Carmelo Anthony Net Worth 2023: Verified Salary & Investments

Fans were devastated upon hearing Carmelo Anthony unsigned his NBA contract, further confirming the athlete’s retirement from his 19 years long career. Regardless, it made his supporters even more curious about the 262 Million NBA salary. In addition to that, what transformed Carmelo Anthony Net Worth to be 170 Million USD as of 2023? 

Therefore, in this article, I will discuss the graph of his finances and plenty of other things. 

On that note, let’s get started!

Carmelo Anthony Complete Bio-Data (2023)

Before diving into Carmelo Anthony’s in-depth finances, let’s go through his bio-data first:-

NameCarmelo Kyam Anthony
Net Worth170 Million USD
OccupationProfessional Basketball Player
Television Producer
Date of Birth29th May 1984
Place of BirthRed Hook

Carmelo Anthony’s Net Worth & Estimated Salary

As of 2023, Carmelo Anthony’s Net Worth is 170 Million USD. 

Additionally, his monthly and annual estimated salary is 1 Million USD+ and 14 Million USD+, respectively! And he has earned all these with various sources like Brand endorsements, the NBA, and a few of his ventures. 

That being said, the NBA has declared Carmelo Anthony as a ten-time NBA all-star and six-time all-time team member. 

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth Hike

Between 2017 and 2018, there was a 26 Million USD hike in Carmelo Anthony’s Net Worth. Additionally, for a year straight, he had earned 9 Million USD from several endorsements.

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth

Moreover, his five year long contract with the Knicks was worth 80 Million USD. Then he earned additional 33 Million USD from brand deals and endorsements. 

On that note, the following is a breakdown of his Net Worth over the years:-

YearNet Worth Hike
2023170 Million USD
2022155 Million USD
2021145 Million USD
2020134 Million USD
2019126 Million USD
2018118 Million USD
201780 Million USD

Carmelo Anthony Early Life & Career Beginnings

Former basketball player Carmelo Anthony was born and raised in Brooklyn. He was raised by a single father, who moved their family to Baltimore when Carmelo was just 8. 

And although the neighborhood was not suitable for kids with drugs and violent behavior happening all the time, Carmeo found his solace in sports. During his high school years, especially ’99 Summer, Anthony grew about 5 inches, making him 6 feet 5 inches.

Carmelo Anthony Early Life & Career Beginnings

It further made him quite a celebrity in his hometown, as he was also one of the top players. Moreover, he also received the title of Baltimore’s Sun Metro Player.

He further attended Syracuse University and entered the NBA draft. And while he was playing for his college, freshman year, Carmelo had won the National Championship. 

Meanwhile, after the first NBA draft round, Denver Nuggets picked him after LeBron James and Darko Miličić. Combining his nine years at the NBA draft, Carmelo Anthony has earned about 91 Million USD. 

And as the seasons kept passing by, Anthony played tons of playoffs and further won a few division titles. Around 2014, he was at the peak of his career when he set the record for a single game with 62 points when he played for the Knicks. 

Further, ten times NBA All-Star signed a contract with the Houston Rockets, which is worth 2.4 Million USD. Then he also played for Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks, where he earned another 2.4 Million USD. 

He further shifted to Portland Trail Blazers, where he earned 2.1 Million USD. 

Overall, his sole salary for playing in the NBA was 262 Million USD. However, if I break down his earning from different seasons, then the following are financial data:-

  • Nuggets: 53 Million USD
  • Hawks: 25.5 Million USD
  • Knicks: 136 Million USD
  • Rockets: 182,000 USD
  • Thunder: 26 Million USD

Carmelo Anthony Real Estate & Investments

In 2007, Carmelo Anthony purchased a six acres mansion in Denver which is worth 12 Million USD. Then he listed the same property in 2010 for 9.5 Million USD. 

Later on, he purchased another home for 6.2 Million USD and another one in 2015 for 11 Million USD in NYC, which was a 5-bedroom apartment. 

Carmelo Anthony Real Estate & Investments

Finally, he listed the latter apartment in 2020 for 12.85 Million USD. Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony has invested in several properties that I have mentioned below:-

  • Puerto Rico FC (Expansion Team of North American Soccer League)
  • Nobody’s Pizza & The Ainsworth
  • Luxurious Cars (including SUV, Mesarati, American Horses, etc.)

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    The Final Verdict

    Former basketball player Carmelo Anthony’s Net Worth is 170 Million USD as of 2023. 

    However, his monthly and yearly estimated salary is over 1 Million USD and over 14 Million USD, respectively. While his NBA salary alone was 262 Million USD alone, the following is his breakdown of earnings per season:-

    • Knicks: 136 Million USD
    • Rockets: 182,000 USD
    • Hawks: 25.5 Million USD
    • Thunder: 26 Million USD
    • Nuggets: 53 Million USD

    Anthony also has a few investments, including:-

    • Nobody’s Pizza & The Ainsworth
    • Luxurious Cars (including SUVs, Mesarati, American Horses, etc.
    • Puerto Rico FC (Expansion Team of North American Soccer League)
    • And few residences. 

    So, that’s about it for my article on Carmelo Anthony’s Net Worth. In case of any latest information, I will keep the page updated!


    What does Carmelo Anthony own?

    Carmelo Anthony owns two restaurants in New York City called The Ainsworth and Nobody’s Pizza. 

    What is Carmelo Anthony Net Worth in 2023?

    As of 2023, Carmelo Anthony’s Net Worth is 170 Million USD. 

    How much does Carmelo Anthony make from endorsements?

    Carmelo Anthony made an estimated amount of 145 Million USD from endorsements. 

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