Top 15 Biggest Mall In The World In 2023

We live in a generation where online shopping is the new norm. However, some people love to visit malls and shop around as per their needs. So, if you are wondering which biggest Mall in the world you should hit, I’ve got you covered!

This article covers a list of some of the biggest malls in the world, which include: Iran Mall, the Persian Gulf Complex, the Dubai Mall, MoA, etc. 

And before the TXT fandom’s heads turn up, I meant Mall of Asia (or America, even). 

So that being said, let’s deep dive into the article:-

Which is the Biggest Mall In The World?

Iran Mall is the biggest Mall in the world, with 21 Million Square Feet and over 2,500 stores segregated on seven different floors. Additionally, it has grown in popularity due to the Mirror Hall, Car Showroom, Traditional Drink Shop, Library, etc. 

Iran Mall

More importantly, the Iran Mall was awarded in 2017 by RLI for its dimensional spaces and the overall entertainment and culture it represented. 

Even Guinness World Records had ranked the Mall for its longest and continuous pour concrete while it was under construction. 

Top 10 Largest Malls In The World (In Nutshell)

In the table below, I have added the 15 biggest malls in the world: 

And even mentioned their area in square feet, the year of emergence, their home country, and how many stores they have. So, let’s skim through it!

RankMall NameArea in Square FeetCountryYear of InaugarationTotal Shops
1Iran Mall21 MillionIran20182500+
2Persian Gulf Complex16 Million Iran20112500+
3The Dubai Mall12 MillionDubai20081200+
4IOI City Mall8.8 MillionMalaysia2014650+
5South China Mall 7.1 MillionChina20052350
6Isfahan City Center 7 Million Iran2012350+
8SM Mall of Asia6.3 MillionPhilippines20063500+
9SM Tianjin 6.1 Million China20161,000+
10Golden Resources6 Million China2004750+
11Year of Inauguration5.9 MillionThailand2015500+
12ICONSIAM 5.9 MillionThailand2018550+
13Central World 5.5 MillionThailand2001500
14SM Mega Mall5.5 MillionPhilippines1991968+
15Mall of America5.5 MillionUnited States1992520

15 Biggest Malls In The World As Of 2023

In the list given below, I have added the 13 biggest malls in the world, as per their area in square feet. So on that note, let’s get started:-

1. Iran Mall (21 million Square Feet)

Situated in Tehran city, Iran Mall is the world’s largest mall which is highly popular for its Mirror Hall, Traditional Drink Shop, Car ShowRoom, etc. 

Iran Mall The Largest mall in the world

Moreover, it consists of over 2500 hops that are separated on seven floors.

2. Persian Gulf Complex (16 Million Square Feet)

Persian Gulf Complex is situated in the Shiraz City of Iran and is considered the second biggest Mall in the world. It was inaugurated in 2011 and has over 2500 stores. 

Persian Gulf Complex

Along with that, the complex also encompasses a swimming pool, helipad, tennis court, parking lot with a capacity of 5500 vehicles, and so much more. 

3. The Dubai Mall (12 Million Square Feet)

With over 1200 stores, UAE’s Dubai Mall is the third biggest Mall in the world. 

The Dubai Mall

Besides that, the Mall also includes a virtual reality park, 22 screen movie theatre, and over 200 cafes and restaurants. Moreover, the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, is also connected to it. 

If you ever get a chance to visit Dubai, you don’t want to miss out on its spectacular view!

4. IOI City Mall (8.8 Million Square Feet)

Situated in the Sepang district of Malaysia, IOI City Mall consists of over 650 stores, including F&B, Department Stores, District-21, Cafes, and more. 

IOI City Mall

Furthermore, the second phase of IOI makes it Malaysia and South Asia’s biggest Mall. 

5. South China Mall (7.1 Million Square Feet)

The 18 years old South China Mall is set up in the Dongguan City of, China. It has 2350 stores, including different entertainment venues, restaurants, shops, cinemas, theme parks, etc. 

South China Mall

Moreover, around 2005, it gained the reputation of a “dead mall” as few merchants rented the stores and never used them. 

6. Isfahan City Center (7 Million Square Feet)

Isfahan City Center is considered Iran’s second biggest Mall in the world. A few of the popular stores out of 350+ are the international financial centre, hypermarket, world trade centre, entertainment centres, museums, 5-star hotels, and so much more. 

Isfahan City Center

7. SM Mall of Asia (6.3 Million Square Feet)

SM Mall of Asia (or MoA) is the Philippines’ biggest Mall that includes over 3600 stores. 

SM Mall of Asia

Along with that, it was founded in 2006, and one of its attractions are Game Park, Skating Rink, Food Hall, Cinema, etc.  

8. SM City Tianjin Mall (6.1 Million Square Feet)

As the name suggests, the Mall is situated in Tianjin and has about 1000 stores. 

SM City Tianjin Mall

Moreover, the Mall was founded by Henry Sy in 2001 and is popular for having elemental buildings: meaning Tianjin’s five buildings are named after five elements, including fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. 

9. Golden Resources (6 Million Square Feet)

With over 650 stores on six different floors, Golden Resources includes home decor, jewellery, clothes from high-end fashion brands, electronics, etc. Moreover, the complex also offers Skating Rink, Theatres, Children’s Play area, and so much more. 

Golden Resources

10. Central WestGate (5.9 Million Square Feet)

Thailand’s biggest shopping mall, Central WestGate, includes several stores and cinema halls, and the whole premise consists of over 500 stores. Moreover, it is situated at the intersection of Bangyai and was founded in August 2015. 

Central WestGate

11. ICONSIAM (5.9 Million Square Feet)

ICONSIAM is considered one of Asia’s biggest shopping malls, established in 2018. It is also considered Thailand’s fifth tallest building which has over 550 stores. 


Other than that, the Mall is popular for its Fine Arts department, 3000 seater auditorium, Magnolia Waterfront residences, riverside parks, etc. 

12. Central World (5.5 Million Square Feet)

Central World is located in Bangkok city of Thailand, and was inaugurated in 2001. 

Central World

Moreover, it has over 500 stores, including Apple Store, Super Sports, Tops Food Hall, H&M, Toys R Us, and so much more.

13. SM Mega Mall (5.5 Million Square Feet)

SM Mega Mall is the Philippines’ second largest Mall, with over 968 stores. It is segregated into about five buildings, and the major attraction points of this Mall are Mega Fashion Hall, Time Sculpture, etc. 

SM Mega Mall

Moreover, the Mall was opened in 1991 and has a capacity of over 4 Million people. 

14. Mall of America (5.5 Million Square Feet)

Mall of America is located in Bloomington City and is considered the biggest mall in America. Plus, it has over 520 stores, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and Comedy Club and is managed by the Ghermezian family, which also owns the Triple Five Group. 

Mall of America

Additionally, it’s popular for the Nickelodeon Universe theme park. 

15. West Edmonton Mall (5.3 Million Square Feet)

West Edmonton Mall

Between 1981 and 2004, Canada’s West Edmonton Mall was the largest shopping mall ever to exist. In fact, in America, it still sustains the number one position. 

Moreover, West Edmonton Mall garners over 800 stores, and one of its major attraction points is indoor amusement and a water park! Then there is, of course, a miniature golf court, Bowling Alley, Cinema Hall, etc.

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The Final Verdict: Biggest Mall in the World

Seven-floored Iran Mall is the biggest Mall in the world, with over 2,500 stores. It is especially well recognized for its Mirror Hall, Car Showroom, Traditional Drink Shop, Library, etc. And also awarded by RLC for the dynamic spaces and showcase of their culture. 

So that was my article on the biggest Mall in the world. Here, I have also added a list of the 15 biggest malls. However, keep in mind the statistics are always changing, which directly affects the list’s ranking. In that case, I’ll keep the page updated. 


Is the Mall of America the biggest Mall in the world?

The Mall of America is not the biggest Mall in the world. Instead, Iran Mall, with 21 Million square feet, takes the number position. 

What are the three biggest malls in the world?

Following are the three biggest malls in the world as per their area in square feet:-
1. Iran Mall (21 Million Square Feet)
2. Persian Gulf Complex (16 Million Square Feet)
3. The Dubai Mall (12 Million Square Feet)

What’s the biggest Mall in North America?

West Edmonton Mall is the biggest Mall in North America, with an area of 5.3 Million square feet. Moreover, in Canada, it is the second most visited complex. 

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