Audible Student Discount 2023: Get an Exclusive 30% off

Are you a book lover but hate reading? Do you prefer listening to stories more? With the help of Audible, you get access to countless audiobooks and podcasts. And if you’re still in school, then you can benefit from Audible Student Discount. 

Now, if you are wondering how you can access the discount, then hang in there: In this article, I will cover a step-by-step guide regarding the same. Moreover, I will also mention a few qualification criteria. So on that note, let’s begin:-

Does Audible Provide Student Discounts?

Audible indeed provides a student discount worth 9.95 USD per Month. Additionally, you also get a 30-day free trial prior to your first billing. 

So, once you have gone through the verification process where you have submitted your student documents, then your free trial starts, and after that, every month, you will be billed as per your student discount. 

That being said, the following are some of the Audible Student Discount benefits:-

  • Access the three Audible books per month (two originals and one audiobook)
  • And if you don’t like any book, then you can replace it for the price of one audiobook
  • Amazon will email you a 10 USD promotional credit
  • Finally, you cancel your Audible Discount whenever you want

Qualifications To Avail Audible Student Discount

The primary qualification for you to avail of the Audible Student account is that you need to be studying at a well-reputed university. Moreover, the university should be situated in the premises of the United States or at least in Columbia District. 

Other than that, following are some of the other qualifications are mentioned below:-

  1. You must be Sixteen and above
  2. You need to submit all the necessary verification documents
  3. And finally, create a new account for Audible

Steps To Avail Audible Student Discount

To avail of your Audible Student Discount, follow the steps mentioned below:-

1: Go to your web browser and search for Audible. 

2: Click on the yellow button that says, “Start your 30 days free trial.”

Audible Student Discount

3: Sign in with your email ID or mobile phone and password.

Audible Student Discount Sign In page

4: Add your billing details and further click on the yellow button that says Proceed to the billing address. 

Audible Student Discount payment Details

5: Finally, select the Student Subscription and further submit your verification documents.

And voila! Your Audible Student Discount is availed now.

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Conclusion: Does Audible Provide Student Discounts?

Audible does provide a student discount worth 9.95 USD per month. 

Additionally, prior to your first billing, you get a free trial of 30 days. Moreover, to qualify for this discount, you need to check whether you fit in the following criteria:-

  1. You must study at a well-reputed University or College in the United States or Columbia District.
  2. You must be over 16.
  3. Create a new account for accessing Audible.
  4. Finally, submit the necessary verification documents.


Do students get a discount on Audible?

Audible indeed offers student discounts worth 9.95 USD per month.

Is Audible included for Amazon Prime students?

Unfortunately, Audible is not included in Amazon Prime’s student subscription.

Is Audible free if you have Amazon Prime?

In order to have free Audible, you need either a Premium subscription for Audible or Audible Plus. So no, subscribing to Amazon Prime doesn’t give you free access to Audible.

How Much is Audible for Schools?

Once the three months free trial is over, students can either subscribe to 7.95 USD per month for Audible Plus or 14.95 USD per month for Audible Premium Plus.

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