if you were living under a rock, Season 8 had cut short with Lifetime retrieving their contract with Abigale Lee Miller. 

And all because she has passed some racist comments on one of the Season 8 contestants. Soon enough, she redeems herself with a public apology, and it looks like the public did accept her as now everybody is curious about Dance Moms Season 9 now. 

Well, there is no official announcement as of now. Regardless, you can mark your Calendar for either January 2024 or June 2024, as those two are the speculated dates for Dance Moms Season 9, considering the release pattern of the previous two Seasons. 

So, that’s it for my article on Dance Moms Season 9. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated!


Will Dance Moms have a season 9?

Abigale Lee Miller took to her Tik Tok to reveal that it is indeed under production.

What happened to Abby Lee Miller in 2023?

Abby Lee Miller had broken her right Fibula and Tibula after her power wheelchair slammed into the wall. 

How can I watch Dance Moms season 9?

It will be available on Hotstar after its release.

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