AFK Arena Codes 2023: Diamonds, Gold & Scrolls (SEP)

AFK Arena Codes

AFK Arena Codes are best for availing the free in-game freebies, which further help you to move ahead in the game. Therefore, the already magical experience is increased 3x with rewards such as various stickers, soul stones, hero scrolls, diamonds, and many more. 

However, the platform’s developing company has changed the redeeming process for these codes. That being said, this article will cover – AFK Arena ACTIVE codes, the Step-By-Step code redeeming process, and alternate ways to gain these codes. 

Additionally, I will also discuss AFK Arena’s brief overview, some reasons why the codes may not work, and finally, whether these codes are safe. 

On that note, if this sounds like I have tackled your concern, then keep reading!

AFK Arena Codes: In A Nutshell 

Developed by the Lilith Games, the AFK Arena is a mobile RPG game. 

The game mainly revolves around players competing against each other to collect heroes, and by doing so, you can even build teams that would further compete in the game alongside the computed opponents (if you have selected the mode).

Speaking of modes, AFK Arena includes quite a few modes, including Campaign, PvP Arena, and Guild Boss. And by accessing these modes, you can further gain rewards by participating in time-based events.

Having said that, the game is free of cost. 

AFK Arena Game
Source: VG247

However, you can still buy the in-game freebies to move faster and seamlessly in the game. On that note, the following are some of the things that you can do in the game:-

  • Collect Heroes
  • Battle (in the PvP arena as well)
  • Form Teams
  • Participate in Events and Campaigns

On that note, you can check out the following section for ACTIVE codes for the same game. 

Additionally, AFK Arena Codes reward you with superpowers or extra gems to further assist you in the game. Plus, these in-game freebies would give you an upper hand on your opponents.

Active Codes For AFK Arena (SEPTEMBER 2023)

You are in luck, as recently, there was an addition of AFK Arena Codes. So, without further ado, check the active ones in the table below:-

2yqs9jk2qw60 soul stonesgold, and hero’s essencesix hours of hero EXPafksummer2023Ten hero scrolls and 3k diamonds 
mystery2023mirror imageAFKRE0Three eight hours of gold boostsThree eight hours of hero dustThree eight hours of EXP 1k diamonds
wilderwilder stickerspecial2023 powers of reflection
HAPPY2023 ten stargazer scrolls, 2k diamonds common, ten hero scrolls, and ten faction scrollsgraveborngrave born sticker
lightbearer light bearer stickermaulermauler sticker
afk888300 diamonds, 20k gold, and 100 hero’s essenceLUCKY20233k diamonds, 10 stargazer scrolls, common hero scrolls, and time emblems
misevj66yi 60 rare hero soul stones, 500 diamonds, and five common hero scrollsuf4shqjngq30 common hero scrolls

Steps To Redeem AFK Arena Codes

Before, AFK Arena had a facility to redeem gift card/ promo codes from the game itself. 

Scene From AFK Arena Game

However, recently, the Video Game Developer Lilith Games changed the simple process: Now, you have to refer to an external link to redeem your codes for AFK Arena. All you need to do is log in with your UID number verification and claim the rewards. 

Having said that, the following is a detailed guide to redeem your AFK Arena Codes:-

Step 1: Open the AFK Arena Game on your mobile device.

Step 2: On the top-left corner, click on your profile icon (or your Character).

Step 3: Write your user ID on a piece of paper or in your notes app. 

Step 4: Now, head to Settings, and you will locate a Verification code button.

Click On Verification Code Option In Settings
Source: Pro Game Guides

Step 5: A six-digit code will appear once you click on it.

Step 6: Write that code down.

Step 7: Now, head to this link.

Enter Your Verification Code
Source: AFK Arena

Step 8: Enter your user ID number and verification code in the blank space.

Step 9: Click on the Log In button.

Step 10: Now, copy any of the active codes that I have mentioned above.

Step 11: Paste the code in the code redemption box that has appeared after you have logged in.

Enter Redemption Code
Source: Gamer Empire

Step 12: Finally, click on Claim Rewards, which you can collect from your mailbox.

Claim Your Rewards From Mailbox
Source: AFK Arena Wiki – Fandom

Alternate Ways To Recieve AFK Arena Codes

The easiest way to receive AFK Arena codes is to keep checking the platform’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts. And that’s because the developers release new codes with every special event, such as Anniversary Milestones and in-game Seasonal events. 

In-Game Seasonal Events
Source: Marks Angry Review

(However, you can always fall back on my article, as I keep it updated with the latest, most active codes.)

Why Are AFK Area Codes Not Working?

Your AFK Arena Codes may not work in the case they have expired. 

Speaking of which, most of the codes that I have mentioned above have limited validity. More importantly, they are for one-time use only. So, hurry up and redeem your rewards before the codes expire.

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Wrapping Up: Is AFK Arena Codes Legit?

While researching, I have encountered several queries like, “Are AFK Arena Codes Legit?” And the answer is a big yes! AFK Arena Codes are indeed safe (and legit), as you’re getting these codes from the official platform itself. 

So don’t worry! There is no scope for getting scammed or your accounts/ devices getting hacked. Besides, remember that these codes are merely some freebies you can redeem to gain rewards. 

So, if you thought it to be some cheat codes or hacks, just like GTA, then sorry for the disappointment. Having said that, you can only redeem these codes on iOS and Android devices. 


What are the current promo codes for AFK Arena?

Currently, AFK Arena has 14 active codes, including HAPPY2023, AFKRE0, and so on. You can check out my article for a detailed guide. Additionally, these codes help you move faster in the game.

How do I redeem my AFK Arena 2023 code?

To redeem your AFK Arena codes, follow the instructions: Click on this link > Enter your UID number and Verification code in the blank space > Log In > paste the active code > Claim. 
Note: If you don’t know your UID and Verification codes, simply head to my article. Here, I have given a step-by-step guide for the same.

How do you enter codes in the AFK arena?

To enter the codes in AFK Arena, you must know your UID number and Verification code. Once you have it written, simply click on this link, and after that, follow the prompts from there.

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