Top 6 Apple Vision Pro Features and Everything We Know So Far

Apple’s first Spatial gadget Vision Pro Headset seamlessly blends physical space with digital content. And that’s what intrigued fans the most about this upcoming product! 

You can expect it to be released around early 2024 in the US countries. However, I will keep you updated whenever it is available in other countries.

That being said, if you are curious about Apple Vision Pro Features and want to know about them in much detail, then stay tuned, as that’s what this article will cover:-

Apple Vision Pro Features

Before we discuss Apple Vision Pro Features in much detail, let’s quickly skim through them:-

  • Apps In Your Physical Space
  • Personal Immersive Remote Theatre
  • Relive The Moments
  • Life-size FaceTime Calls
  • Elegant and Compact Design
  • Spatial Computing

Top 6 Apple Vision Pro (Elaborative) Features

In the list below, I have mentioned the Apple Vision Pro Features in much detail. So let’s go through them in three, two, one:-

1. Apps in your physical space

You can stand or sit wherever you want and yet access the apps across the giant canvas of your surroundings. (Which they further expand on.)

Apps in your physical space
Source: Apple’s official website

You can arrange the apps at your convenience and further transform your physical space into a giant app palette. And all of this while you’re rooted in your present place. (Sounds like a dream, right?) 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and scroll through different apps, and use your eyes to move through them seamlessly. 

2. Personal Immersive Remote Theatre 

The Vision Pro expands your surroundings into personal theatre: 

Personal Immersive Remote Theatre
Source: Apple’s official website

You can either watch any movies/ TV shows or even play games. Plus, the best part is its life-size videos which make you believe that you’re part of the experience. 

And since the video contains more pixels than a 4K camera, the whole experience is really immersive. 

3. Relive The Moments

Since Apple Vision Pro comes with a 3D camera, you can capture moments in photos and video format. Then further relive those moments due to its immersive features, moreso due to its Spatial audio. 

Apple Vision Pro Features
Source: Apple’s official website

Now, if you are watching existing photos and videos, then that feels really spectacular. 

Especially with the gadget being wrapped around the head gives you a very in-the-moment experience. Hence, it feels like you are living that moment all over again. 

4. Life-size FaceTime Calls

Apple Vision Pro makes the Facetime calls all the more connective. 

Apple Vision Pro Features
Source: Apple’s official website. 

And that’s because of its massive screens. In fact, the more people get added to the video call, the more the different screens expand throughout the surrounding area. 

In addition to that, you can even access different apps or documents. And it’s highly beneficial in case you have meetings or presentations. 

5. Elegant and Compact Design

Apple has spent years and years designing high-quality products, be it mobile phones, watches, and so on. And Apple Vision Pro is a result of those years of experience. 

Moreover, the following are some of the key features Apple kept in mind before designing its iconic AR+VR headset:-

 Elegant and Compact Design
Source: Apple’s official website.
  • The headset is completely wrapped around your head (almost like a headband), protecting you from excessive light. That being said, the device has a stretchable and cushiony feel to it. 
  • It is a single piece that consists of 3D laminated glass that further curves in an aluminum alloy frame. 
  • You can charge the headset for two hours, which will last you all day.
  • Deliver excellent sound quality while letting you stay aware of what’s happening around you. 
  • When you’re not completely immersed in the digital world, the eyesight feature displays your eyes through the exterior glass. And hence, letting the physical world know when you’re available to talk.

6. Operate through your Voice, Eyes, and Hand gesture.

The experience is all the more personalized and intuitive: 

Apple Vision Pro Features Operate through your Voice, Eyes

Source: Apple’s official website. 

And that’s due to Apple Vision Pro’s feature to control the gadget through your eyes (be it blinking, side-eying), tenure of your voice, and lastly, hand gestures. 

All you need to do is look at any app and further tap on it with your hand/finger. Then you can either use a virtual keypad or even voice direction, so it starts typing on its own.

For more insights, check out below guides On Apple Vision Pro:

The Final Verdict!

Apple Vision Pro has won several hearts due to its immersive technology that blends your Augmented Reality with Virtual one. And since most people are curious about this ahead-of-its-time product, this article elaborates on some of its best features. 

To sum it up, Apple Vision Pro has the following features:-

  • Expansive apps in your surrounding
  • Operates while recognizing your voice, eyes, and hand gestures
  • Relive the moments through 3D cameras
  • Connectivity due to massive screened face times

(In fact, the more the number of calls gets added, the screen expands)

  • More pixels than 4K resolution
  • Six Microphones, five Sensors, and twelve Cameras
  • Two hours battery that lasts you all-day

So that’s it for my article on Apple Vision Pro Features. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated!


What can the Apple Vision Pro do?

Apple Vision Pro can do plenty of things. 
For instance, it captures 3D pictures and videos and further helps you relive the moment. Then you get to experience Facetime calls on massive screens, almost giving off the impression that you’re talking face to face. And so on. 

Is Apple Vision Pro VR or AR?

Apple Vision Pro is a perfect blend of Augmented Reality and Virtual. 

Is Apple Vision Pro real?

While most people may question the legitimacy of Apple Vision Pro, the Apple event that took place on 5th June 2023 clarified the authenticity of the said product. 

How expensive is Apple Vision Pro?

The starting price of Apple Vision Pro is 3,499 USD.

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