Boruto Filler List: Skip the Episodes Without Missing Anything

Just like Naruto, its spin-off Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has equally been well appreciated! However, like any popular Anime, Boruto also has filler episodes. And that left fans wondering, are they worth the watch? Will you miss out on important plotlines if you skip them? And all that jazz! 

Well, for starters, you won’t miss out on any important plot if you skip the filler. Now that’s out of the way, welcome to my article: Boruto Filler List! Here, I will answer all your questions.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What Are Fillers? Are They Worth The Watch?

Fillers are episodes or tropes that don’t develop the main plot. 

A lot of time, when Manga is unfinished and Anime has a specific time to get released, creators develop an arc to keep the Anime going. 

Boruto Filler List

However, plenty of times, filler episodes are too out of alignment with the main story.

While some filler tropes are entertaining and much easier to watch, there are also some my-eyes-are-about-to-bleed moments. So, to answer: Whether fillers are worth the watch? Well, it varies from trope to trope. 

However, if I talk about Boruto Fillers, then some of its filler tropes are really worth the watch! (You can check my recommendations in the section below.) 

Boruto Filler List (2023)

In the table below, I have mentioned a of Boruto Filler List, along with their episode numbers and names. In the case of a string of multiple episodes, I have mentioned the tropes as well! 

Other than that, based on the popularity of these filler episodes or tropes, I have suggested whether you should watch it or not. So with that in mind, let’s begin:-

Episode NumbersTrope or Episodic TitlesWatch or Not
16 & 17Academy EntranceGo for it!
40 & 41Genin MissionGo for it!
48 to 50Byakuya Gang Don’t watch
67 to 69Cho-ChoDon’t watch
96 & 97Naruto ShindenGo for it!
112 to 119Konohamaru, Konoha Shinden, and RemonGo for it!
138 to 140Time Slip Go for it!
152 to 156Mujina BanditsGo for it!
231 & 232Kirigakure’s Great Sea BattleDon’t watch
256 to 260Kirigakure’s Great Sea BattleGo for it!
261 to 273Himawari and Kawaki AcademyDon’t watch

Seven Boruto Filler Tropes (Total Episodes)

In the following list, I have mentioned seven tropes that are immensely loved by fans! Not only do these tropes show different dimensions to the characters who have already won viewers’ hearts, but they also have a really easygoing tone to all the tropes. 

1. Academy Entrance (16 and 17 Episodes)

Since Sumire has been away from training for a while, Shino inquired about her destiny to Iruka. Finally, decides to guide Sumire from now on. Later that event, he meets Sumire and further offers to guide her. 

Academy Entrance

After that, Shino’s group was segregated into a team of three. And in his absence, Shikada and Boruto’s team get into a huge fight that further ends with Boruto winning it and simultaneously the Academy’s scaffolding falling down. 

Finally, Sumire joins the team, and her class welcomes her back joyfully! 

Title of Boruto Filler Eps:-

Ep 16: Crisis: The Threat of Failing! 

Ep 17: Run, Sarada!

2. Genic Mission (40 and 41 Episodes)

The Genic Mission follows the trope of Sarada, Boruto, and Mitsuki, where they are performing their first mission by joining Team 7 as new members. Further, they have to accompany a rich female named Kiri. 

Genic Mission

They have to bring her to Green Banks, which is owned by a not-so-good Ninja, who further kidnaps Kiri and asks for a large chunk of money to let her go. 

The highlight of this arc is how Team 7 works together to help Kiri escape the danger while they simultaneously make all kinds of sacrifices to keep each other safe and also tend to Boruto’s wounds. 

Title of Boruto Filler Eps:-

Ep 40: Team 7- The First Mission!

Ep 41: Strength in Unity

3. Naruto Shinden (96 and 97 Episodes)

The episode begins with a tear-jerking realization on Namida’s end that her precious Jutsu has somehow become a burden. Therefore, she tries to learn a newer and stronger Jutsu. 

Naruto Shinden

Other than that, you see Shikadai, who wants to be in his father’s good books, and hence, he is running for Political office. As much as it’s great to see Shikadai trying so hard to fill up his father’s shoes, the trope is a lot sadder than the main plot. 

So, if you are not a fan of sappy arcs, then you can skip watching this one. However, if you are into emotional arcs that help you grow, then Naruto Shinden is a must-watch!

Title of Boruto Filler Eps:-

Ep 96: Blood, Sweat, and Namida

Ep 97: Shikakai’s Decision

4. Konohamaru, Konoha Shinden, and Remon (112 to 119 Episodes)

As the name suggests, Konohamaru, Konoha Shinden, and Remon are a fusion of three separate tropes. You will love it if you like multi-starer projects with quite a few storylines going on at the same time. 

Konohamaru, Konoha Shinden, and Remon

However, at times the tropes don’t flow that well with each, so that’s a disclaimer. 

Regardless, the trope focuses on finding flowers that are rare, Ninja cards, and lastly, some of the official complaints that they need to deal with. 

The highlight of this eight-episodic trope was the climactic fight sequence. Moreover, it ends on quite an unpredictable note.

Title of Boruto Filler Eps:-

Ep 112: The Chunin Selection Conference

Ep 113: The Qualities of a Captain

Ep 114: X Cards Proxy War!

Ep 115: Team 25

Ep 116: Konohamaru and Remon

Ep 117: Remon’s Secret

Ep 118: Something That Steals Memories

Ep 119: Konoha Maru’s Ninja Way

5. Time Slip (138 to 140 Episodes)

Time Slip consists of one of the best filler episodes of all time: It features Boruto struggling as his grandfather’s birthday is nearing and him having no clue regarding the present. 

Time Slip

It further adds a lot more anxiety to his character as the story progresses. However, the trope ends with Naruto acknowledging Hisashi as his Dad. 

Moreover, the highlight of this whole trope was Boruto’s character development. The way he has matured after reflecting on his past and further necessary changes for the better was really commendable. 

Title of Boruto Filler Eps:-

Ep 138: Hiashi’s Birthday

Ep 139: The Terror! Enko Onikuma

Ep 140: The Mind Transfer Jutsu That Lost to Potato Chips

6. Mujina Bandits (152 to 156 Episodes)

Mujina Bandits consist of about five back-to-back stories that focus on Tsubaki, Himawari, and Sarada’s anxiety regarding academics. 

Boruto Filler List- Mujina Bandits

Moreover, it also shows Team 7 trying to catch a “mysterious rain killer,” with them hitting the lowest point when Anko and Cho Cho go after Azuki Bean Thieves. The trope keeps switching between Teams 7, 15, and 5 without having any seamless transition. 

So, if you are okay with stand-alone shows that don’t take much connection with each other to work, then Mujina Bandits is a good watch!

Title of Boruto Filler Eps:-

Ep 152: Developing One’s Medical Ninjutsu

Ep 153: Harmony in Gold

Ep 154: Himawari’s Ninja Trial Session

Ep 155: Mitsuki’s Rainy Day

Ep 156: I Can’t Stay in My Slim Form

7. Kirigakure’s Great Sea Battle (256 to 260 Episodes)

Kirigakure’s Great Sea Battle encompasses two filler tropes. The first trope focuses on Tsubaki, whom she has trained long back. Other than that, you get to see Denki’s new captainship and how he struggles to assign jobs to Team 5.

Boruto Filler List- Kirigakure's Great Sea Battle

Overall you would witness really good character development.

Title of Boruto Filler Eps:-

Ep 256: The Ultimate Recipe

Ep 257: Konohamaru Becomes the Hokage?!

Ep 258: The Uzumaki Family’s Hot Springs Vacation

Ep 259: A Wound That Never Heals

Ep 260: Fireworks of Love

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Conclusion: Can You Skip Boruto Filler List?

You can indeed skip Boruto fillers, as some tropes wander off too far from the original plot. And exhaustingly, for far too long! Regardless, if you are not in the mood to get through each filler episode, then for now, you can skip the following tropes:-

  1. Byakuya Gang (Eps 48 to 50)
  2. Cho Cho (Eps 67 to 69)
  3. Kirigakure’s Great Sea Battle (Eps 231 to 232)
  4. Himawari and Kawaki Academy (Eps 261 to 273)

However, there are also some fan-favorite fillers that make you root for your favorite characters even more, as you get to see their much funnier, sensible, and overall “grown up” side. In that case, you can definitely watch the following Boruto Fillers:-

  1. Genic Mission (Eps 40 & 41)
  2. Naruto Shinden (Eps 96 & 97)
  3. Time Slip (Eps 138 to 140)


Should I skip Boruto Filler List?

It completely depends on you whether you want to skip the Boruto fillers. 
However, if you do have time and want to explore some filler tropes, then I’ll suggest watching Genic Mission Trope, Naruto Shinden Trope, and Time-Slip. In total, it’s only seven episodes, so it’s an easy watch!

What is Boruto’s filler percentage?

Boruto has about 16.5% filler. And that makes 48 filler episodes in 290 main episodes.

Why does Boruto have so much filler?

Boruto has a lot of filler episodes because creators need to maintain a release space between both Anime and Manga. 

Does Boruto have 80% of filler?

Boruto doesn’t have 80% of filler. Instead, it’s 16.5% with 48 filler episodes. 

How long will the Boruto filler be?

Boruto’s filler will be over sometime in 2023 for them to finally get back to the main plotline. 

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