Barry Season 4: Detailed Information On All Episodes

The HBO Original series is back with its fourth and final Season. Out of 8 total episodes, Barry Season 4 has aired 4, and hence, the upcoming fifth episode has made a lot of buzz!

This is why, in this article, I will break down what happened in the previous episode, what can happen in the next one, the confirmed release date, a detailed episodic list, the streaming platform, etc. 

Let’s get started!

Do We Have A Release Date For Episode 8?

Ever since Barry Season 4 started airing, the release schedule of each episode has been the same. 10 pm EST, every Sunday on HBO Television Network.  

So, you can expect Episode 8 to air on 28th May 2023. 

How Many More Episodes Are Left For Season 4 To End?

Barry Season 4 consists of eight episodes, out of which four episodes are already released. So now, four more episodes are pending for the Season to end. 

You can check out the detailed release schedule of Barry Season’s every episode in the table given below:-

Episode NumberTitle of EpisodeEpisode LengthRelease DateEpisodic Summary
1Yikes30 Minutes16th April 2023Despite going to prison, Barry gets the VIP treatment from the cops. 
Meanwhile, Sally has a meltdown in the flight, whereas Hank is with Christobal in Sanata Fe. 
However, their peaceful gateway was cut short. 
2Bestest Place On The Earth30 Minutes16th April 2023While Hank and Christobal are trying to move on with their lives, there is an unexpected visit to Barry. 
Moreover, Genes tells his side and Sally has to make peace with the fact that she indeed went out with Barry.
3You’re Charming30 Minutes23rd April 2023Something is wrong.
4It Takes A Psycho30 Minutes30th April 2023Dang.
5Tricky Legacies30 Minutes7th May 20238 years of time leap, so now Sally and Barry are living with their son in a Rural town in America.
And as much as Barry is satisfied with this new life, Sally isn’t.
6Episode 630 Minutes14th May 2023Lock the door.
7A Nice MealNot Available21st May 2023Not Available
8Not AvailableNot Available28th May 2023Not Available

Breakdown Of Fourth Episode: Barry Season 4

The first three episodes were filled with traumatizing scenes, and that could be a reason behind Episode Fourth taking a much mellow route. It starts with Barry’s yet another flashback into what was first speculated as his own childhood. 

Barry Season 4

However, later on, it’s revealed it’s not really a flashback but probably a fantasy on Barry’s end, where he imagined (in detail) building a family with Sally. 

But then again, unlike his usual flashbacks that always seemed mystical, this particular vision seemed very much rooted in reality. Especially because his son, John, indeed gives off main-character vibes. Moreover, this whole thing implies one thing: The time leap. 

In fact, the main lead (Bill Hader) backed this theory in an interview: He said, and I quote, “What if all characters got what they wanted?” Since Barry always dreamed of a normal family life with Sally, it looks like they actually went ahead in time and gave it to him. 

Furthermore, since Hank came into his truest cold-blooded self, it resulted in Christobal’s death. And their final moments are really difficult to watch as Hank tries to keep the couple safe by teaming up with Chechens. 

Moreover, to prove his point, Hank went a bit too far by killing Christobal and his men. 

Regardless, you get to see Hank break down for just a second before he gathers himself. Overall, the acting in that particular scene was really a *chef’s kiss*

What To Expect From The Fifth Episode?

The fifth episode will definitely explore Barry and Sally’s respective struggles: Where he has no escape from the outbursts that are the result of his traumatic past. On the other hand, Sally is struggling to find an escape from her hopeless urge for fame. 

Barry Season 5 th episode

And if you compare both of their needs, it’s obvious their present is not in alignment. 

Regardless, that’s what instigated the time leep. 

Moreover, the vision we saw in the previous episode will be the base for the upcoming episode. Barry and Sally are married with a child and living a mundane (yet secretly frustrating life) 7-8 years in the future. 

Now, how they come out of their suppressed needs and further undergo character development is a potential plot. 

Where Can You Watch The Upcoming Episode? 

The latest episode of Barry Season 4 is available for the US crowd on HBO (Tele-Network) and HBO Max streaming platforms. However, for the non-US population, you can stream the upcoming episode on the following platforms:-

If you are a first-time user of the above-mentioned streaming platforms, then you can refer to each platform’s subscription plan mentioned below:-

Streaming PlatformMonthly Subscription PlanFree Trial Available
HBO Max9.99 USD7 Days
Crave9.99 USD (Mobile Users)7 Days
Sky18.32 USDNot Available
Binge10 USD14 days

Are There Any Familiar Faces? (Cast & Crew)

Bill Hader is not only the lead character of the show but also one of the Directors, Screenwriters, and Producers of the popular series, Barry. 

Barry Season 4 ..

You can check out the cast list in the following bullet points:-

  • Bill Hader is portraying Barry Berkman
  • Sarah Goldberg is portraying Sally Reed
  • Henry Winkler is portraying Gene Cousineau
  • Stephen Root is portraying Monroe Fuches
  • Anthony Carrigan is portraying NoHo Hank
  • Michael Irby is portraying Christobal Sifuentes
  • Robert Wisdom is portraying Jim Moss
  • Patrick Fischler is portraying Lon O’Neil 
  • Fred Melamed is portraying Tom Posorro
  • JB Blanc is portraying Batir
  • Ellyn Jameson is portraying Kristen
  • Toro is portraying Guillermo del Toro
  • Sian Heder is portraying Sian Heder

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The Final Verdict: Barry Season 4

The newest episode (five) of Barry Season 4 will be out on 7th May 2023. 

You can watch it on HBO Tele-Network at 10 pm EST. However, that’s only for the US population. For English, Australian, and Canadian fans, you can stream it on Sky, Binge Free Trial, and Sky, respectively. 

Similarly, US fans can also stream the latest episode on HBO Max as well! That’s all for my article on Barry Season 4. In case of new information, I will keep the page updated. 


How many episodes are in Barry Season 4?

Barry Season 4 has a total of eight episodes, out of which four episodes have aired. 

How can I watch Barry Season 4?

There are several ways to watch Barry Season 4: For starters, the US crowd can watch it either on HBO Tele-Network or stream it on HBO Max. Then for the rest of the population, you can watch it on the following platforms:-
1. Canada: Crave
2. Australia: Binge Free Trial
3. United Kingdom: Sky

What happened to Barry in Season 4?

Since Barry was connected with the DeVoe case, he was further put on leave at CCPD. However, the time span of his leave is not specified yet. 

What time does Barry Season 4 come out?

Barry Season 4 airs every Sunday at 10 pm EST on HBO Tele-Network. However, it’s only available for US residents. 

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