How To Bypass The Character Ai Waiting Room With Ease

How To Bypass The Character Ai Waiting Room

Are you frustratingly wondering, “How To Bypass The Character AI Waiting Room”?

This human-like chatbot is so popular that users crash the platform with its heavy traffic. And that’s the main reason behind Character Ai shifting you to the waiting area. Hence, in this article, I will give two solutions to bypass the waiting area. 

All you need to do is follow either one of the step-by-step guides. Moreover, your issue will almost immediately get resolved. So, let’s begin. 

What Is Waiting Room In Character Ai?

When all you want to do is interact with your AI characters, but due to the heavy usage of the platform, you are being put in the waiting room. And that happens because Character AI needs some time to figure out whether it can handle the amount of traffic it is getting. 

However, I understand how frustrating it can be to keep waiting for your turn. 

In that case, I have two workarounds that you can use to bypass the Character AI waiting room: Premium Subscriptions and VPNs. So, let’s check out a detailed guide to accessing both methods in the sections below. 

Steps To Bypass The Character Ai Waiting Room (Premium Subscription)

Upgrading to Premium Plus of Character AI has tons of benefits: You get faster replies, you get access to NSFW content, and of course, there is no waiting room chaos. 

Additionally, you get access to tons of new and upgraded features. So, let’s go through a detailed guide to upgrade the Character Ai Premium Subscription.

1: Go to your web browser, and type Character AI Plus.

2: Click on the login button.

bypass the character ai waiting room- Click on the login button

3: Log in with your credentials. 

Log in with your credentials

4: Finally, enter your payment details, and you are good to go!

Steps To Bypass The Character Ai Waiting Room (VPN)

There is no explanation of which region is guilty of heavy traffic in character AI. Maybe you are part of that region, or maybe you are not. Either way, you can bypass the waiting room by using a VPN from another country. 

Now, there are paid VPNs, and there are free ones. Both solve the user’s intent. However, I suggest going for the paid one, since it ensures more security. Plus, if you opt for ExpressVPN, you will get a free trial of nearly three months. 

On that note, follow the instructions mentioned below:-

1: Go to your web browser and enter Expressvpn. 

Express VPN free trial

2: Click on Get ExpresVPN.

Click on Get ExpresVPN

(What’s best is you get a money back guarantee for about 30 days. So, in case ExpressVPN doesn’t meet your expectations, you get a full refund. Treat it like a one-month free trial.)

Get ExpressVPN

3: Select the payment plan that’s most feasible to you.

 bypass the character ai waiting room-Select the payment plan

4: Scroll down and enter your email address. 

enter your email address

5: Now, select your mode of payment.

 bypass the character ai waiting room-select your mode of payment

6: Make the payment.

 bypass the character ai waiting room-Make the payment

7: Now, open the ExpressVPN.

8: Turn on the power button on the platform. 

bypass the character ai waiting room- Turn on the power button on the platform

9: You can select the location manually or let the VPN set it for you.

bypass the character ai waiting room- select the location manually

10: Head to your Character AI platform now. 

The waiting room issue may have been resolved by now. 

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The Final Verdict

Waiting, in general, is frustrating! Unfortunately, you cannot do much about it in your day-to-day life. However, you can bypass the Character AI Waiting Room. 

All you need to do is choose either one of the two methods:

  • VPN (free trial available)
  • Character AI Plus 

That being said, this article covers detailed step-by-step guides on both methods. You can scroll up and go through each of them. And let me know whether the article was helpful. 

So, that’s it for my article. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated. 


Why does character AI have a wait time?

When the server Character Ai is under heavy traffic, the platform shifts users to the waiting area. This generally happens for the platform to figure out how much traffic it can actually take.

Does Character.AI allow swearing?

Character. AI indeed allows swearing. However, the chatbot generally tries not to swear.

Why does character ai keep going down?

Character Ai’s popularity keeps increasing, which results in regular updates and scaling issues. Additionally, that is the reason behind the platform keeps going down. 

Why does Character.AI have an NSFW filter?

Users were being really disrespectful with their prompts. Hence, the NSFW filter is made available to keep the environment PG-13.

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