11 Best Roblox Games For Adults In 2023 (Roblox Guide)

For adults who enjoy playing feelings, Roblox is an excellent substitute as no humans can thankfully get hurt there. Okay, jokes apart. But speaking of adult games, my list of eleven Roblox games is curated by considering the latest popularity data. 

Other than that, I have ensured that each game is thrilling, compatible with multiple devices (such as mobile and PC), and, of course, flexible playing mode. 

So, let’s check out the best games for Roblox (Adult Edition). 

11 Best Roblox Games To Play On Roblox In Nutshell

I have added the Best Roblox Games For Adults and their play modes in the table below. Additionally, I have even added their device compatibility. So, let’s go through them one by one:-

RankGame ModeDevice Compatibility
1Adopt MeMultiplayeriOS Android, PC, MacX box One
2Jail BreakMultiplayerWindows 7+macOS 10.10+iPhone 6S+iPad Air 2+Android 5.0+Xbox One PlayStation 4Xbox Series X/SPlayStation 5
3ChainMultiplayerWindows 10+macOS 10.13+iPhone 6S+iPad Air 2+Android 7.0+Xbox One PlayStation 4
4Russian RouletteBothNot Available
5Beyond The DarkSingle playerWindows 10+PlayStation 4: Firmware version 9.0+PlayStation 5: Firmware version 21.00+Xbox One: Firmware version 10.0.18+Xbox Series X/S: Firmware version 10.0.22+
6Hide & Seek: ExtremeMultiplayerWindows 7+macOS 10.13+iPhone 6S+iPad Air 2+Android 5.0+Xbox One PlayStation 4
7PiggyMultiplayerWindows 7+macOS 10.13+iPhone 6S+iPad Air 2+Android 5.0+Xbox One PlayStation 4
8Amongst UsMultiplayerWindows 7+macOS 10.10+iPhone 6S+iPad Air 2+Android 5.0+Nintendo Switch Xbox One PlayStation 4VR devices: Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, Valve Index
9Theme Park Tycoon 2MultiplayerWindows 7+macOS 10.13+iPhone 6S+iPad Air 2+Android 5.0+
10All Of Us Are DeadSingle playerWindows 10
11Natural Disaster SurvivalMultiplayerWindows 7+macOS 10.13+iPhone 6S+ iPad Air 2+Android 5.0+

In the list below, I have added eleven Best Roblox Games For Adults as of 2023. I have also given a brief overview of each game for you to understand what game suits you the most. 

1. Adopt Me

The second highest-grossing game of all time, ADOPT ME currently has 33.71 Billion visits.

Adopt Me
Source: Gaming.net

And as the name suggests, the game is fairly simple: All you need to do is collect eggs, let them hatch, and care for those small pets by raising and feeding them. 

Overall, you are basically adopting these tiny animals. 

2. Jail Break

Jail Break
Source: YouTube

Jail Break revolves around two characters: a Cop and a Prisoner. So, if you are assigned as a Prisoner, then your sole motive is to break out those four walls. 

However, if you are a Cop, then you must stop the Prisoner from breaking. 

3. Chain

The game revolves around the aftermath of a plane crash. You’ll be broken and bruised and surrounded by darkness. Moreover, the only thing you’ll be handed with is a flashlight. 

Source: YouTube

Overall, the survival experience of Chain is on-point, irrespective of whether you navigate alone or team up with other players. No surprise, the Chain delivers a haunting experience with scary sound effects and graphics. 

Plus, the adrenaline rush you experience when the monster chases you is off the charts. 

4. Russian Roulette

As the name suggests, Russian Roulette is intense, with tons of jumpscares and bloodshed. So, if you have a weak heart, then stay away from this thriller. 

Russian Roulette
Source: YouTube

Additionally, the game includes a number of players doing a revolver round on their heads. And if you are lucky, you will not die. However, be prepared for a blood bath with a successful gunshot. 

5. Beyond The Dark

Beyond the Dark is a spaceship-exploring game where you are assigned the mystery of Kerr Newmann’s Deep Space Relay 14. Unfortunately, the spaceship has disappeared somehow, and people speculate that it has something to do with the black hole. 

Beyond The Dark
Source: Roblox

Now, your job profile is to unravel the mystery behind all this and prepare a detailed paper on what possible reason could be. Moreover, how to resolve it. 

6. Hide & Seek: Extreme

Even outside Roblox, Hide and Seek is a trendy game with one seeker and the rest of the hiders (if that’s even a word). But overall, with Roblox, the seeker gains various abilities to fasten their seek. 

Hide & Seek: Extreme
Source: GamesGo.Net

The reason it’s called extreme is because seeing someone chase us is the utmost scary feeling, even if you’re watching it happen from the other side of the screen.

7. Piggy

Piggy is considered one of the scariest Roblox games: And this thrilling puzzle-solving has you defeating Piggy, the main villain. 

Source: YouTube

So overall, the game gives you a lot of adrenaline rush as you solve the puzzles and try not to die. Therefore, ensure you’re solving the puzzle as soon as possible, as Piggy is on its way to killing you!

8. Amongst Us

As the name suggests, Amongst Us replicates the popular lockdown game Among Us. 

Amongst Us
Source: Amongst Us Wiki Fandom

So, just like the original game, there will be a maximum of 10 players, with three imposters and seven crewmates. Additionally, the crew must complete several tasks while looking at their back so the imposter doesn’t kill them. 

On the flip side, the imposter’s role is to sabotage the players’ tasks and kill as many crewmates as possible. Moreover, in the discussion round, they must get caught. 

Personally, I like the discussion round because the imposter must bluff and defend themselves if someone accuses them.

9. Theme Park Tycoon 2

One of the Roblox strategic games, Theme Park Tycoon 2, has you building an amusement park from scratch. Now, of course, you have several resources to do so. However, keep in mind initially, these resources are limited. 

Theme Park Tycoon 2
Source: Medium

You have to earn points to increase your resources slowly. In addition, you have no restriction to building just one amusement park. So, if you feel like it, be free to build many.

10. All Of Us Are Dead

Inspired by a popular K-Drama, All Of Us Are Dead is a zombie-oriented game that is set in high school. Most of your acquaintances are transformed into man-eating beings, and your goal is to keep yourself secure. 

All Of Us Are Dead
Source: YouTube

Additionally, you would need to make weapons to defend yourself. After that, run as fast as possible and reach the exit. 

11. Natural Disaster Survival

Another strategy-based survival game! In Natural Disaster Survival, you must constantly look at your back for natural disasters. Basically, you will need to seek shelter everywhere you go, as that’s the only way to be safe at all times. 

Natural Disaster Survival
Source: Roblox

For starters, you are trying to escape the glass tower while in the middle of a flood. And as the game proceeds, you will stumble into many other natural disasters like Earthquakes, Volcanos, Tsunamis, and so on.  

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The Final Verdict: Best Roblox Games For Adults

Just like children, most adults enjoy playing games, too. Now, that could be on-field sports or even video games, for that matter. Speaking of which, my list of best adult games on Roblox discusses 11 heart-pounding games. 

Most of these games also include plenty of thrill and strategies to keep yourself safe. 

That being said, if you have difficulty selecting what game you should play, go for Adopt Me, Russian Roulette, or All Of Us Are Dead. 

Now, Adopt Me, that game is mega popular at the moment, and in my opinion, you should try it at least once. And the rest of the games I have recommended are thrill-based, with some or the other entity chasing you. 

FAQs: Best Roblox Games For Adults

Is there a game like Roblox for adults?

There are plenty of games like Roblox for adults to enjoy. In fact, some of the best games include Adopt Me, Jailbreak, Chain, and so on. Most of these games are multiplayer. However, if you want to play it alone, you can enjoy Jailbreak. 

What is the hottest game on Roblox?

Currently, Adopt Me has been making a lot of spurs. Therefore, in my opinion, that one is the hottest game of 2023. And the game is as simple as its title: All you need to do is adopt animals and care for them by grooming and feeding them well. 

What is the 17+ content on Roblox?

According to Roblox, any game that is tagged 17+ involves content revolving around romance, violence, and lots of blood baths. 

What is the #1 Roblox game?

According to Statista, Brookhaven RP is the #1 Roblox game with 34.41 Billion visits, with Adopt Me and Pet Simulator closely following behind with 33.71 Billion visits. 

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